VW Outlines New Electric Car Offensive For China


Those unfamiliar with Volkswagen’s past, current, and future efforts in China may be quite surprised.

Just recently, Volkswagen surpassed 30 million cars delivered in China thus far. This is quite a feat as it started moving into the country in 1985, with a “whopping” 2,000 deliveries. We joke about whopping since that may seem trivial, but only 5,100 vehicles hit the Chinese driver market that year in total. By 1992, VW had reached some 100,000 cars delivered in the area. When 1997 arrived, VW had some one million Chinese customers, and the story continued to a point that VW made an exponentially significant presence in China. Needless to say, the country has become a huge market for the German automaker.

Today, VW has beat all odds and delivered over 30 million cars in China. Now, it announces a whole lineup of upcoming electric vehicles to add to the mix. Volkswagen says it will offer three battery-electric vehicles and two plug-in hybrid electric vehicles for China in the not-so-far future. In fact, Volkswagen plans to release these vehicles in China in 2019. It already has partnerships formed with FAW-Volkswagen and SAIC VOLKSWAGEN to make this happen as soon as potentially possible.

CEO of Volkswagen Brand China Stephan Wöllenstein shared:

Together with our joint ventures, we also will step up our efforts with our NEV offensive in 2019—introducing 3 locally-produced battery-electric versions of well-known Volkswagen models. We will also introduce one more locally-produced PHEV and the Touareg PHEV from Volkswagen Import.

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here we go again on PR bull crap from big oil partially owned VW.

Troll… Tesla is partially big oil owned too…
Welcome to the stock market…

really? How much is Tesla owned by the oil companies?

If you mean the oil industry short position, well, that’s a funny way to call it oil industry owned. Joke-of-the-Day, and Most-Creative.

No, this is real. “For China”.
China wants the Electric Tech build in China.
I wonder why?

Come on you guys, no reason to believe this is not true. VW is not promising this at some future date 5 to 10 years from now, but next year. This means they already have production in place.

Yes. VW currently have 14 factories in China, that produce ICE and PHEV cars, at a rate of 3.3 million cars per year. They are building a new factory, scheduled to open in 2020, near Shanghai that will produce only EVs based on MEB, at a rate of 300K per year.

“Volkswagen says it will offer three battery-electric vehicles and two plug-in hybrid electric vehicles for China in the not-so-far future. In fact, Volkswagen plans to release these vehicles in China in 2019.”

2019 is just a matter of a few months.

We will soon get to know which VW EV models will be unveiled in 2019.

Perhaps the VW e-Golf and the VW e-Up! will be the first two EV models that will be unveiled in China?

Next headline: VW Outlines New Electric Car Offensive For the Moon

Another Euro point of view

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Come on people, why such negativity for a company which might become the largest EV manufacturer in the world?
Are you against the EV movement or support it?

were aginst deliberaty lying jackholes that polutted the world with cheating filth.

you’re not?

That would include all car companies that makes ICE cars. Take a good look at the CO2 emissions from a normal engine in an average US sold/made car.. . And think global emission and global warming. Not to mention fracking that is legal in the US, with very little control of water usage and chemicals used to improve fracking production. Why is landfills legal in the US, why is the recycling rate so now. . Electronic waste collection is far from ideal.. Why are there not more emission regulations for huge ships and cruise ships.. A lot of areas that could have a much larger impact for the environment. Why are coal still used? What is the environmental impact from road dust, carbon black is the air, concrete dust, plastic nano particles from all the synthetic compunds from car tires. Why is it legal to continue the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest? Why is it legal to import food that is grown in areas that used to be rainforst? If they banned it, og would not be profitable.. Why don’t people buy land in the rainforest and protect it? Why does not the world really do a proper effort to… Read more »

Look at the statistics per capita. All the americans are polluting our planet and they should be fined for that. VWs share is nearly zero compared to that.
Its just that lazy polluters in the US found someone to blame.

Blame VW and keep on living a life of unnecessary luxury and waste.

Sure, but those responsible represented less than 0.001% of VW’s employees and the top execs were charged and/or ousted from their positions.

Get a life and move on already.

Because VW has been promising EV designs for years without delivering them.

The I.D was first announced in 2016 and they said it would come in 2020 from the beginning.
Just a little more than a year left and they are still not changing the date. What they have done is increase the commitment with more planned EVs and factories.

A completely new platform not based on an existing ICE platform takes more time to develop. 4 years is not that bad. And they will be able to build alot of different cars with it, because it’s very flexible.

Model S was announced in 2008 and released in 2012, just for comparison. They are getting faster with every car, because not everything has to be developed from zero.

Fanbois just hate it because it is not Tesla.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Because they’re lying scum whose actions set back transportation policy years, and we don’t need them.

These 2019 cars are just rebuilt ICE vehicles to bridge the gap.
The new MEB-platform factory in china will start production 2020, shortly after the one in germany.
But still earlier than the china factory from tesla (likely 2021)