VW Boss – e-Golf Is Nearly Sold Out


Sales of the Volkswagen e-Golf have apparently been so strong overseas that VW is essentially sold out of its small electric car.

That’s the word coming in from Volkswagen at least and we can indeed confirm that the e-Golf has been incredibly hot in terms of overseas sales of late.


More specifically, VW chairman Herbert Diess, stated:

“Our electric vehicle sales were three times more popular in 2017 than 2016 and the e-Golf nearly sold out, so it’s clear customers are willing to switch to EVs once the price is right.”

This would seem to indicate that VW should get its BEV ball rolling as soon as possible.

Volkswagen intends to launch a whole lineup of I.D-branded electric cars, starting with a hatchback version in Europe, followed by the the I.D. Crozz and Buzz, just to name a few.

Diesss made some additional comments tied to VW’s plan to make home chargers (not yet revealed in image form) available in Europe:

“Our aim is to make driving electric vehicles as simple, comfortable and clean as possible. We will supply private households with charging solutions; our wallbox for home use at €300 [about £266] will be affordable for everyone.”

Source: Autocar

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Are they available in the US? Each time I do a search for it in the dealers near me (I’m in NJ), 0 show available.

I see quite a few here in Boston.

Yes they are available in the US…
But realize the US is a small second rate market for VW and they treat it as such…

VW brand eGolf sales were just over 1% of their total US sales
VW GROUP including Audi and Porsche had EV sales of 1.4% of their total US sales
Nissan’s Leafs sales were only .6% of their total US sales
GM’s Volt and Bolt sales were 1.4% of their total US sales
Fords FFE and energies were .7% of their total US sales
Toyota Prius Prime sales were .8% of their total US sales

So exactly how bad is VWs eGolf sales in regards to the US market place???
VW is GREAT!!! in comparison to the competition… and that is what is sad…

FYI… the bold print of the lead article on the EV sales blog website… https://ev-sales.blogspot.com/
“VW e-Golf rocks the market”

Zero across the river in PA.

Base on InsideEV, VW sold 178 and 198 e-Golf in January and February, total of 376 in 2018. If VW is happy with the nearly sold out statement, it’s sad.

There’s this whole other world that’s NOT the US. Part of that world is often referred to as Europe. In January alone, VW sold 1985 e-Golfs and 705 PHEV Golfs (the GTE).


Canada : Jan – 87, Feb – 180

Clearly they have a supply problem in the US. Even the Canadian dealers are apathetic. We visited our local and asked about the e-Golf and got “oh, ours is broken and in for repairs, we don’t know when it will be back” followed by “no, we don’t know when we’re going to get more in.”

Like other vendors they are producing fewer cars than demand would suggest they can sell. GM quoted me 6-8 months on a Bolt.

What are the Canadian dealers selling??? 2017 models which people ordered at the end of 2017? Must be, because they told me 2018 allotment would not arrive until summer 2018 …. they would not commit to a date.

What a brand and dealerships, eh? No numbers, no delivery date commitments.

What a shame, because they can design good cars ….

Strong sales overseas? The sales of the e-Golf has been pretty slow overseas. Look at the US where it’s stuck at 2-300 per month.

Where else can be considered overseas, Australia? Japan? UK, not counting the Eurotunnel? Not the largest e-Golf markets.

As a US oriented site, I think the author meant overseas as Europe.

The Ionic is selling out for the same reason….lack of availability.

Perhaps a lack of interest in selling them in noncompliance states?

Almost like the e-Golf not being available except in limited areas, the BEV version of the Ionic is only available in CA, according to the Hyundai website. I used the Build Your Own feature on their website and when it asked for the zip code, it said it was only available in CA.

The CARB compliance states get more choices than the rest of the US, and even within CARB states, not all get all of the EV’s made for CA. IMHO, the manufacturers are lobbying hard to try and get the EV mandate to go away.

So sad. BS from vw like always

Pretty poor show from VW. First they halt sales on the Golf GTE plug-in hybrid, now on the e-Golf as well. Soon the only car with a plug that they will have left is the plug-in Passat.
Let’s hope they make better decisions with the ID series.

The GTE ordering halt was only in the UK. Apparently, VW UK does not have enough allocation to satisfy demand. So, instead of giving customers some ridiculous delivery schedule like 12 months out, they just refuse to take the order. e-Golf lead times in the UK are also ridiculously long because VW UK did not secure sufficient allocation from Germany and they just order them when customers ask for them. In addition, very few UK dealers are helpful to customers for test drives and ordering.

An article like this really, really should say where the cars are being sold, and for how much.

Please also remind us what the battery pack size and range is?

The new e-Golf has a range of 125 miles. Not that spectacular, but as an owner of the 80 mile version, I can say it’s a good car with the exception of the range.

Been saying that for ages.

They all need high EV and Plugin sales in the EU to lower the CO2 fleet emissions. A EV sold in the EU allows them to sell ICE SUVs. Especially since people now want petrol instead of diesel engines these big and heavy cars need to be offset.

This would seem to indicate that VW should get its BEV ball rolling as soon as possible.

It’s rolling if they would get their supply chain up. And considering that this is the response at the current price point, VW could really have a huge star if they lower MSRP which is something that higher volume should theoretically allow. As a conversion, a lot of people might not be too fond of it, but if it works for people and VW can deliver, I see no reason why they shouldn’t.

