Volvo Releases Details & Pricing For New 2019 S60 T8 Plug-In Hybrid

JUN 21 2018 BY MARK KANE 29

Volvo just revealed the new S60 luxury sedan at the company’s first American manufacturing plant outside Charleston, South Carolina.

Volvo S60 Inscription (ICE)

The new 2019 S60 will be available (like the other 60-series and 90-series models) in a plug-in hybrid version T8 Twin Engine with a typical for the SPA platform 10.4 kWh battery and 400 hp all-wheel drive powertrain (313 petrol engine for the front axle and a 64 kW/87 hp electric motor for the rear axle).

The all-electric range (EPA) should be higher than the 21 miles (32 km) listed for the S90 PHEV.

There will be a sportier and slightly more powerful (415 hp) Volvo S60 T8 Polestar Engineered version too.

The new S60 is the first new Volvo without a diesel engine version.

The Volvo S60 looks stunning. It’s very American looking, dare we say, and should be a decent proposition in the sedan segment. On the interior, it’s however all-Scandinavian.

Volvo announced pricing for the entry-level Volvo S60 T8 Twin Engine, which is $54,400 (before around a $5,000 of federal tax credit). For comparison, the base conventional T5 FWD and T6 AWD versions start at $35,800 and $40,300 respectively.

Volvo plug-in hybrids:

* “The S60 T8 Polestar Engineered is a performance sedan with a powerful plug-in hybrid powertrain, for a pure, dynamic experience. Polestar optimization for the S60 includes upgraded suspension and braking components for a thrilling drive. Performance styling, a beautifully crafted interior and intuitive technology complete a package with true dynamism at its core.”

New Volvo S60 T8 Plug-in Hybrid Chassis

Volvo's new manufacturing plant in South Carolina, USA and first Volvo S60
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Volvo's new manufacturing plant in South Carolina, USA and first Volvo S60 Volvo's new manufacturing plant in South Carolina, USA and first Volvo S60 Volvo S60 R-design (ICE) Volvo S60 Inscription (ICE) Volvo S60 T8 Polestar Engineered Volvo S60 Inscription (ICE) Volvo S60 T8 Polestar Engineered New Volvo S60 Polestar Engineered Volvo S60 T8 Polestar Engineered Volvo S60 T8 Polestar Engineered Volvo S60 T8 Polestar Engineered Volvo S60 T8 Polestar Engineered Volvo S60 T8 Polestar Engineered Volvo S60 T8 Polestar Engineered

Press Blast

Volvo Cars launch new S60 sports sedan – the first Volvo car made in the USA

Volvo Cars, the premium car maker, today revealed the new S60 luxury sedan at the company’s first American manufacturing plant outside Charleston, South Carolina.

The new South Carolina plant is officially inaugurated today. The combined car launch and factory opening reinforce Volvo Cars’ commitment to the US, an important market for the company and its new sedan. The new S60 is the first Volvo car made in the United States.

“The new S60 is one of the most exciting Volvo cars we’ve ever made,” said Håkan Samuelsson, president and chief executive of Volvo Cars. “It is a true driver’s car that gives us a strong position in the US and China sedan markets, creating more growth opportunities for Volvo Cars.”

The new S60 is the first Volvo car to be sold without a diesel engine, signalling the company’s industry-leading commitment to electrification and a long-term future beyond the traditional combustion engine. In 2017 Volvo Cars was the first global car maker to announce its strategy that from 2019 all new models will be electrified.

The award-winning turbo charged and supercharged T8 Twin Engine Plug-In Hybrid will be available in the new S60, delivering 313 horsepower with a rear electric motor adding 87 horsepower for a combined power output of 400 horsepower.  The T5 FWD and T6 AWD will also be available. The T5 FWD, T6 AWD and T8 Twin Engine Plug-In Hybrid will carry a MSRP of $35,800, $40,300 and $54,400 respectively.

The new S60 is available via traditional purchase, lease and Care by Volvo, a premium subscription service, which offers car access with no down payment via a monthly flat rate. Care by Volvo makes having a car as easy as having a mobile phone. A well-equipped S60 T6 AWD Momentum will be available for $775 a month through the program and the S60 T6 AWD R-Design for $850 a month. Reservations can be made online today at

The new S60 shares Volvo Cars’ own Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platform, safety technology and infotainment system with the new V60 premium mid-size wagon, launched earlier this year, as well as the top-of-the-line 90 Series cars and award-winning XC60, all of which have achieved industry-leading safety ratings. This makes the new S60 one of the safest cars on the road.

The City Safety with Autobrake technology assists the driver in avoiding potential collisions, and is the only system on the market to recognize pedestrians, cyclists and large animals. In a world first for the mid-size sedan segment, City Safety now also engages auto braking to mitigate oncoming collisions.

The optional Pilot Assist system – which supports the driver with steering, acceleration and braking on well-marked roads up to 80 mph – has been upgraded with improved cornering performance. The S60 also includes Run-off Road Mitigation, Oncoming Lane Mitigation and other steering assistance systems. The optional Cross Traffic Alert with autobrake further enhances safety for people inside and outside the car.

Volvo Cars’ Sensus Connect infotainment system is fully compatible with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and 4G standard, and keeps drivers connected at all times. The intuitive control is a tablet-style touch screen interface that combines car functions, navigation, connected services and in-car entertainment apps.

The new S60 will also be offered with a Polestar Engineered trim level – developed by Volvo Cars’ electric performance arm, Polestar.

