UPDATE: Electrify America Shuts Down All 150-350 kW Fast Chargers Over Safety Issue


The cables seem to have an issue coping with the high power.

VW’s Electrify America is shutting down all of its U.S. fast chargers over a safety concern connected to the charging cables. News of this is just now surfacing via an official press release from Electrify America.

***UPDATE: We’ve reached out to Electrify America for some clarification. Here’s what we were told:

  • All 89 Electrify America charging locations are open to charge electric vehicles. They all have CHAdeMO connector chargers available and some locations have CCS connector charging.
  • The specific stations that were shut down are the ones with Hubert+Suhner liquid-cooled cables. Those same units are used in Fastned and Ionity locations in Europe. This issue is not specific to Electrify America.

Another source told us that since all the CCS cables at highway sites are liquid-cooled, the majority of the 89 sites have no current option if you have a CCS car. However, a handful of sites (as many as 10 or more) have working, liquid-cooled CCS cables from a different brand (ITT Cannon) and aren’t impacted by the safety issue. In addition, there are some community sites that use conventional cables and only support 50 kW CCS. Those aren’t liquid-cooled and should be available for use. If we receive further information about this claim, we’ll update this post once again.

In part, the press release states:

At the recommendation of its supplier, HUBER+SUHNER, a leading supplier of high-powered charging cable technology in the industry, Electrify America is shutting down the majority of its high-powered chargers (150 kW – 350kW) in its network to investigate a potential safety issue with its liquid-cooled cables.

This calls into question the overall safety of CCS charging at such high levels, especially with specific regard to this particular manufacturer’s cables. Perhaps there are still some kinks that need to be ironed out before ultra-fast charging at up to 350-kW is indeed safe and reliable in all cases. If some companies are struggling to make their cables safe and reliable, we could see additional problems down the road. Let’s hope this is just an isolated incident.

All CHAdeMO and L2 chargers at Electrify America locations will remain open. So too will the lower power 50-kW CCS chargers. This shutdown only impact 150-350-kW CCS chargers.

Full press release from Electrify America below:


Reston (January 25, 2019) – At the recommendation of its supplier, HUBER+SUHNER, a leading supplier of high-powered charging cable technology in the industry, Electrify America is shutting down the majority of its high-powered chargers (150 kW – 350kW) in its network to investigate a potential safety issue with its liquid-cooled cables. The recommendation was issued to all of HUBER+SUHNERS’ customers using the technology worldwide.

“The safety of our customers is our highest priority,” said Giovanni Palazzo, president and CEO of Electrify America. “Out of an abundance of caution, Electrify America is shutting down all of our stations that use the HUBER+SUHNER high-powered cables until we can confirm that they can be operated safely. We are confident that HUBER+SUHNER will investigate and resolve this issue as quickly as possible.”

Electrify America chargers not affected by the high-power cable issue will remain open and available for use. The 50kW CCS chargers, all CHAdeMO connectors and L2 chargers are not impacted.

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If you are planning to travel, check the EA website PDF press release from today (1/25/19) as it includes the list of all chargers that will be available… spoiler alert, most locations will have zero CCS capability! My weekend travel plans are now FUBAR. I’m just wondering what fun and interesting way VW figured out how to kill people this time…

yawn, HUBER+SUHNER is a Swiss supplier.

In before, dumb americans would tell you they are same cuz they speak the same language.

Ugh, I wish people would fix their own countries so this jealousy of developed nations would subside.

The US sadly is not a first world country anymore. Standards have progressed, and the country as a whole regressed.

You should travel more. It always amazes me when I visit Europe and see how racist the common person there is. We think of them as progressives, but most are incredibly nationalistic. Australia is similar. Japan has a ridiculous justice system, as evidenced by Ghosn’s treatment.

You may not like the current political climate in the US, but the quality of life and opportunity here are amazing compared to 90% of countries.

Nobody really likes Americans anymore, that’s different from rasist. Things like this happen when you fight everyone for everything.

They weren’t racist towards me. They’re just racist/nationalistic in general. They could spell racist properly though, so they were doing better than you.

