Volvo Car Group Completes Study of Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles

OCT 25 2013 BY MARK KANE 5

Cordless charging of Volvo C30 Electric

Cordless charging of Volvo C30 Electric

Volvo Car Group announced the completion of its study on inductive charging of electric vehicles.

The research project was initiated by Belgium company Flanders’ Drive that led a consortium including Volvo Car Group, Bombardier Transportation and the coachbuilder Van Hool.

Volvo Cars supplied C30 Electrics and after completion of the tests, Volvo considers wireless charging as promising.

“Volvo Car Group has been a partner in an advanced research project that has studied the possibilities of inductive charging for electric vehicles – and the results show that this technology for transferring energy via an electromagnetic field has a promising future.”

Moreover Lennart Stegland, Vice President, Electric Propulsion System at Volvo Car Group stated:

Cordless charging is promising, has great potential, is a comfortable and effective way to conveniently transfer energy and safe... but buy one with cord.

Cordless charging is great… but buy one with cord.

“Inductive charging has great potential. Cordless technology is a comfortable and effective way to conveniently transfer energy. The study also indicates that it is safe. There is not yet any common standard for inductive charging. We will continue our research and evaluate the feasibility of the technology in our hybrid and electric car projects.”

“With inductive charging, you simply position the car over a charging device and charging starts automatically. We believe that this is one of the factors that can increase the customer’s acceptance of electrified vehicles. The tests demonstrated that our Volvo C30 Electric can be fully charged without a power cable in app. 2.5 hours. In parallel with this, we have also conducted research into slow and regular charging together with Inverto, which was also a partner in the project.”

But will Volvo sell electric or hybrid vehicles with a wireless charging option? We doubt the automaker will anytime soon.

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That would be pretty cool coupled with one of these “build it into new houses” initiatives. Probably decades out though…

Wireless charging in 2.5 hours?

That’s a lot of current… and a LOT of EMF radiation.

Yes, tiny battery equals short recharge, whether wireless or not.

In other news, GM and German car companies have announced a competing standard for wireless charging called “Frankenless” in addition to a new a new hydrogen plug standard called “Frankengen”.

A GM spokesperson was not aware of any actual GM cars that could use either technology.

No, the C30 can not be charged in 2.5 hours. The reason being that you cant buy one. They’ve been showing off this car for years. It looks good. They’re not going to produce it (regular C30 production was stopped over a year ago).