Voltes Design Reveals Gen-SS Tesla Model S


Voltes Design Model S

Voltes Design Model S

Voltes Design has come up with some aftermarket parts for the Tesla Model S, and to show off its work, the design house presents the Model S Gen-SS.

According to Autocar:

“The one-off model has received an extensive list of external modifications, including new front and rear bumpers, new wheels, carbon blades on the wings, sill covers, a carbon strip on the tailgate and carbon rear spoiler.”

Voltes Design teamed with famed European design house Lartes to create these Model S-specific products.

The Gen-SS  (seen in images on this page) sports all of the available Voltes Design parts, but Model S owners can choose only the parts they desire.

Voltes Design boss David O’ Connor, commented:

“We take a customer’s Model S or source one, and regenerate those looks to create a standout vehicle with an end-to-end design package.”

“Our enhancement options mean customers can select from a range of upgrades, from individual items through to packages homing in on sections or features of their Tesla, or allowing them to progressively develop their car to their ideal specification.”

Voltes Design hopes to offer similar parts for the Model X and Model 3 in the future.

You can check out the Voltes Design products for the Model S here.

Source: Autocar

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Angry catfish, ugly and looks like an ICE.

Answer.. What is Desecration ….

Gen-SS? Does it come in supremacist white?

What does the SS stand for? Is is Sluggish Snail? That’s what comes to my mind.

It stands for Super Sport, which is a common trim level among high-performance cars.

Uh yeah in Chevys LOL.. This is not that type of American muscle…

It must be possible to design a good grill-like face for the S, for those who are not ready yet for a modern EV front. But this one is silly, cheapish, as if made for a toy.

Good people try different things. I personally still prefer the current facelifted model S. An important factor is range impact of changes in airflow. Any improvement that can be made would be interesting.

Reminds me of an imagined story in which a meddler was “advising” Leonardo da Vinci on how to “improve” the painting he was working on, the “Mona Lisa”.

“Hey, Leonardo, why don’t you put one of your helicopter things in the background?”

No… it’s perfect just the way it is.

And is it just me, or does the nose of that red one make it look like a plastic toy car?

Looks a lot like a Mazda if you ask me. Like that it is kind of edgier though I have to admit.

I wonder how much it will cost to put one of these back to stock once it gets dumped on Mannheim auto auction?