I wish the US didn’t have to police the world. But if we didn’t, the Nazi’s and Japanese empire would control much of it now. So, you’re welcome.

That was then. We are not those Americans anymore. Time to man up and claim a new future for and in liberty.

The US has been the definition of liberty for over 200 years, while most of europe has vacillated between monarchy, democracy, fascism, communism, anarchy, and back again.

Any American who has done a fair amount of international travel knows that there are great places all over the world, but the US is still the world’s beacon of freedom and justice.

As long as you were a white male for most of that period…

MLK any one?

@Andy: The US is definitely not perfect, but I haven’t seen many options that are so much better that Americans emigrate there to have a better life.

Nazi’s control much of the US right now, at least that’s what it looks like from my corner of the US.

European countries are not based on immigration. Except for Great Britain that had a large influx through the slave trade and the colonial past immigrants are a very recent development. Prior to the end of WW2 there were basically none. So obviously the culture is completely different.

CCIE, I laugh when I hear people say that Americans are racist. Some are, of course, but most either are not racist or hide their racist views. When I travel in the UK or Eastern Europe there is a huge amount of racism. But neither holds a candle to the casual, deeply offensive, racism of people I talked to in Japan and China. And in Indonesia a group of college students pointed out to me how much better the US schools test scores would be if you only looked at the scores of whites and Asians.

Ethnocentric? Yes!
Racist? Not so much.

I’m not exactly sure if you’re agreeing with me. But, your experiences overseas sound similar to my own.

All around me is Europe. And from here at the bend of the Rhine and most parts to the north, I’d say life is made to be sustainably better.

This is really important to me, and also one symptom of US dysfunction: there’s no opioid epidemic in Europe.

If you believe Europe doesn’t have drug problems (or gang problems, violence problems, immigration problems, etc), then your eyes are closed.

Not yet, with some policies we could end up like that. But indeed the majority of Western Europe is not racist. And are glad to help other people if needed.

Wow, had a terrible time in Europe? Yes we have, just like the US, some problems with right wing idiots. But the vast majority of European citizens are not racist.

I always have a great time when I visit Europe. But, in the US racist people don’t casually speak about their racism, especially to strangers. In Europe no one seems to think twice about saying racist things. I’ve heard it in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and the Czech republic. Mostly from working class people. It was very surprising how open they were, especially if they felt a certain group was impacting their jobs.

Australia was even more surprising because every Australian I’ve met in the US has been ultra-liberal and been critical of the racial issues in the US. But, when visiting there I heard some pretty racist comments about the aborigines and how the country has been going downhill since the end of the “white australia” immigration policy.

I understood that the high power stations were in the minority, you are saying that some locations have only the high power stations and no 50 kW stations?

Like in Crazy Rich Asians they say say eat your food there’s kids that are starving in America. Had me laughing. Remember when we used to told that about children in China

Obesity is a major problem in the “poor” neighborhoods of America. They may be eating processed foods, but they generally have plenty of it.
Flip side of the coin, the world poverty rate has dropped by 50% over the past 20 years. In large part, you can thank Norm Borlaug, an American. He taught farmers how to raise more grains, thereby reducing the cost of food, and the cost of feeding your family was a huge part of the formerly poor peoples daily expenses.

Do you have a car that can utilize the 150-350 power? It is only related to the liquid cooled cables as the highest power chargers. Not the 50kW chargers.
Looks like the US needs even more chargers.. if all they have to rely on is a charging system from one single suplier.

“This calls into question to the overall safety of CCS charging at such high levels.”

No it doesn’t.

It doesn’t mean there is an inherent problem with ultra-high rate charging just because of one company’s failure, anymore than there being an inherent problem with seatbelts just because VW had a recall on seatbelts.


Or that there is an inherent problem with all fuel pumps, because VW did a recall on fuel pumps:


This is a VW problem between them and their supplier, not an EV charging industry problem. VW and VW alone is responsible for the QA and validation testing of the products they purchase from their suppliers to make sure they are suitable for the established and tested CCS standards that have gone through HEAVY industry review.

