Volvo V90 Images Leak Out Ahead Of Full Reveal

FEB 13 2016 BY MARK KANE 17

Volvo V90 (ICE, leaked)

Volvo V90 (ICE, leaked)

The new Volvo V90 isn’t having any luck be kept a secret up ’til its unveiling at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Just one month ago, someone spotted one in a garage.

The Swedish estate is based on the new S90, which in its top T8 version is a plug-in hybrid. Volvo S90 T8 Twin Engine was recently shown at the 2016 NAIAS.

Volvo V90 will also be available in the plug-in hybrid version T8 Twin Engine.

S90 T8, V90 T8 and XC90 T8 all are using the same all-wheel-drive Scalable Product Architecture with the same 9.2 kWh lithium-ion battery (6.7 kWh usable). So, if you like Volvo, then just choose your favorite one, as each vehicle is very similar is setup, performance, etc, though body styles do differ significantly.

Volvo V90 (ICE, leaked)

Volvo V90 (ICE, leaked)

Volvo V90 (ICE, leaked)

Volvo V90 (ICE, leaked)

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Has a pipe, me no like.

It’s got two pipes.

Is it just me or I can see somewhat of a Chinese influence on the design of that car. Meaning that it looks a bit like a luxury car of the 80’s, with large bonnet and front grill. When I look at cars designed in China, they look old fashioned to me, but Chinese seems to like that.

It’s not just you.

Volvos never became subnosed like the rest of the auto industry. Not sure why. Saabs of the 2000s were the same – their noses stuck out a mile, but I think in the case of Saab, there was no money to refresh their models in the 2000s.

The T8 will have a plug, me like.

Yeah a plug connected to a tiny battery. As I said in the bmw news item hereunder, hopefully zero sales and all customer walking away to a luxury electric car manufacturer.

What? You are saying there’s only one? Oh well I guess they’ll sell lots of cars!

The V90 and XC90 have been popular with families that haul kids around, due to Volvos reputation for safety and their practicality of their wagons/suv’s. Many of these are driven by stay at home parents where there are several short 5-10 mile trips with opportunity to charge in between. This has enough range for those folks to drive 100% electric on most days and it replaces a vehicle that likely averaged 18mpg in the city/suburb quick trip routine. Also, a lot of people who take vacations with young kids don’t want to stop for 30 minutes to get an additional 170 miles of range. They want the families needs to determine the stops, not the car’s. So, they may not buy a BEV until the charge rate and range improve to the point it is closer to ICE cars. In the world of Tesla fanboys and BEV purist, these people should not have any other options than an ICE to drive. In the real world, some of these PHEV CUV/Wagon/Minivans will be purchased in good numbers — See Outlander PHEV. This doesn’t mean that BEV’s can’t simultaneously be successful as additional, and improved, choices become available.

Wow good story. After two hours of driving you need to stop, and then there’s a supercharger. Further the model x does everything else you describe. The funny thing is that it sounds like you are right, but the real world seems to want a word with you. Most experiences of tesla owners with families are very positive. So these cars do nothing better then a tesla and are still bad for the environment. It’ll probably sell because people don’t understand this, but it really shouldn’t.

Haha, the Tesla owners I know aren’t like the kids posting on this site who probably can’t buy one, but are big fans. Yes, they like their cars but they can have inteligent conversations and recognize different viewpoints.

The way I have come to look at it is a bev replaces 100% petrol driving a volt or i3 Rex you are at 80-90% petrol replacement by the time you get to the BMW X5 and Volvo you are probably 30% petrol replacement. That sort of saving is still great but really you could save more petrol but driving your family around in a smaller ice car. It is great that the market is offering these cars but people buying them are not exactly green. It’s a bit like buying something you don’t really need but recycling it, better than just dumping it but not really something you should be proud of.

Cool story bro. My daughter is nearly three and doesn’t seem to mind stopping to charge in our Model S.

Thanks for backing me up here. What tesla drivers think about their cars I take from the tesla motorsclub forum. Those are real tesla owners, most of them actually think that the best use of a tesla is long distance travel with their families.

If you want to criticise the longish supercharger stops, then you have to look at roadtripping groups of 3-4 guys who can take each other over when they are tired AND are able to hold their pee. Women who gave birth and children anyway can’t do this, so the longish stop needs to be made anyway. And hey guess what our tour operator tesla already pre-selected nice fancy locations for them to that instead of stinky gas stations!

Looks like you missed the point though. No one said you have to convince current Tesla owners. Of course you will find happy owners and yes some have kids. To think all families have the same needs, travel the same places, and all women who given birth can’t hold their bladder shows how naive you are.

When you say this Volvo and other cars should get 0 sales and imply only Tesla’s should be purchased, you sound like a fanboy.

Good looking ride. Shame about the minuscule battery.

Just another waste of public chargers

Nice, but could use a range bump. Hopefully as densities increase theyll keep updating.