UPDATE: VW I.D. Vizzion Embodies Level 5 Autonomy

MAR 2 2018 BY C SMITH 18

Apparently it’s a world where passengers can better enjoy a cup of coffee.

[UPDATE, March 2] It seems VW can’t stop teasing the Vizzion concept. Two extremely short clips have been posted on the company’s official YouTube channel. See them directly below.

Volkswagen will feature an autonomous vision at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, and the automaker has released a new teaser to give us a taste of what’s to come. We’ve already been introduced to the I.D. Vizzion through a very brief video and a few concept photos (featured once again below), but this time the message is all about autonomous transportation. Specifically, VW is talking about the ultimate hands-off experience – Level 5 autonomy – and how we’ll get to that point.

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Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion

No, there isn’t such a car planned for the near future, but VW feels the I.D. Vizzion embodies what fully autonomous travel will be like. To help explain it – as well as clear up confusion about the various levels of autonomous vehicles – the manufacturer offers up a “lengthy” two-minute video that takes the form of a future documentary in 2050, recounting the steps taken to go from the good old-fashioned manual-control vehicles of today to fully autonomous transport without even a hint of steering wheel or pedals inside.

As purveyors of engaged driving we’re supposed to automatically hate this, however the video does open with some very good points. Depending on where you live and work, daily commuting can eat up a significant amount of time. Yes, we love driving cars, but nobody loves sitting in traffic, or rolling along at a snail’s pace for 45 minutes trying to get home and frankly, that’s time we’d be happy to reclaim.

Scary Level 0

As such, the video takes a curious stance of remembering how it must’ve felt not having that commute time to do other things in the car. We suppose it’s not unlike the under-30 crowd wondering how we ever dared to go places without the security and convenience of a cell phone. Seems almost spooky now, but yeah, we did it.

Anyway, the video highlights the various levels of autonomy, singling out Level 4 as the tipping point to where society and transportation really begin to chance. If the teaser photos above match the video’s message, apparently that’s also the point where people can relax with a cup of coffee in the I.D. Vizzion while it takes you places – day or night.

Don’t be surprised to see more teasers on the concept appear before it’s officially revealed next week in Geneva.

Source: Volkswagen

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FFS how much more of this manufacturers twaddle will you repeat ?
I’m sure if they said it was powered by Mr Fusion you would duly regurgitate that.

Awesome, the car that doesn’t exist has more features! Classic VW move. All it’s missing is their signature “By 2030”

Looks like VW hired Ford’s PR Department. They deserve a Raise for all that hard work.

Everyone knows that cars which don’t exist drive themselves.

Yes, They are the safest cars on the Planet, Because will Never ever be involved in any Accidents Guaranteed ! …lol

And the greenest cars on the planet utilizing zero emissions manufacturing techniques.

Haha. Nice!

If there were a “Most Vaporware Award” VW Be the all time CHAMPION of all Vaporware, By Far !…….R O T F L M A O……VW., Give it a Rest Already !…….

I agree with Joe. I am hopeful of the I.D. line in general but this particular one is just nonsense. Since VW has made it clear that it’s just a fantasy car why give it any attention at all? Any kid can and do invent fantasy cars with all kinds of imaginative features but that doesn’t warrant publication. The same with the so called “renders”, it’s not news!

Lighten up. Yeah, I too get sick of the endless parade of concepts that never see the light of day, but concepts do let us know where they manufacturer is headed. And in this case they are trying to change the public perception of what traveling in an automobile should be. Starting that mind-change now is a good idea.

Yeah, public perception about automobile travel, is going to go through a transformative “mind-change”, with Level 5 fully autonomous transport.

Just the fact that almost all ICE cars, are parked more than 90% of the time, this usage pattern will change dramatically. Parking and traffic issues will be reduced, along with ownership and operating expenses for those that are willing to utilize and optimize their ride share resources.

Here’s something that mystifies me. Please explain how an autonomous car that drives to me, drives me where i want to go, and then drives away from me, reduces traffic compared to my car that i just drive where i want to go?

If you’d like to see what autonomous cars will do for traffic, look at places like San Fransisco with high numbers of uber cars (as a proxy for autonomy) where traffic has *increased*, due to that factor and also them displacing public transport.

Because it isn’t sat around taking up parking space, it’s always in use, which means less on-street parking is happening, meaning clearer roads, meaning better traffic flow.

Yes, the wishful thinking that seems to be accompanying the concept of self-driving cars has climbed to absurd levels. Common sense and critical thinking have apparently been utterly abandoned on this subject. If, for example, a self-driving car would replace three normal car used by commuters, that would mean that after the car dropped off its first passenger, it would have to drive empty to pick up the second passenger, and then the third. This means the car is on the road and causing more traffic congestion for those additional trips which the human-driven cars don’t have to take in a day. In other words, if self-driving cars are used as a “service” by people who now drive themselves, rather than just replacing human-driven cars with self-driving cars, then that’s going to increase traffic congestion. Here’s another way self-driving cars are going to increase traffic: Some people who are now house-bound and can’t get out, such as elderly people no longer able to drive, and disabled people not physically able to drive… many of those people will buy self-driving cars and will no longer be house-bound. Their cars will be added to the streets, increasing traffic congestion. Now, the advantage… Read more »

You make some excellent points. One could go on to point out that not only will the congestion problem not be solved, but that total miles driven overall will soar – as BEVs are cheaper per mile and autonomous cars are more convenient. Ironically, this means that the combination of BEV and autonomous cars will be less beneficial for the environment than currently anticipated.

My personal prediction is that within 20 years we will see a big revival of the old style suburbs and living in a crowded noisy city will loose its appeal as you can always order an autonomous car and be chauffeured to and from any venue where you might want to party in the evening.

I disagree, its beyond premature to discuss coffee making whilst they cant even produce a car that does more than about 125 miles and the most advanced thing they do is cruise control.
The public will rock up asking for a latte and be shown a small hatchback with half the miles of their nearest competitor and inferior performance.
But perhaps their aim, so teh public then says “oh thats it is it, OK I’ll buy a normal car then.
Or perhaps their aim is to obfuscate the fact they are two years away from shipping a car that rivals ones you can buy right now.

You can buy the first AUDI EV at the end of this year. At least I can.. (Not that I’m going to, since I’m still waiting for a passenger van. anyway.. AUDI will release one EV model a year. VW will do the same, and so does Skoda and so on. Their Chinese companies release several models a year too. They will release a van, a truck, a bus. . . Let some designers show some renderings. It is just part of the design process, get some attention, check feedback on design, solutions and show how the company pictures the future. No matter how automatic a new car will be, I would like a steering wheel, and do manual override. Driving can be fun too. Maybe I have to spend a few years to be comfortable with the idea of no need for a steering wheel. . And that is also one reason for concepts and future studies. It is a good thing, even though they were slow to start. Keep in mind that EVs are a very limited market still. Better that they take their time, then release a limited production that is semi good, but for a small… Read more »

I, for one, am tired of manufacturers assuming that EV and autonomous driving are the same thing. Self driving is cool and all, but if it is preventing you from releasing the EV… ditch it.