This isn’t a VW problem, it’s for all HPC chargers. It’s like the Takata airbag recall, affects a lot of companies.

Eric Loveday has always been on team Chademo. I assume he’s just bitter, hopefully not actually taking pleasure in this news and hoping Chademo can make a come back.

I noticed that too. That should have been separated in the text indicating editorial opinion.

We updated the wording. He was saying or at least meant that people would now question the tech due to the incident. Additionally, if this company’s cables are unsafe, there could be some kinks to work out moving forward. We added more context. This was in no way a plug for Chademo, nor an attack on CCS. It has nothing to do with any of that, nor was it to say the CCS is a bad technology in any way. It was simply “calls into question” and “perhaps working out some kinks.” Sorry if it confused anyone or seemed to read another way.

Note: The story update as of today no longer includes the quote I put in my previous post (thanks), and now includes this quote:

“liquid-cooled CCS cables from a different brand (ITT Cannon) and aren’t impacted by the safety issue.”

This confirms this is a problem between VW (and other buyers) and their supplier. The supplier missed the required specs, and VW (and other companies) failed to catch the problem during validation testing that one of their parts supplier provided parts meet the required specs. Very much a problem between the supplier and VW/Fastnal/etc with bad parts, and not a problem with the CCS specifications or high speed charging.

This happens in manufacturing. It is a “known-known” in manufacturing that not all parts from suppliers will meet specifications. That is why specification validation testing exists and is a huge sub-industry in manufacturing. They even do statistical analysis of what percent of bad parts CAN NEVER be found by testing.

Electrify America really does have a lot of issues that need ironed out with the way the network functions in general. I have most of Electrify America’s active stations set to alert me on PlugShare when there’s a check in. Unfortunately I’ve observed a much higher than acceptable amount of negative feedback on the charging experienced of users. There’s a lot of improvement that can happen yet. Here’s just an example of one recent experience from Illinois: All three fast charging stations were down due to maintenance issues. The furthest charger on the left ending in -01 failed multiple times to initiate a charge due to a charging problem on the charger. The same could be said for the charger ending in -03. Charger -02 had a defective point of sale unit that was not able to accept payment. Apple Pay didn’t work on either station. Declining the transaction likely because of the $50 hold Electrify America’s point of sale system was attempting to grab at the beginning of each session, regardless to whether or not the session was initiated successfully. Which again, none did. After foolishly using my check card for the sessions I checked the bank account it’s… Read more »

You had me until “tonight my personal safety was on the line”…GIVE ME A BREAK! People like you are the reason there is a need to have a disclaimer “don’t eat” on Tide pods…

Sorry I wasn’t clear… this is a PlugShare user in Illinois, not me.

No problem Brandon. There are a couple of ornery and acerbic people posting on this forum. I myself on occasion have been on the receiving end of some of their vitriol.

I do have to give props to the Plugshare user that you quoted for his creative writing, using the word “exsanguinate” in his comment to paint us a vivid picture of his odyssey using the Electrify America charging network. It cracked me up. 🤣

“Oh, and I nearly got stranded, having to limp to a nearby L2 that didn’t exsanguinate me at $1.00 a session and 3 cents per minute.”

It would be helpful if you’d set off extended quotes with some sort of typographical indication, such as a series of asterisks (*), dashes (–), tildes (~~~) or the like, before and after what you’re quoting.

Got confused as hell

Thanks for the tip Pupu. I’ve noticed that comments on Inside EVs don’t format anymore like they used to…. can’t do paragraphs or spaces between words at all now 😬

No spaces, right.
..and you can’t skip lines.
Though you can still start a new line.

They wouldn’t want to make the experience too pleasant or affordable or otherwise people might actually go out and buy electric cars. God forbid!
they must hate Tesla so much!!!!

This has nothing whatsoever to do with Tesla. There are enough groups who would like to see Tesla fail; we don’t need to imagine it’s even worse than it is.

