Volvo V60 D5 PHEV Test Driven By Fully Charged – Video

DEC 16 2016 BY MARK KANE 14

The plug-in hybrid Volvo V60 D5 Twin Engine was recently featured by Fully Charged, however Robert Llewellyn doesn’t seem to be all that impressed by its all-electric mode capabilities.

Volvo V60 D5 Twin Engine

Volvo V60 D5 Twin Engine

The relatively small PHEV battery of just 11.2 kWh offers about 23 miles (37 km) of range in the real world.  (NEDC rating of 32 miles/52 km).

Robert complains that engine (unfortunately a diesel in this case) kicks-in often, and isn’t quiet when it does – which is not good.

On the plus side, it does plug-in and returns excellent fuel economy, and could be a good commuter car option if one has a plug at their destination.

The price in UK starts at about £47,000 without incentives.

“This is a test of a 4 wheel drive car that is not exactly new. The plug in hybrid Volvo V60 is brilliantly built, lovely to drive, and oh yes, it’s a diesel.
I’ll apologise now for not listing liters per 100 klm, my new years resolution is to always refer to metrics. It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.”

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Any word on whether this is coming to the US – diesel or no?

I don’t think anyone wants to bring a diesel to the U.S. atm, or probably ever again.
It’s like an albatross hanging around the neck of European car manufacturers.

You’re right. Very poor wording on my part.

I should have written: Any word on whether this is coming to the US as a plug-in hybrid, either with a diesel (highly unlikely) or with gas engine?

Right. I don’t know the answer, as this was a car that was introduced years ago. Not sure if they are coming with a gas/hybrid version or if one is already here.

There were rumors of a gas engine based version coming to the united states, but that never seemed to happen.

This will not come to the US. But Volvo is updating the 60-series next year, putting it on the new SPA-platform.
Those models will have plugs and come to the US too. First model will be the XC60, followed by the V60 and S60.

Before that the S90 phev and V90 phev should come. But I dont know if they will reach the US since they are not as popular as the XC60.

Without even watching the video I bet he says it’s brilliant.

You called it! Of course he did… 🙂

Although he only seemed mildly accepting of it at best. He sounded rather ashamed of himself for driving a Diesel, even if it was a plug-in hybrid.

Yeah, but not till the very end. I was sweating bullets. Also, as you point out, it was a heavily qualified brilliant.

They’re all brilliant & fantastic & So on But I won’t give you Dime for that car or any car like That!

What car or cars do you have in your family then?

Sounds like a lousy car since the engine comes on frequently – and loudly. 23 miles on a 11kWh battery is not good. Prius Prime does 25 using an 8.8kWh battery.

But…does it seat at least 5, comfortably? And…can it run on Bio Diesel (used processed deep fryer oils, or other sources)?

Robert: Yes to both above, it was the first plug in diesel in the world back in 2013. Since NOx is manly a local problem and CO2 a global, this can be a nice solution for long distance travel in rural areas combined with city on electricity.