Voxan WATTMAN Unveils Powerful Electric Cruiser (w/videos)




French motorcycle brand VOXAN, reborn by Venturi Automobiles’s owner Gildo Pallanca Pastor, presented in Paris a new electric motorcycle called FATMAN WATTMAN.

Wow. It’s fat, maybe because it swallowed a huge 12.8 kWh pack of cylindrical batteries, good for 180 km (110 miles) of range if you drive gently like on the NEDC test cycle. This stunning concept also has 200 HP electric motor, which spins up to 10,500 rpm.

“Powered by the first Voxan electric motor with permanent magnets and liquid cooling, WATTMAN delivers a phenomenal power of 200 HP with 200 Nm instant torque up to 10,500 rpm. It is positioned as the most powerful electric motorcycle ever built, at a much higher level of performance in many respects than the best combustion motorcycles.

The power is transmitted to earth by a 240 mm wide tyre, reaching 0-100 km/h in 3.4 seconds and 0-160 km/h in 5.9 seconds. Synonymous with new sensations, the WATTMAN offers driving pleasure in its purest form, equally capable of lightning acceleration and flexibility, thanks to its belt drive electric motor.”



The truly interesting thing is the exoskeleton concept, which means that the battery pack is enclosed in an aluminum case, around which the rest of the bike is built.

“WATTMAN introduces a new architecture: a motorcycle built around a motor-battery pack carrier set. The machine does not have a framework, but an ultra-rigid aluminium exoskeleton integrating all the components of the powertrain. It is accompanied to the rear by a new type of parallelogramshaped four-link suspension (two dual oscillating arms) that creates an extension of the battery pack towards the rear axle. This horizontality gives the bike stability and elegance.

For Sacha Lakic, its designer, «this aluminium housing which encloses the battery is the motorcycle’s signature. You can tell from this design that it is an electric machine.»

This results in a very pure motorcycle without visible technical features.”

Combo 2 inlet in Voxan WATTMAN

Combo 2 inlet in Voxan WATTMAN

Because 110 miles of NEDC range isn’t too much, Voxan Motors prepared a fast charging option – 30 minutes to 80% via Combo 2. Or a whole day using the on-board 2 kW charger.

Ok. Now onto price: don’t ask. But if you really want this unique machine, Voxan Motors can deliver the first one in 18 months.

Combo 2 inlet in Voxan WATTMAN

Combo 2 inlet in Voxan WATTMAN

“WATTMAN is primarily intended for an exclusive international clientele that is passionate about technology and strong emotions.

Produced unit-by-unit, each copy will be made upon order and hand-assembled in France, at the Solesmes (Sarthe) Electric Vehicle Manufacture. This production unit, 100% powered by clean energy, was the first French factory exclusively dedicated to the assembly of multi-brand electric vehicles.

The first WATTMAN deliveries may begin in 18 months.”


Technical specifications

Electric Power Cruiser (single seater)

Technology: Lithium Ion
Nominal voltage: 320 V
Energy: 12.8 kWh

Electric motor
Technology: Permanent magnet motor
Max. power: 200 CV (from 7500 rpm to 10500 rpm)
Max. torque: 200Nm (from 0 to 6000 rpm)
Max. motor speed: 10 500 rpm
Liquid cooled

Primary drive: direct drive gear
Final drive: 35mm timing belt

Frame: Structural battery packaging and
self-supporting motor casing
Front Suspension: 43mm inverted fork
90mm front wheel travel
Rear Suspension: dual swingarms, dual shock absorbers,
95mm rear wheel travel
Rims: Carbon
Front 3.5”x18”
Rear 8.5’’x18’’
Tyres: Michelin Commander II
Front 130/70/18
Rear 240/40/18
Front Brakes: 4 discs (230mm diameter)
4 piston calipers (Beringer 4D System)
Rear Brakes: Disc (230mm diameter)
2 piston caliper (Beringer)

Max Speed: 170 km/h
0-100 km/h: 3.4 s
0-160 km/h: .9 s

Autonomy/Battery Recharge
180 km (according to NEDC standard cycle)
Charging time: < 30 minutes (quick charge at 80%)
Charger plug: Combo 2
2kW on-board charger, enabling
charging in all domestic sockets

LCD screen on handlebars

ABS – Traction Control
Various drive mapping options

Dimensions :
Length: 2350 mm
Height: 1015 mm
Width: 815 mm
Seat Height: 750 mm
Ground Clearance: 100 mm
Wheelbase: 1705 mm
Caster Angle: 32°

350 kg


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