Except actually getting their stations to work and getting a competent pricing model. And a sane and timely build out strategy for Northern CA and Nevada (I-80 thru NV for example). Oh, and how about communicating to the EV community when their stations are actually slated to go online and keeping to that schedule? In short, their only a compliance organization; they’re only going thru the motions. It’s a joke.

Right now my phone is buzzing about every minute as Electrify America posts on PlugShare about this cable issue at its open locations.

There are people who live life and drive electric. There are others who get phone notifications from all charging stations across the country.

As a fast charge network proponent, I do follow these things quite closely 😆

glad you follow this. I’m stuck with a PHEV until CCS matures.

They are putting 4 electrify america ‘150 kw’ dispensers (8 cables total) on the Eastern Suburb Walmart (of Buffalo, NY).

The thing is built to the “Tesla Standard” of no readily accessible shut offs anywhere. I suppose any Inspector having a problem would just say, ‘hey it was good enough for the Tesla SuperCharger a few miles away’. It is not yet energized, but the rates will be $21 /hour. I really don’t think they’ll get much use at that rate. They put in a 2000 ampere electric service (1662 kw , roughly) so there’s room for expansion. Not sure when the batteries are also going in.

“The thing is built to the ‘Tesla Standard’ of no readily accessible shut offs anywhere.”

That particular conspiracy theory of yours has already been firmly refuted, Bill. Yet here you are spouting it again! 🙄

Amazing how someone who actually has some experience with electrical engineering is so clueless about it.

How about showing me an example of what you are talking about. Instead of just spouting out about some insult. Its just been refuted by idiots – there hasn’t been one normal person who has ‘refuted it’.

Example. I’m at a normal (non-temporary, non-portable) Supercharger Station and the car jack starts overheating, and i can’t push the button on the cord because it has melted. What do I do? Just answer that question.

You’ll deflect off to some other pointless argument – and avoid the all -important question.
I know what I would do at a gasoline station. I do not know what I would do at a Tesla Supercharger. Tell me what I can do.

You see? Your lack of response is exactly the same as your buddy Superdope Nix who – when it gets down to a single question – will NOT answer it since the question is so logical. You just totally avoid the issue – same as NIX does. You cannot quote where it is ‘firmly refuted’ since you have no idea what I’m talking about in the first place – which is amazing because the general readership does. Meanwhile you, with your verbal excrement, remain clueless as to the subject at hand. Again – 2nd chance – answer the question.

None of the silly clowns who gave me 7 demerits apparently has half a brain to answer the question.

Bill – Once you correctly identify the 4 errors you have made in the premise of your question, I will be happy to answer.

But I’ve already spent WAY too much time educating you on issues related to this topic and others, only to have you simply ignore like a child the authoritative sources provided to you. There is no point educating a child who will simply plug their ears and chant “lalalala!! I can’t hear you” when given the authoritative answers.

But like I said, once you correctly identify the 4 errors you made in the premise of your question, I’ll be happy to answer yours with the simple, easy answer that takes only moments and completely breaks the circuit 100% of the time, every time, with no chance of failure.

So can you identify the 4 errors you have made in the premise of your question, or are you too ignorant to understand your errors?

Maybe you are really Pushi’s alter-ego. Funny, at one time you sounded slightly more intelligent than him. Projection – doing what you are saying I am doing. LALALALA – Romper room.

4 errors? I don’t make that many, and I ALWAYS say I stand corrected when someone finds I made an error.

Answer the question – either of you in the same Mommy’s basement… You don’t need Her permission:

I’m at a normal (non-temporary, non-portable) Supercharger Station and the car jack starts overheating, and i can’t push the button on the cord because it has melted. What do I do? Just answer that question. I know what I would do at a gasoline station. I do not know what I would do at a Tesla Supercharger. Tell me what I can do.

One difference between me and the Superdope Nix (see – its REALLY ME) is that I have DETAIL in my comments. His comments have “LALALALALA”.

Bill — 2nd chance for you to correctly identify the 4 errors you made in the premise of your question.

You guys remind me of used toilet paper.

