Volvo Won’t Launch New Models Until Current Lineup Gets Electrified

MAY 10 2018 BY MARK KANE 6

Volvo takes a little pause to its lineup-extension to strengthen sales and continue electrification of existing models.

New Volvo XC40 (ICE) – exterior

Currently, Volvo offers a lot of plug-in hybrids: XC90, S90, V90 and XC60 with a new S60 and V60 coming.

The goal by 2020 is to increase overall sales to 800,000 annually, up from over 570,000 in 2017.

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The first all-electric model to be introduced by Volvo’s Polestar brand in late 2019.

It means that we should expect a new electric Volvo in 2020 and we believe it will be XC40 BEV.

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“The XC40 will receive a hybrid powertrain in autumn this year, and its also expected to be the first Volvo to go fully electric. Volvo-owned performance brand Polestar is expected to launch its pure electric vehicle first, which will closely resemble the Concept 40.2 shown last year.”

Source: Autocar

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Volvo seems to be nailing it. Positioning for a popular lineup of CUV, SUV, Crossovers, and Wagons with PHEV and all-electric powertrains.

They would be, if any of their PHEVs would have reasonable (50km+ real-world) electric range, instead of being compliance cars.

The T8 is a nightmare. Electrical gremlins are killing the car. Software updates are causing logic gates to stay open and draining 12V systems, and essentially bricking the car. Volvo is quietly buying back XC90 T8 from unhappy customers. They haven’t figured it out. The PHEV is a bad concept to start with due to complexity, to solve a range issue, but the system is still a beta version. They’d be better off accelerating full BEV models to alleviate the Technical issues of the Hybrid systems.

BEVs can also have 12-volt problems. Tesla had to replace loads of 12-volt batteries on their cars. It is one of the weak parts of the car.

@ Harold T… Where do you get this info from? How many have failed? Are you an owner? There are multiple thousands of PHEVs in service without problems so it seems like not liking them is a problem for you and not the satisfied owners. I ran one for 3 years and it solved a range problem for me, have just bought another with less back up and more battery ( i3 ) and loving it.

This is very exciting, but also aggravating. Reports about availability are all over the place – 2019 to 2025. Plans to compete with the Tesla 3. What are the real facts? When is the all-electric XC40 or V40 going to be on the market? And, does anyone know where it will be manufactured?