Volvo’s Electric Bus Love Story – Video

JUN 11 2015 BY MARK KANE 10

Romantic film shows the benefit of quiet electric buses

Romantic film shows the benefit of quiet electric buses

Volvo encountered one more advantage of electric vehicles over coventional vehicles.

It’s love! After “Ford Tried To Kill Sex,” now it turns out that diesel buses are killing love.

They are just too loud. Here is proof:

“To demonstrate the advantages of silent, electric buses, Volvo will today be presenting a short film “Route 55.” This film shows a key moment in life – and how easily it can be lost.”

Route 55 between Lindholmen and Chalmers/Johanneberg in Gothenburg will be served by three all-electric buses.

Volvo Group PR Manager Karin Wik said:

“The buses will open up entirely new opportunities in urban planning. The buses are able to drive indoors and collect passengers at locations that are currently off-limit for buses. The silent, electric motor creates a comfortable environment and this film is intended to demonstrate, in a light-hearted and engaging way, the important role a silent bus could play in one of life’s small but important moments.”

“Buses are made for people and that’s why we wanted to make a film that focuses particularly on the human aspect.”

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I will weigh this commercial a complete fail.

Fail due to the generation gap.

Hello? See the mobile phone? See the teenagers? Text messaging anyone?

(Or even stepping just closer to the door?)

Oh, don’t be so critical. I thought of texting also but the commercial sure does get the point across and it is very sweet.

This commercial would have been successful in bringing the message out if it was designed pre-2000, or, at least use someone of older generation.

Like I said, fail because of the generation gap (and not because of the clean energy message).

Even if it weren’t for the generation gap, any fool could have raised their voice sufficiently to be heard above a diesel engine. A bus engine isn’t so loud that a raised voice cannot be heard.

I think you’re taking the commercial too literally. It’s not intending to be realistic – how often does this happen in the real world, after all?

Instead, it’s the message behind the commercial that it’s trying to convey. The whole bus/go out with me thing is just a contrivance for generating an effect.

Yes, humans gave up verbal communication with the Apple iPhone, we all know that.

That bus sounds sweet.
Like the commercial.

On a more positive note…

One look at the photo of the bus and two words come to mind- “Nailed It!”.

Put that sucker into production 🙂

Better than that BYD shit all the cities are buying instead.

All of which are better than Vancouver’s failed experiment.

Vancouver experiment??