Bill — 3rd chance for you to correctly identify the 4 errors you made in the premise of your question.

At least toilet paper had a useful function. I mean after all, MOMMY can’t forever clean up after 64 year old’s grunty.

Bill — 4th chance for you to correctly identify the 4 errors you made in the premise of your question.

If you had half a brain you’d delineate the errors. But You are just typing that so that MOMMY thinks you should get a Gold Star.

“I’m so proud of you Dopey!”

How many EV’s driving around the U.S. are capable of overheating these charging cables at 150+ kW? Very few, if any. It would have been much better to have temporarily reduced the maximum charging power of these chargers rather than shutting them down completely. Maybe there’s no way to reduce the maximum charging power.

The issue might not be related to the power level, for example a coolant leak would be a cause to shut down at any power limit (not that this is the reason, I have no idea).

There are other suppliers of these cables, this will be short lived. It is unfortunate but not surprising, as this is bleeding edge technology. In ten years it may be common place.

In 10 years inductive charging will have become the new best practice. No need to get out of the car, or just summon the car to go charge after it drops you off away from home. 22kW is already available for cars and 250Kw is available for busses today.

BEVs need to make the final transition from the ICE fueling methodology by going to a ‘pump’ and plugging in a ‘hose’ to get ‘fuel’. BEVs are capable of being much smarter than that.

250KW INDUCTIVE charging is available for busses now? No probably with a contactor on the roof similar to light rail electric trains use.

I’ve lost my copy of The Official Electric Vehicle Script. Is the inductive charging revolution set to happen before or after the solid state battery revolution…?


Glad to see someone has a sense of humor.

Uh oh, the cellar-dwelling superdopes have ordained that humor is not allowed here…..

MOMMY says: “Dopey!!!! I’ll be right down to help you with your Constipation honey.”.

Just this time last year, VW tested their Diesel soot exhaust on caged monkeys, here in the US. Why couldn’t they let the same lab primates go Ape Sheet with the Swiss made FC CCS cables for a while, before green lighting the 150-350 kw juice on tap, for the rolling hominids?


It wasn’t VW. It was an American lab company that did the testing.

It was an European lab doing the testing under abnormal conditions.

Yes, right again, Very Abbey Normal testing conditions indeed!


Cypress; testing for VW.

That’s like saying the hit man was responsible for the murder, so the guy who hired the hit man should go free.

I’m still working on “you can’t eat tide pods “

We just call them “Pod People”, so there is nothing to see here, please just move along, as though there is nothing out of the ordinary taking place.

Oh, and by the way, don’t trust the gas station attendant, he’s one of “Them”.


That’s a setback.

electricity is a scary thing.

People are scary. But I kinda like most of them. I kinda like electricity too. Most of the time.

As they say: “Fire is a good servant, but a bad master.” Perhaps that should apply to electricity, too.

You sound like a well-grounded person.

Shocking! ….

Right now a lot of EA chargers that lock up after reading credit card. There are many newly open stations (Flagler, CO, Columbus, TX, Little Rock, AR, etc., etc.) that have never charged an EV because of the communication issues. There is supposed to be a software push by the end of the month, hopefully the push will clear up the communication issues.

Good. Hopefully it will. Definitely needed. Many drivers are having issues. I know you keep tabs on these things too.

Got stranded for 12hrs in Flagler because of shitty EA chargers accepting CC then failing. All their resets and apologizing didn’t change the fact we were stranded. AAA said no thanks, and refused to tow us to next charger 100 miles away (so much for being the highest tier service). And No near place to lvl2 charge. So we just ate everything in the dinner from open till close. Eventually a family member showed up with my truck and a uhaul car hauler. Not exactly how I wanted that trip to go, but we did make it back to Oklahoma the next day. So if you plan on using EA, make sure to have plenty of spare funds for the wreckers, uhaul trailer rentals, and road side dinner food… Oh, and TUMS lots and lots of TUMS.

