Volume Production of Tesla Model X to Begin in April 2015


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Though the first Tesla Model X may still roll off the assembly line at Tesla Motors’ factory in Fremont, California in 2014, don’t expect to see volume production of the Model X until the start of the second quarter of 2015.

That’s the latest Model X production info from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who says that, like with the Model S, Tesla will slowly ramp up production of the Model X.

So, look for April 2015 to be the start of volume production of the Model X, Tesla’s 3rd electric vehicle.

Tesla will certainly get a big sales bump when the Model X enters volume production, but it’ll also mark the first time in the automaker’s history that 2 different vehicles are rolling out of Fremont at the same time, so it’ll be interesting to see how Tesla deals with the added complexities of producing 2 vehicles simultaneously.

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Huh. Makes me wonder why no Model X Prototype was shown for the Detroit Auto Show, if production was really that close…

I have wondered about that, as well. They showed off the prototype at the unveiling, but there have been no Alphas or Betas being paraded around, as opposed to what they did for the Model S.

I don’t get it.

I guess they don’t want to inhibit Model S Sales, until the very very end of the development cycle. Tesla needs as many sales of S as possible, since it is their primary product. They don’t sell that many drivetrains to Toyota or Daimler.

Those rear doors are still a deal breaker for me. My wife works in a hospital, and we’re in low parking garages way too often.

The latest I heard is the falcon doors have sensors in them and will stop before hitting anything. We will see though.

Great for protecting the doors. What about the people that can’t get in or out?

The front doors still work normally. 😉

Yeah, they wouldn’t open in my garage either. Then again, that’s a non-issue since I can’t afford one anyway…

I am surprised you can afford a garage!

I’m not sure what you mean by this…should I be insulted or amused?

That depends… Which can you afford more, being insulted or being amused?

I ked, I ked. *grin*

Troll much?

Model X proximity sensors on door that analyze the environment (stop before hit room/garage_door) – will change opening dynamics according to the environment.
skip to about 1h 13min 21s

I recall hearing Tesla say at one point that the doors will not go any higher than a typical trunk/rear hatch. So if you can open a trunk all the way, you should be good with the rear doors, too.

On Model S’s trunk, you can also set a max-height easily… I’d bet you can do the same on the Model X rear doors.

someone has to drive with the falcon wings open lol that will be so incredibly awesome if you can

Don’t let Elon know that you’ve discovered his flying car plans. There are those that reap the rewards for being an integral part of his plans,and there are those that are an…lets just say…integral part of his cars…just say’in. < : (

Bring your oxygen tank, the goal is a Mars colony of “volunteers”… 😉

No roof racks, no sales…

Thought Tesla mentioned that some kind of roof rack solution was in the works for Model X. I see they DO offer one for the Model S…

I can see how that might work for a ski rack or a snowboard rack, but not for a bike rack.

I’ve driven vehicles all my life and have never put anything on the roof of any of them.

Roof racks are useful to some people, but not most.

Yeah, the crossbars on my roofrack are in the same position as the day I bought my hybrid SUV nearly 4 years ago.

The only times I ever recall using a roofrack was when I was a child, we used to buy real Christmas trees – my father would tie it to the roof rack on our station wagon.

In the case of the Model X, putting stuff on the roof would have to dramatically reduce range at highway speeds.

I have a snap-on roof rack for my 2003 Prius, for extra luggage or my 15′ Kayak. Not that it does wonders to gas mileage, but it’s still better than taking the pickup on vacation. Moving to BEV, I’d have to accept uding a different vehicle for travel. But without a guaranteed 100mi range for work and back… even in the winter… I still see a hybrid in my immediate future.

I know Europe is not going to be huge for Model X (big expectations from US and China however) but here if you’re disihing out 70K for a car like Model X, it’s 100% chance that you go skiing a few times a year and for that you need to be able to install the Thule ski box. It would be so great to have the suicide doors available too.

Why would you drive a SUV if you never need it?