Volvo Looking To Hire 400 Engineers For Electrification Push


Volvo XC90 T8 - Image Credit: Michael Beinenson / InsideEVs

Volvo XC90 T8 – Image Credit: Michael Beinenson / InsideEVs

Over the course of the next year, Volvo plans to actively hire 400 engineers as the company aggressively moves forward in the electric and autonomous segment.

Volvo XC90 T8 - Image Credit: Michael Beinenson / InsideEVs

Volvo XC90 T8 – Image Credit: Michael Beinenson / InsideEVs

Volvo, previously owned by Ford, was purchased six years ago by Chinese company, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. However, the new hires will be working out of Volvo’s development hub in Gothernburg, Sweden. Added to this, Volvo is set to open an additional research facility next month in Lund,  Sweden, near Lund University, which is one of Scandinavia’s largest research institutions. The company shared:

“With the recruitment drive, Volvo further strengthens the automotive cluster in Western Sweden and establishes it as an emerging hub for automotive software engineering.”

Volvo recently secured a deal with Uber, and is furthering its efforts to provide upper-level technologies, including self-driving vehicles. The deal with Uber is specific to autonomous car development and applications.

This marks one of the largest-ever, employee recruitment pushes for Volvo. Such expansion is becoming possible for the company due to increased sales. Volvo has the potential and ability to bring additional, healthy competition to its usual luxury competitors as well as to Tesla, with its focus on sedans and SUVs, and commitment to safety and innovative technology.

Source: Reuters

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Aggressively move forward?

I guess better really really late then never ever???


Good news for Volvo and Sweeden and Geely…
I beleive Geely is looking to share more and use Volvos platforms to make there cars better…
Geely is pushing big into EVs too…

Geely is pushing Volvo to electrify while Volvo itself is somewhat reluctant. It appears the forward-looking men are winning the argument.


Who would of thought a few years ago that change would come from China?

Yes and it looks to be a common theme among large swedeish corporations – that they are reluctant to change. Just look at Ericsson, the second largest phone manufacturer in the 90’s who totally missed the change in the early 00′. Early you ask, Iphone didnt come until 2007. Well Iphone wasnt first (no surprise there). In 2002 Neonode – a swedish smartphone manufacturer showcased their first phone – with touchscreen on Cebit. In 2004 it got released to the public. I knew back then that this was the future. In 2005 Neonode released their second smartphone. Unfortunately they didnt have enough money for software development which was needed to make a smartphone viable, and basically money ran out before they could sell enough of the phones.

Now Ericsson was practically Neonodes neighbour in Kista (Swedens Silicon Valley) and despite having the technology presented before their noses they didnt buy Neonode or into their ideas. And now look at Ericsson being passed by Huawei and others. If Ericsson bought up Neonode then thry could have been what later Apple became in the phone market.

“It appears the forward-looking men are winning the argument.”

Or the men what holds the power of money…

I’ve said this so many times. A good hybrid is easy for the xc90:
* 250hk electric motor
* 25 or 45kWh battery = 100-220km range
* Cheep, small, fairly efficient gas generetor generating electricity at optimum rpm going directly to motor for propulsion and excess or inexcess going to the battery giving the car a decent gas milage around 30 mpg.
* Chademo charging 100 kW optional.

Dags att vakna nu, flera år för sent

They should have done that years ago.