No Travis, you got stranded in Flagler because you didn’t plan well and you didn’t have have a contingency plan. I travel through Flagler last month in my 2018 Leaf but didn’t charge there. I also know of at least one Bolt EV that made it past Flagler without charging.

People have been driving past Flagler for years without getting stranded. Hell, Ben Rich made it past Flagler on his Zero SR back in 2016. I’m sorry for your distress but, with the current state of charging infrastructure, we should always have contingency plans with towing only being a last resort option.

Drove over a thousand miles this week in my Model 3, charging with ease at 3 separate superchargers. Just buy a Tesla folks, then don’t worry be happy.

Completely unhelpful. But what else to expect from a TSLA troll.

Fanboys and trolls are not the same. Be nice, you big meanie.

Bro’ calling someone else a troll is ironic.

Why? Tesla has very few issues with its superchargers apart from over crowding at times. Tesla can use these chargers anyway.
So why you would buy another electric car is beyond me. Not much use driving a fancy Porche electric car if you get stranded at the charging centre with no working chargers.

Well, it could come off as snobbery but it does have a purpose to recognize that there is a global network in place that works extremely well. As Nix stated above, readers need to be aware that there isn’t an inherent problem with fast charging and Tesla helps prove that out.

That said Tesla doesn’t have chargers this powerful.

The only troll I see here is you, dude.

Don’t care, still wouldn’t buy a Tesla. BTW I took a two thousand miles trip last month and didn’t have any trouble with the EA chargers I charged at. EA will get these teething problems worked out and it be the envy of Tesla owners.

That’ll be the day.

You do understand that Tesla is a member of the CCS consortium, right?

I doubt the problem is related to high power specifically. After all, how many CCS EVs are out there right now that would be charging at 150KW and above? If it was high power related they could easily configure the software to temporarily limit the maximum power to a safer level. My guess is that the potential problem is related to the liquid cooling system used by the cable; maybe fluid leaks, pump issues, sensor issues.

Yeah, engineering high power and high voltage electrical equipment is a problem which was solved more than a century ago. The fact that the company VW hired to install these screwed something up doesn’t mean higher power charging, any more than some exploding Takata airbags means putting airbags in cars was a bad idea.

To be fair all airbags have an explosive charge, it’s just that Takata’s fire shrapnel into your face.

They, VW, probably went for the lowest bidder and did no internal testing of the product they were presented with. It’s like when you force a kid to do something they don’t want to do, they don’t do a very good job. Same with VW. They are being forced into doing EA, as recompense for the cheating diesels they knowingly sold to an unsuspecting public for years, which was something they wanted to do, and did a pretty good job of cheating the test for years, EA is quite the opposite. It will be a foot dragging problematic effort with limited coverage that will take 10 years to complete.

At VW, it’s can not be business as usual as everything they now do is suspect and will be greatly scrutinized, at least let’s hope so. So please VW no more shoddy, incomplete, dangerous, cheating, or half-assed efforts. One can only hope.

Why would VW go for the lowest bidder?

They have an amount to spend on chargers. Cheaper chargers would just mean they need to build more of them…

This btw. is why you don’t buy all your stuff from a single supplier.
Although at the moment you are probably lucky if you manage to order a few 1000 cooled CCS cable and plug combos at all.

Electrify America has DCFC systems from four vendors at their headquarters ABB, Efacec, Signet, and BTCpower. Don’t know which ones use cables from Huber+Suhner. It seems this affects the ABB deployments, but not sure about the Efacec ones. Also not sure if EA have Signets and BTCpower deployed in the field.

All of them. Phoenix contacts can’t deliver. This is the reason why a large portion of the Ionity chargers is limited to 200A because they can’t get cables.

Right, this is a (unfortunate) problem with liquid cooled cables. Likely the delays in production of these components are related to these concerns. as the – apparently few – suppliers are fighting with the problem.

They are probably more concerned about what sort of production volume they should be targeting. I don’t know what a sustainable production rate for high power charging equipment is either. It certainly isn’t as high as the demand at the moment.

Water cooled cables are nothing new. It isn’t even certain that there is something wrong with these cables but it may be possible.

