Volvo Launches First FL Electric Refuse Truck – Video

MAY 22 2018 BY MARK KANE 3

The first Volvo FL Electric truck happens to be an electric refuse truck that will be tested this year under pilot status with partner companies.

Volvo intends to begin production of electric trucks next year, offering versions with up to 300 kWh battery packs for up to 186 miles (300 km) of range. The trucks can be fast charged using 150 kW DC CCS Combo chargers.

Following Volvo, Renault Trucks intends to begin production of EV trucks in 2019.

Volvo FL Electric specs:

  • Driveline: 185 kW electric motor, max power/130 kW continuous output, two speed transmission, propeller shaft, rear axle. Max torque electric motor 425 Nm. Max torque rear axle 16 kNm.
  • Energy storage: 2-6 lithium-ion batteries, totalling 100-300 kWh.
  • Range: Up to 300 km.
  • Charging: AC charging via the mains grid (22 kW) or DC fast charge via CCS/Combo2 for up to 150 kW.
  • Recharging time: From empty to fully charged batteries: fast charge 1-2 hours (DC charging), night charge up to 10 hours (AC charging) with maximum battery capacity of 300 kWh.
  • GVW of 16 tonnes

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3 Comments on "Volvo Launches First FL Electric Refuse Truck – Video"

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Nice! It is interesting that this Rig maxes out Charging at 50% of the Battery Capacity in kWh/kW! 300 Kms Range? Just a bit more than the current LEAF, and less than the Coming 60 kWh LEAF, or current Bolt EV, too. Interesting Range Target they chose! However, so long as it can do a full days service route run on 1 charge, it is probably OK!

OMG. You are going to travel with a garbage truck like this?. The obsession for the range is a bit ridiculous sometimes. In Europe, there are a lot of uses where 300 km are enough, specially in the city. Less noise, low running costs, no emissions in the cities… I think is a very good idea to use this kind of trucks for delivery, garbage, maintenance, and things like that.

As soon as they electrify the Volvo Double Deckers, then we’re rally talkin!