VW Christmas Card Teases I.D. Electric Dune Buggy


Guess what might be comin’ to town.

Volkswagen has sent out its Christmas cards. Besides celebrating the holiday season, it teases an interesting new product. As you can see in the image above, it appears Santa has first crack at a vehicle that follows in the throwback tracks of the company’s Bus-inspired I.D. Buzz. This time around, it seems to be a take on the famous Meyers Manx. That was an open-top buggy built on a shortened VW Bug chassis. It meant for bombing across the sands of the southern California deserts.

This is, as you may remember, the dune buggy we were recently telling you about. It’s the second of three “I.D.” retro designs said to originate from the automaker’s CEO Herbert Diess. The I.D. Buzz, of course, is the first, while the yet-to-be-revealed third is supposedly a 5-door hatchback recreation of the classic Beetle.

According to Autocar, the electric knobby-tired buggy is bound for the Geneva Motor Show. Once fully revealed, we imagine the automaker will gauge public sentiment towards the interpretation. With no roof and a free-standing windshield, it seems an unlikely choice for mass production. Still, we’d be happy to see it get an enthusiastic reception. In small numbers, and at a premium price, it could be a unique sort of halo car: a vehicle meant to increase attention to the entire brand.

Currently, it’s under construction at the Volkswagen R&D facility in Braunschweig, Germany (or, possibly, on loan to some clandestine outfit headquartered at the North Pole). An eventual production version would share the MEB platform that underpins the entire I.D. lineup. and is integral to Volkswagen’s battery-powered future.

Source: Autocar, WardsAuto

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They could build this. Just add a lift off roof and roll up windows. Cost would probably be prohibitive.

why would u suggest that costs would be prohibitive?

If it is a 4-seater, I would consider it.

They will price it so high, how will you get the ROI in comparison to gasmobile buggy.
What real benefit do you derive from this electric buggy.

A clean conscience. Especially if you are a Volkswagen executive.

ROI is what got them in dutch in the first place. What was the ROI on cheating diesel emissions. Pretty good for a number of years and then…

quiet. great traction. less issues in the dirt. lower COG. less chance of maintenance issues, etc. etc. etc.
U obviously do not go off-road.

Looks fun, but I’d rather see an EV take on a CUV type vehicle (Rav4 / Jeep Cherokee) with height adjustible suspension for mild off road use.

A Modern Day THING

That would be ideal in southern Utah! It’s even legal here to drive UTV’s on the street.

Typical vehicle is driven to office/school 250 days/year and to shopping/social activities for 50+days/year.
Electric Vehicle that is driven 300 days/year like this gets quicker ROI and makes sense.

A person who drives buggy for 300 days/year will end up in hospital with pain in butt and pain in neck.

VW knows that no one wants this and so they offer this.
Next they will sell Electric submarine which will go to sea few times a year.
Next they will sell Electric bomber which will sleep in hangar.
Next they will sell Electric rocket which will “blast down” to earth’s core instead of “blast off” to space.
This Electric rocket will be dubbed my mainstream media as SpaceX Killer.

Wow, not your favorite time of year, is it? Electric rockets (ion drives) have a high specific impulse, but they are better-suited once you are in space. VW isn’t capable in this discipline. Try Russia, they invented them.
Most US military submarines are, in fact, electric, as are most of the science and exploration submarines built today. As far as electric aircraft are concerned, I think BMW would probably be the more likely builder. Again, not VW’s strongest suit here.
It’s not that any of these things aren’t already there or headed to electric propulsion, it’s that VW isn’t in the field. And, I’m glad for that. Try to imagine the emissions scandal if they were ever to compete with the General Atomics rocket under Project Orion.

Companies like Polaris Industries are doing very, very well compared to the legacy automotive industry, so if VW is making an off-road anything, the one they want to topple is the Polaris Ranger EV:

VW will do/say anything to get you to buy their poisonous ice cars, pitiful.

so will any legacy or chinese car maker. Ur point?

I give VW credit for having all the chutzpah anyone could possibly imagine.