Polestar Engineered is only available on the T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid and is a complete offer with upgrades to the exterior and interior design, along with the car’s wheels, brakes, suspension and engine control unit, boosting the S60 T8 combined output to 415hp.  A limited volume of this variant will be available exclusively through the Care by Volvo app on June 28.

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It’s hard to imagine it won’t get at least 25 miles of range, so it’ll be superior in that regard to every other PHEV sedan besides the Clarity.

Except the Chevy Volt and that is almost 1/2 the cost.

I don’t really think of that as a sedan. Isn’t it a “liftback”?

It’s actually a sedan. But Sonata PHEV gets around 30 mpg. But we’re comparing to luxury sedan so may not be a good comparison either way.

And except the Cadillac CT6 PHEV.

Not a sedan.

CT6 IS a sedan.

You’re right, was thinking of ELR.

I thought the XC60 with the same size battery might hit 20…nope, just 18. I bet this struggles to hit 20…maybe 21. They are really mileage and performance plays as oppose to being EVs with range extenders like the Volt, Clarity, and i3 Rex. All of the latter probably do a pretty good job of remaining on electric for most daily driving. Review of the T8 versions of the XC90 and XC60 are generally positive from a driving point of view (note: there have been a few teething issues) on the Volvo forums. As you might guess, most owners wish they had…wait for it…more EV range! The 87 hp from the rear motor is modest, but doesn’t tell the whole story as I think it has a decent amount of torque so it is possible to run the car “normally” and keep the engine off. I have strongly considered getting an XC60 T8 to replace our 2012 XC60, but even I struggle with the 18 miles range. I subscribe to TeslaFI and can track my driving patterns explicitly. My wife and I both work form home so you would THINK the 18 mile range would be fine for us, but… Read more »

Great Concept, bad execution. Car is having major electrical issues with T8 modules draining 12V battery and in 2 days the car is dead. I think the T8 concept, though clever, is really a patch that is awfully complex and difficult to make run reliably. Can’t wait for the fully electric version of the V60 or V40.

Jaguar has done well, Volvo not so much.

Seems like a car late to market — 20 miles on electric in a plug-in hybrid seems silly in 2019, maybe okay in 2015. Also, sales statistics indicate customers want SUVs.

Never will I buy from Volvo. It’s owned by ChineSe dictator’s brother in law now.

yeah they don’t mention the Chinese ownership much – majority ownership since 2010:

The other company that has somewhat veiled ownership is Jaguar which has been Indian owned nice 2008:

Don’t care about ownership as much as I do about ev range…which is nothing to brag about.

Interesting I didn’t know that, I assumed it was European owned. But at least it’s being built in America.

The car books talk about Volvo endlessly but nobody buys them. Why would they? Better built better functioning options at far lower prices from mass market producers. In this case I’m thinking Honda Clarity.

Consumer Reports just reviewed it and said the engine when it kicks on is really loud. That and no lumbar support are the only two things that are making me unsure about pulling the trigger on one.

I owned a Volvo a while back. The seats were great, the rest of the car was mediocre to poor. Electrical problems, the most annoying dash rattle that the dealership just couldn’t fix it, harsh ride and noisy engine Meanwhile my wife who doesn’t care what she’s driving as long as it’s reliable is cruising a Honda Accord that made me jealous every time I drove it. No surprise to me Volvo has been on the brink for years. Given their price point they’ll have to do a lot better to beat out the competition from above (Germany) and below (Japan/US). Subaru ate their reliability/safety lunch 30 years ago.

By on the brink you mean hotter and better selling and more profitable than ever? Subaru is nowhere near in safety.

A lot of people buy them. Volvo is having the problem of much more demand of their PHEVs than they anticipated.

Honda Clarity is nothing but a compliance vehicle and it’s not like you can buy it almost anywhere in the world. At least compare it to a non-compliance vehicle.

Awesome. I was never going to pay this much for just 10.2 KWh.

So… awesome or not awesome?

Only 4 seats ?

Of course not, only compliance cars come with 4 seats only.

Battery too small. At the least, they should have sized it to receive the full $7,500 tax rebate. I can’t spend that much $$$, and have it give me less range than my 2014 Volt. Between the Volt, Clarity, and Model 3, and used Model S, the only market for the S60 T8 will be die hard Volvo fans. Which is a small group. Usually they are people who simply want a “European” car, and since this is Made in the USA, I don’t know if that group will be interested either.

Of all the Volvo models mentioned in the list, which ones will be sold in the USA? I’m guessing the V90 T8 and the V60 T8 and T6 Twin Engine will not be sold here. The Volvo US site only mentions the V90 T5 and V90 T6 and V60 T6 AWD powertrains in their Build tools.

Instead of paying $18,600 MORE for this S60-PHEV related to its gasmobile version, I will spend just $8,200 more and buy a Tesla Model-3 LR and enjoy the full 310 mile range in smooth electric drive and save lot of money with cheaper electricity.
Do you think this will be a mass seller ? No.

Please note that Volvo S60 is only a Compact Car as per EPA classification with a Passenger Volume of 93 cu. ft. and Luggage Volume of 12 cu. ft. which make a total of 105 cu. ft.

Volvo is just projecting itself to become an electric vehicle company, but in reality, just are just selling more fuel efficient vehicles. That’s all.

I can’t see how a vehicle that size would get more than 20 EPA on a 10.4kWh battery. Basing that on the 26 EPA for my Niro PHEV (8.9kWh), which is a bit smaller and I’m guessing lighter (4,409lb) package. I’ve gotten as high as 33 miles in City with my Niro.