“Water cooled cables are nothing new.”

But that would be for a fixed installation or an industrial environment handled by trained personnel.

The problem is likely related to wear and tear by people who do not remember where the socket is on the car and just pull too much on the cable to make it fit the last few cm instead of re-parking the car closer.

Piling supposition on top of speculation isn’t very helpful.

I suppose so. But that’s just my speculation.
Or is it equally bad to pile speculation on top of supposition.

Is HUBER+SUHNER a supplier to ABB or why is the picture about the ABB charger?

Yes all 350kW chargers on the market use Huber+Suhner except Tritium who use Phoenix

Huber+Suhner is a supplier of such CCS cables. AFAIK, they’re currently like the only one who can deliver such CCS cables. So probably they’re also part of ABB chargers.


Wonder what happened to bring this on?

So how many stations is this, or what % of all the stations? I didn’t think there were many of the 150KW stations.

The vast majority are 150kW or 350kW. They usually only have one 50kW charger per location in order to follow the law and provide Chademo as well.
Anything below 150kW doesn’t make any sense for a fast charger.

Yes, I was under the impression that the E.A. rollout had just started, so there would be very few chargers actually affected.
Can the article be updated to give the actual number & percentage?

Good question. I just counted all the Electrify America locations on PlugShare using the list feature, and came up with 72 open locations. There are 157 locations total, so at this point a little under half the location are completed and operational.

Another Euro point of view

So this could be a possible explanation of why newly opened ionity super charger in Norway is not yet delivering full power (recent Tesla Björn Video). In this video he mentions that reason of this situation is because of cables issue. Now if the provider is a Swiss company, on the German speaking side of Switzerland on top of that, those people are really super super cautious, it’s in their culture, type of people if they would for example have to deliver a self driving system they would still be testing it in year 3678.

Them being Swiss means this won’t be addressed before Monday.

Yep, they do things right when they do it and with high quality, but only Mo-Fr 8-5 and not during lunch break. Try to find an open supermarket after 8 or 6 on the weekend.

Another Euro point of view

“This calls into question the overall safety of CCS charging at such high levels”.

With all due respect this was really a silly thing to write. I mean, with so little underlying information.

These things shall be completely automated.

FastNed HPCs are down as well.

The press release just states that the manufacturer found a potential safety issue with “the high-powered cable”. Nowhere is there any hint that the issue is at all DUE TO the cable being for high power, and certainly not that the issue only exists at high power levels.

This article should be rewritten. It gives entirely the wrong impression. It’s analogous to Tesla recalling the performance model for an unspecified potential safety issue, and the media interpreting as something that “calls into question the overall safety of operating a battery pack at such high power levels”. Here there’s an issue with the high-power cable, but we know nothing about what the issue is. There is zero reason to think we can infer anything more from this information than that particular product (the cable) maybe has an issue!

Well said, Terawatt. Thank you!

I think this article shows an inappropriate rush to judgement.

Oh, dear. I predict the anti-EV crowd is going to have a field day with this. 🙁 And it’s likely going to throw gasoline on the bonfire of Volkswagen bashing by some EV advocates.

They forgot the sticker ” don’t pee on charge port while charging- you may feel a tingling sensation”

This just in, from the 5 Big Oil Corps:

….”if you can just bring your own 5 gallon buckets filled with ice water, you can keep these hot charging cables from over heating and melting down, before a thermal runaway event spontaneously combusts your battery, during these highly volatile and potentially explosive high powered FC visits.”

/S & FN (Fake News/ Fox News)

Eric Loveday and InsideEVs – There’s an opportunity here for you all to do some better reporting and take the lead in the industry today. Everyone seems to be reporting this badly and an important fact is getting confused. EA’s press release, and subsequent media reports, have been unclear why a few stations with CCS plugs are NOT affected (still working). I suspect it is because these stations are not using Huber+Suhner cooled cables, but I don’t know yet. The press release says that “the 50 kW CCS stations … are not impacted” but as far as I know ALL OF THE CCS STATIONS WERE BUILT FOR 150 kW MINIMUM. There are no 50 kW CCS stations! Now, clearly, my last statement above must be wrong because EA’s press release refers to 50 kW CCS stations, but I have not seen a single one of these nationwide. Even the few stations listed in the press release as NOT impacted are sites that have 150 kW CCS. Pooler GA (near Savannah) is one in our region that I’ve been focused on — it’s listed as NOT impacted. Why? For any of the sites that are listed by EA as NOT impacted,… Read more »

We’re working on trying to get more official details and clarification.

