VW Considering Fully Electric R Performance Model


If approved, Volkswagen promises it will be a proper R model.

It’s a known fact by now that Volkswagen is working on a bevy of electric vehicles due to badged as I.D. models, starting with a hatchback slated to go on sale in 2020.

While the original concept car pictured here is not particularly exciting, you’ll be happy to hear engineers from Wolfsburg are already thinking of how they could spice up the EV portfolio. The answer? By coming out with performance models carrying the “R” badge. The reveal was made by Volkswagen’s man in charge of the R division, Jost Capito, during a recent interview with Autocar:

“If we do an R electric car, then it will be a proper R, or else it wouldn’t make sense.”

It is way too early in the game for VW to be revealing details about a performance electric production car, but the fact that they’re thinking of slapping the “R” badge on a car without a combustion engine is a sign that times are changing. Capito did say the company already has an idea for a zero-emissions R model, although they haven’t decided when such a model could be launched on the market.

R’s boss says development of electric vehicle is turning out to be quite dynamic as changes take place every month, making it hard for VW to finalize all the details for a go-faster EV. He does mention that eventually, they will decide on how a performance electric car should be, with Auto Express suggesting it might be a hot hatch or a speedy crossover linked to the I.D. Crozz concept.

VW has already demonstrated EVs can be brutally fast, with the I.D. R Pikes Peak establishing a new record earlier this year by completing the 12.42-mile, 156-corner course in 7 minutes and 57.148 seconds with Romain Dumas behind the wheel.

That being said, the I.D. R Pikes Peak is a purpose-built electric race car whereas a road-going model poses more challenges for VW since it has to be not only fast but also comfortable and must have the right batteries to cure range anxiety once and for all.

Meanwhile, the R is set to grow beyond the Golf R if we were to rely on the rumor mill. It is believed VW will launch three additional models in the years to come: T-Roc R, Tiguan R, and Arteon R – not necessarily in this order.

Source: Autocar

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Some day, with all their big electric plans, VW will actually deliver something electric.

Some day.. (Sorry, I forgot the E-Golf)

Audi is already taking preorders.

Thank you for bringing balance to this site. You’ve changed my mind, thanks.

Have you already test-drived one of those preorders? How do you like backseat heating?

Some car manufacturers don’t even have any electric plans still yet.

I guess that’s something..


VW is already number 6 in the world in plugin in sales…

Unfortunately, a lot of these are not very useful short-range PHEVs… The e-Golf seems to be fairly decent, though.

My “not very useful” PHEV Audi hasn’t had gas added to the tank in 8 ½ months despite being driven daily and being my ride to work, but keep your ignorance strong.

Well OK, it’s surely useful to some people… Just not very many, compared to longer-range PHEVs or BEVs.

Destination charging is really needed for those PHEVs. The downside of that: PHEVs hogging all charging stations when your BEV really needs a charge!

But still nothing in 2018.

How is VW going to comply with the 10% quota in China in 2019?

Still nothing where nothing apparently equals number 6 in the world in plugin sales…


VW started an EV company in China called SOL who will start selling later this year…
VW will also make and sell their own baged EVs including the ID…

Oh good, I’m glad you pointed out that VW proved that evs can be fast. I would want VW to get all the credit they are due, with the onset and full flower of the ev revolution, which in some ways has been accelerated by their attempts to cheat emissions software controls and measurements. So kudos to VW for all their efforts to advance evs.

Shouldn’t VW first consider more of a press release campaign, for the potential, and possibly upcoming Performance Model press release campaign?

I really want to make sure that this convoluted “proper R” Model message gets out there!

My grand niece calls her dad’s Model S “The rocket”.
Performance impresses.


Sorry Son, you’re not very funny.

Actually, it is quite funny. Just sad that it isn’t just a joke. 🙁

It is funny actually, and so is his name !

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


Yes, VW, do it! Golf-sized EV with R performance is something I would consider over a Tesla Model 3. But don’t sit around and wait, build it asap!

I’ve had three R’s before, and a Model S. The drivetrain of the latter in the packaging of the former, that would be something.

“It is way too early in the game”

No, it is way late in the game. Deck the hell out of an R version, charge about the same as a well-optioned R ICE version after incentives, and get it to market in less than 2 years. All entirely possible if they put full effort into it. And it will out-perform their ICE version in 0-60.

Globally EV sales are less than 1 percent of the market…

The game has barely started…

Much more in the premium segment.

“VW has already demonstrated EVs can be brutally fast, with the I.D. R Pikes Peak establishing a new record earlier this year”

That is all very cool, and good for them, and good for EV’s. But Monster Tajima and Mitsubishi sorta beat them to showing EV’s can be fast up Pikes Peak way back 4 years ago in 2014, which is about the equivalent of 28 years in EV/Dog years…

Watch this sweet run:


09:43 minutes, yawn.
That VW’s 7:57minutes was significantly more badass.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

VW has to stop considering and start delivering.