Volvo Selects AeroVironment To Provide First Custom Global EV Charging Station

JUN 17 2017 BY MARK KANE 3

After a successful partnership between Volvo Cars and AeroVironment over the past couple years, both companies have jointly announced the launch of another strategic initiative.

AeroVironment has been selected by Volvo to develop and deliver its “first custom global electric vehicle charging station”.

The new premium charging station from AeroVironment, developed for Volvo

Previously AeroVironment was supplying its aftermarket TurboCord EVSE for the Volvo XC90 T8 and EVSE-RS charging station for dealer infrastructure programs

The new charging stations seems to be another AC charging station rated for both indoor and outdoor use, with design elements and branding specifically for Volvo Cars, and of course all the required certificates/safeties to sell the product globally (as opposed to offering different solutions regionally).

“Incorporating customer design elements and branding specifically for Volvo Cars, this charging station can be conveniently wall mounted. It will enable drivers to charge their vehicles up to three times faster than is possible with a standard cordset.

AeroVironment’s reputation for providing innovative and robust EV charging solutions was the reason Volvo Cars chose the company for its third EV charging initiative, this time for a reliable global charging station. AeroVironment is developing a premium custom EV charger that aligns with the premium image of the Volvo XC90 and a growing line of Volvo Cars’ plug-in hybrid vehicles.”

“AeroVironment’s charging station design will incorporate global third-party safety agency certifications for each market including UL, CE and China CQC. The new charging station will be designed with a weather-resistant IP55 enclosure and will deliver AC power safely to a vehicle’s on-board charger both indoors and outdoors.”

Ken Karklin, vice president and general manager, Efficient Energy Systems for AeroVironment said:

“Volvo Cars’ approach to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles positions it as an innovator, and we look forward to providing Volvo Cars’ customers with a wall mounted charging station they can rely on to charge safely and proceed with certainty. Our goal is to ensure that Volvo Cars’ customers have the best possible charging experience.”

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Volvo should just contract out to Aerovironment to build BEV, just like GM did with EV1.

Well it does look nicer than the other crappy ones they have put out In the past. I do wonder who overpays for these chargers though. I am sure some body will!

Seems similiar to those Porsche things that are 15 amperes at best.

The cord on this thing looks so dinky that it is probably another 15 or 16 ampere EVSE..\

I agree with DJ that these impressive sounding things are not worth what they ultimately charge for them.