Yeah, because it’s not like they are short on leather, glass, plastic or steel, but they are coming up short on *batteries*.

Batteries are not the problem. They have ordered enough cells to make enough battery modules. It has to do with assembly line design. The E-Golf is made in a parallell line with the regular Golf. This was done to cut costs, so they could just add alternative drivetrain vehicles in the volume production of the high volume Golf production. The chassis assembly conveyor and the body shell conveyor meet at this stage of production. They add the EV chassis to the main production, like a zipper – except one side of the zipper has way fewer “teeth” then the other. They made the line for a maximum production volume, that was based on their expected EV volume. The E-Golf demand was much higher then expected. They stated that two countries in Europe alone sold more cars then they had expected in total. To increase the EV volume requires more space, and there are non. The Golf production line was from the ground up contructed to be able to add alternative drivelines. They just did not expect the volume to be that high. Since they will begin to offer Audi EVs later this year, and VW EVs next year – there… Read more »

There is no service required on an EV. The dealers tell there salesman to divert to an ICE. If you insist on an EV they will quickly ignor you. No Servive equals not rip off service fees. Tat is why they created stupid hybrids which are more expensive to build but guarantee that you return for the rip off at service time

This is not true.

Tesla wants about 900€ from for the first annual service of my MS90D. My other car Audi A6 annual service has been never that expensive.

The reasons VW don’t want to sell EVs should be with low profitability of e-Golf. They want to claim sold out but in reality it is supply problem rather than high demand

There are a lot of maintenance required on EVs too. Much more then the normal EV buyer and media knows/talks about. An EV is basically just a normal car without the engine and exhaust. So normally no oil change (some change gear oil). No exhaust to change (cat/sensor/particle filter etc) Depending on the EV, but maybe less cooling fluid change (new ICE cars may have a cooling fluid that last the liftetime of the car, as do some EVs). Radiators may need to be replaced. No clutch (if manual) / no transmission (automatic) maintenance.. and dual mass flywheel + timing belts.. Still has to maintain brakes, that usually fail due to rust of the discs (due to regen), break fluid may have to be changed once or twice during the life of the car. All the parts that has to do with steering/suspension/stability needs maintenance. Price for EV parts are in general higher then for ICE cars due to production volumes (unless it’s cars like E-Golf/E-Up that use a lot of the same parts). Some with EVs that live in a street with speed bumps have experienced the price to change parts. AC/fans and stuff like that may need maintenance.… Read more »

Hey, who you callin’ small? 😉
The Golf is considered a compact (C-segment, family car), m’kay?
The Polo (B-segment, supermini) and the UP! (A-segment city car) are small.

VW should bring the eUP! to the US to give the 500e and the Smart For2 EQ a run for their money.

Will never happen.

Hatchbacks are too “complicated” for US segment. That’s the same country which stopped importing Audi A3 (Golf with different dash and logo) in exchange for sedan version and immediately sold 5x more units. it’s a weird marketplace … LOL

Clearly they are not making enough.

This tells me EVs don’t need to look like usability compromised for aerodynamics weird-mobiles to sell. Just a regular car form factor propelled by electrons for a usable distance per charge will do.

Just buy regular golf, sell engine and other parts and instsll washing machine engine… Why e-Golf is 2x the prise of more complex petrol version?

We have had our egolf since November 2014. But let us remember that it is in the US only because it is a compliance car period California mandated it and 10 other states follow California emission laws. So we are happy to have ours and will waiting for the ID cars to come.

Yeah yeah … it’s easy to sell out when you produce only very little … it’s not like they don’t know, VW honchos I mean. Not exactly a huge accomplishment.

Where I live, based on a dealer allowance and availability in late 2018 … they probably plan to ship no more than 500 this year.

I have yet to see one ….. I live in area of 5mil. people … unicorn situation w are talking about

VW is all talk and little action.

Its true they make far more ev ‘concepts’ than any other car manufacturer. But as far as the future goes – it is always 5 years away with them, and unbelievably there are many LESS ev’s (typically absolutely ZERO new or used vehicles at the dealerships) than years ago.

VW is definitely *NOT* the company it was back in the 1950’s and 1960’s when it basically took control of the compact car market in the USA with its unassuming, yet high-value, and substantial, reliable vehicles. The Detroit ‘Big-Expert’ ‘analysis’ was that Americans would never ever tolerate severely underpowered (25-57 hp) cars and trucks with few ammenities, and 6 VOLT (by then very non-standard in the states – most vehicles converting from 1952-56) systems no less.

VW could dominate this market should it want to, but I’d think it would be more profitable for them to just abandon the US market entirely. All they’d hurt is their pride. They already have abandoned the types of car I care about.

Funnily enough I saw my very first ever egolf just driving around this afternoon.

VW doesn’t sell it anywhere near here, so I suppose they shipped it from out of state like I did my Spark EV.

“Our electric vehicle sales were three times more popular in 2017 than 2016 and the e-Golf nearly sold out, so it’s clear customers are willing to switch to EVs once the price is right.”
Where I live, the e-Golf used to cost 35k€, now it’s 40k€. So the price actually went up, while from this statement you’d expect it to have gone down.

Lots here in the San Diego area. Dealers even have them. Just not enough range i think