Volvo Electric Bus In Sweden Now Features Christmas Lights & Music – Video

DEC 7 2015 BY JAY COLE 6

All-Electric Route 55 Just Got More Festive

All-Electric Route 55 Just Got More Festive

The first Volvo electric buses (3) just started operating in Gothenburg, Sweden this summer, driving on route 55 (see the Volvo electric bus in action below).  Now, in the spirit of Christmas, besides an emission free ride, Gothenburg’s citizens also get a mobile Christmas show.

“The electric bus itself is providing the entertainment in the form of a light show accompanied by traditional Christmas music while travelling through central Gothenburg.”

The route normally only runs on weekdays (which passes along Avenyn and Östra Hamngatan).

“One way you can look at the Christmas bus is like a mobile Christmas card which we are using to send Christmas greetings to Gothenburg’s citizens, while also spotlighting a successful venture where innovation and sustainability combine to create an attractive means of public transport,” – Lars Backström, managing director of Västtrafik.

On the buses themselves (of which there are three pure electric and seven plug-in hybrids on the route), they run on electricity from wind power and hydropower exclusively and can seat 86 passengers. The buses recharge quickly with the renewable electricity at the terminal stops.

Volvo Electric Bus In Sweden (without festive garb)

Volvo Electric Bus In Sweden (without festive garb)

No word on how range is effected by the used of the lights (or range at all as it a test program for Volvo’s latest plug-in bus due to arrive commercially in 2017).  But whatever the amount, it is probably worth it to spread some Christmas cheer…and get more people checking out what electric technology can offer.

How quiet is the bus?  Check out Seinabo Sey’s Silent Bus Sessions A cappella  – Younger on Route 55:

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Well, the lights are most likely LED’s, and our own 3 Metre stip runs on 12V X 1 Amp power brick in the wall outlet. So about 4 Watts per metre max. Compared to the general cabin lighting, this looks like it would be pushing it to exceed 25% of what the cabin lighting uses.

Nowadays you don’t even have to ask if it’s LED or not. It’s been a very impressive development since I changed all my lights to LED over a decade ago when it was expensive, hard to get the right color and I had to explain to most people what LED was or at least how it could work for other stuff than just a small light in your CD-player or whatever.

Now there is (almost) never any valid excuse for anyone to not go fully LED.

I was about to ask how it would affect range haha

I suppose that, eventually, all sides of an electric city bus will be skinned with LED-embossed vinyl.

The resolution will continually improve to display joyful holiday themes, paid advertising, current bus fares, emergency alerts, and probably some cat videos.

I am just trying to think of a good screen saver to display while the bus is recharging its batteries.

I think it’s really brilliant that they are embracing and celebrating the ride quality electric buses can provide. Because ultimately, it is not just about removing diesel emissions in polluted cities, or reducing operating costs by 80%, but every transit authority’s first goal is to increase ridership. When are these coming to my city?

I’ve seen them in live action, Nice christmas music and christmas lights.