Volvo To Start Selling Electric Trucks In 2019, Some Will Hit The Road This Year

JAN 23 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

Move over Tesla, there’s another old-time truck maker ready to beat you with entry into the electric truck segment.

Volvo Trucks announced its introduction of electric trucks for urban distribution in Europe. Small trial tests will begin this year with full-blown sales slated to start in 2019.

“Electromobility is fully in line with Volvo Trucks long term commitment for sustainable urban development and zero emissions”, says Claes Nilsson, President Volvo Trucks

The Swedish brand intends to make use of near-silent electric drive operation to shift some deliveries inner-city to nighttime.

The electric truck will be built based on Volvo’s extensive experience with electric buses.

Tests scheduled for this year will be carried out with select customers.

“A recent project, Off Peak City Distribution, conducted by Stockholm City, Sweden and KTH Royal Institute of Technology studied the effects of goods transport at night in central Stockholm. Since the trucks avoided having to operate in rush-hour traffic, transport assignments were carried out in one-third of the normal time.

In order to improve the quality of life in urban environments more sustainable transport solutions need to be adopted. With well-developed logistics and more effective utilisation of roads in the evenings and at night, it is also possible for many smaller vehicles to be replaced by fewer but larger vehicles, thus further contributing to lower emissions and less traffic. A distribution truck has just over ten times the load capacity of a regular van. If a larger proportion of transport assignments could be carried out during hours when fewer people are on the road, this will also significantly reduce the risk of accidents.”

“We belive in full electrification for urban distribution as a first step. However we are working with electrification for other transport applications. This is only the beginning”

Claes Nilsson, President Volvo Trucks said:

“Electromobility is fully in line with Volvo Trucks long term commitment for sustainable urban development and zero emissions.”

“By using electrically powered and quieter trucks for goods transport in urban areas, we meet several challenges simultaneously. Without disturbing noise and exhaust gases, it will be possible to operate in more sensitive city centres. Transport may also take place throughout less busy periods, for example in late evening and at night. This will reduce the burden on the roads during daytime rush-hour traffic, allowing both the road network and vehicles to be utilised far more effectively than today.”

Jonas Odermalm, Head of product strategy medium duty vehicles at Volvo Trucks said:

“Our technology and know how within electromobility are based on proven commercial solutions already in use on Volvo’s electric buses, and solutions that were introduced in Volvo’s hybrid trucks as far back as 2010. The vehicles themselves are only one part of what is needed for large-scale electrification to succeed. Enabling long term sustainable transport is a complex issue that requires a holistic and wide range of measures.We are working closely with customers, cities, suppliers of charging infrastructure and other key stakeholders to create the necessary framework for electrical trucks.”

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Was hoping it was a pickup truck……lol

These are box trucks like the eFuso, right?

Sounds like a class-6 truck with a less than 100 mile range.

The first models will be used for distribution driving, so basically everything but their larger models like the globetrotter line.
So regular trucks to begin with. They are dominating distribution. Semitrucks are under testing too. First with day cabs.
Back in 2009 when they released they hybrid buses, they started testing of BE buses. Then testig of chargers, and in 2015 they desided to use the ABB roof chargers like most electrica buses will use in Europe.
When driving in Gothenburg I’ve seen the electric trucks and also at least two semi models.
Range will depend on use. The charger infrastructure will be in distribution hubs, and at strategic places. There are talks about tax rules that will be very profitable for transportation Companies.
Buses will have chargers along the route, and will also slow charge during the night.
Buses will have an option to be made for a special route, to get the right combination of price, range and weight.

Sorry for typos.. Smashed screen on the phone, which also struggles with english..
I’m testing electric snowmobile as we speak. Not the best range, but the accelleration is insane. Will be able to sell these to some customers. Comes with a semifast 22kW charging.

Awesome! Post some video.

Some high performance snowmobile acceleration already equal or beat F1 on straight start.
Insane mean, you couldn’t hold to the machine because you don’t have anything to hold you.

Geely owns now a part of Volvo (trucks), I think their investment is now worth some 15% of voting rights.

The electric trucks might have been a reason to join.

Seeing another mention of this in another article mentioning a partnership between Geely(Volvo) and VIA for medium duty trucks, this could be interesting.

Before tesla, Nice
Where can I order one?

Sir please developed Volvo Electric truck in Bangalore India. Sir please developed Volvo Electric in India.