Volvo To Produce Its First 100% Electric Vehicle In China

APR 16 2017 BY MARK KANE 8

The first all-electric Volvo is expected to be produced in China, and then exported globally from 2019. Can that be practically done and remain competitive?  That remains to be seen; however, that is the route that GM has taken with its new Cadillac CT6 Plug-In Hybrid which arrived on the US from China in April.

Volvo Concept 40.2

All the details on the future Volvo BEV is to be revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show later this month, but for now, we even don’t know what body type is planned.

Automotive News Europe found that the BEV will be based on the company’s CMA platform, developed in partnership between Volvo and Lynk & CO (sister company, both owned by Zhejiang Geely Holding).

Check out Lynk’s two recently debuted coupe and SUX concepts here.

Production site is to be Volvo’s existing plant in Luqiao, southeast China.

Separately, Volvo is developing larger all-electric car using SPA architecture, currently used for plug-in hybrid XC90.  Establishing EV production in China would be the next step for the company, after moving S90 production from Sweden to China already.

Lynk & Co EV Sedan – build off of Volvo’s CMA platform

source: Automotive News Europe

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Cholvo. Doesn’t have the same feeling to it…

It’s definitely best to produce your electric cars in China. That way you can dump your waste in the river, let your toxic gasses fly freely in the air, substitute materials and components for substandard lowest bidder stuff, pay your workers next to nothing, work them 10 hour days, 6 days a week in questionable environments, save a boat load of money, charge the consumer the exact same luxury price and keep the profit for yourself!!

Thanks Apple! Thanks for showing the way to mega profits. Hey, but these new “Volvos” can proudly claim “Designed in Sweden”. In all fairness, Volvo was bought by Geele after they had failed before, so they have been a Chinese company for awhile now. Can’t blame the Chinese for wanting to take their purchase home.

I’ve noticed that Anti-Asian rhetoric is a lot more intense in the green community than in the US as a whole. I remember when the Sierra club publicly renounced its anti-immigration posture as recently as the 2000s. From comments like yours, clearly, this undercurrent of xenophobia is still present and thriving in the extreme left. Too bad.

Volvo already made an EV.. it’s the Electric C30. They produced those.

No reason for the Cadillac to be built in China other than GM has given up on the division Chief and the brand becoming profitable. I think GM is resigned to BUICK taking its place at the top of the lineup, worldwide. So I think it’s Goodbye Cadillac! because the loyal U.S. Cadillac brand people will not buy a “Bamboo Cadillac.”


FANTASTIC name for a car.

The Lynk SUX!

Weren’t those exploding hoverboards made in China?