Volvo Group Invests In Momentum Dynamics For Wireless Charging

JAN 16 2019 BY MARK KANE 2

Volvo is interested in wireless charging

Volvo Group‘s subsidiary Volvo Group Venture Capital announced investment in U.S.-based wireless charging specialist Momentum Dynamics.

Volvo didn’t disclose details of the transaction, besides the fact that it “has no significant impact on the Volvo Group’s earnings or financial position”, so we assume it’s just minority stake – important cash injection for Momentum Dynamics and access to tech for Volvo.

Momentum Dynamics offers wireless charging system (bi-directional if needed) with power of up to 300 kW, for trucks, buses, construction equipment, industrial and marine applications.

The only image attached to the Volvo’s press release is an all-electric truck, which suggests that a new pilot project with wireless charging trucks are coming both in Europe and North America.

“Momentum Dynamics is a Philadelphia-based company developing and commercializing high power inductive charging for the automotive and transportation industries, especially suitable for commercial electric, autonomous and connected vehicles.”

“Wireless electric charging allows any type of vehicle to automatically and without supervision connect to the electrical power grid without the use of wires or cables. Without the need for a driver to plug in their vehicle to a charging station, automatic and bi-directional “electric fueling” may occur frequently and opportunistically – resulting in efficient use of battery capacity, longer driving ranges and improved uptime.

Momentum Dynamics is conducting pilots in Europe and North America with both fleets and vehicle manufacturers of cars, buses, trucks and trains.”

“Volvo Group Venture Capital is constantly on the look-out for new investments with innovative and entrepreneurial companies supporting the Volvo Group business and its transformation – especially in the areas of electromobility, autonomous vehicles and connectivity. With the objective of accelerating new business growth, Volvo Group Venture Capital invests in companies driving product, service and solutions in the transport and infrastructure industries.”

Per Adamsson, Vice President at Volvo Group Venture Capital said:

“Momentum Dynamics’ technology and competence within inductive bi-directional transmission of electrical energy and information safely through air, water and ice will fit the harsh conditions under which our customers operate. High capacity charging up to 300 kW for trucks, buses, construction equipment, industrial and marine applications will support the electrified transition”.

Stefan Söderling, Investment Director at Volvo Group Venture Capital said:

“For Volvo Group we are strengthening our competence and knowledge of charging and electricity distribution within the ecosystem around electric transportation and energy supply. We see partnership, cooperation and investments as the way forward in a fast-changing environment,”.

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There was lots of buzz about wireless charging five years ago. It has quieted down and I think the implementation costs are prohibitive on a metropolitan/commercial scale. Home use is expensive but some people go for it due to convenience. Other people had issues with the potential EMF problems and the relative inefficiencies compared to wired solutions.

Evatran has been selling since 2012 and have a handful of models supported. However, this Virginia company was supposed to be sold to the Chinese but that fell though last year. I got to see their local office and was impressed with their enthusiasm back in 2011. Their website used to show prices but now seems like they have scaled back.

I got a (very detailed) look at wireless chargers for cars, from two German car brands.

I looked insider one, on the electronics and so on. One of the brands had 3 options. One that the customer could have hidden under the ground, with no visible parts. The other was flush with the ground, and the 3rd was just a box that could be bolted to the ground, or glued.
I imagine these could be sold fairly cheap. . . And I’m sure the Chinese could copy these and have high volume, low price units for sale just 3 month after the products are released.

My dream is for these to be so cheap that they could be installed all over cities, to charge EVs seamlessly without the customer even thinking about it.

Normal high power charging along highways could still require the customer to plug in like now.