OK, I’ve got more information now. One of my EV-owning colleagues stopped by the Pooler GA site, which was the one I was really interested in per my long comment above.

The Pooler GA stations have ITT Cannon cables, not Huber+Suhner. That explains why those stations are NOT affected by this shutdown. I’ve also got independent confirmation that ITT Cannon is indeed EA’s other supplier of cable sets. So that all makes sense now.

I still hope that EA comes up with a software workaround, otherwise we’re looking at months of downtime.

Thanks for investigating and posting!

The actual hope is that the plugs are totally fine.

Thanks Chris. Very key info!!

Please be precise , as not all systems are delivered by H&S while parts are delivered by ITT and Efacec. Those units are supported with an active cooling unit and an insulating cooling liquid in order to consider safety critical aspects such as required cooling performance …. Thanks for taking care.

I’m not surprised by all the comments below talking about the horrendous billing / credit card authorization experience given EA picked Greenlots to handle network management (and I’m assuming billing too)…. in my experience Greenlots has been absolutely awful

From one partial shutdown to another…

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

IMHO, all these should’ve been mandated to be US business manufactured products.

“What’s not clear is if any EV drivers are affected by the shutdown. Our understanding is that no cars today can take the faster charge. So it’s a moot point. But we’ve asked for clarification.”

Of course there are. The Hyundai Ioniq, the IPace and of course the Bolt are all affected by this. They can charge above 50kW so this shutdown affects them.

See, that’s precisely the misunderstanding I’m talking about above. EA’s sly wording leads people like Mr. Eject here to conclude that ONLY the higher power cars are affected. ALL CCS CARS ARE AFFECTED. Scroll up.

All CCS with H+S cables.
There are some that have others. Even 2 of the high powered ones.

But you can’t tell from their website which CCS chargers are working at which site, right? EA is joke. How hard is it to put an up / down symbol next to each CCS and Chademo charger on your map?

I’m surprised you didn’t redact your opinion: “This calls into question the overall safety of CCS charging at such high levels. Perhaps there are still some kinks that need to be ironed out before ultra-fast charging at up to 350-kW is indeed safe and reliable.”

That was a clearly biased and misleading statement intended to delegitimize the CCS standard. You should apologize.

“Calls into question,” in addition to “perhaps some kinks” is surely not intended to delegitimize the CCS standard in any way. We fully support it. It is saying that people may, in fact, be concerned or call the technology into questions based on this situation, much like naysayers and detractors do every time there’s an electric car fire. Meanwhile, gas cars are burning up all over the planet. Saying that there are some kinks to be worked out is very much true. These particular cables are an issue at not only EA, but also elsewhere. While they’re working out the kinks, either the tech is unusable or another company’s cables must be used. There is nothing whatsoever to apologize for here.

Actually H+S made it very clear in the statement on their website that they are not concerned about the cable, the cooling or the power. There was a shortcut in the plug itself which indicates a isolation issue. Since the plug design has been tested to over 1000V the issue can’t be related to the plug design in general.
In the worst case H+S has produced a series of defective plugs but it is also possible the people that experienced that short cut in their test rig were doing something outside of the design capability.

H+S gave the all clear. The cables and plugs are fine.
FastNed is back online, EA and Ionity should follow as I type.

I doubt anyone noticed.

ANOTHER smack in their asses for those china-made german-engineered technologies.. LOL VW

The cable provider H+S is a Swiss company founded around 1880. ABB is also s Swiss-Swedish Company with a similar history. You have literally no idea of anything.