Voltec Based SUV, 2 Door Convertible In Store As GM Commits To Build 2nd Gen Cruze?

AUG 24 2012 BY JAY COLE 18

Volt Based MPV5 Concept

On August 23rd, General Motors confirmed in a statement that they will build the next-generation Chevrolet Cruze in two Ohio plants by announcing a $220 million investment into tooling and equipment.

Voltec SUV Concept - Hey Look, I've Got 5 Seats!

But so what?  Why do we care at InsideEVs about the Cruze?  Well, what happens with the Cruze, affects the Volt, as they both currently ride on the Delta II platform.

So the first bit of good news is that there is indeed another generation of platform to underpin GM’s extended range car.  This is really no surprise however, considering the Cruze is only outsold by the Malibu in the General’s stable.

GM didn’t have a lot to say about the new Cruze/platform other than:

“Production timing of the next-generation Cruze will be announced later. But (GM Manufacturing Manager Arvin Jones) said the new model will offer new exterior and interior styling, improved fuel economy and an improved interior compartment and more storage space. Preliminary work to clear space in the body shop at Lordstown has begun.”

Not a lot to work with from the press release statement.

So how to we get to the conclusion that a Volt based extended range SUV, or a convertible are potentially on the way?  It’s all about the platform.

The new architecture, and GM’s plans for it, make it a relatively easy (and cost effective) thing to do…and the Volt/ELR is screaming for it.  It also doesn’t hurt they have been threatening to build the Chevrolet MPV5 concept since April of 2010.

Even though GM is not giving away any details in their press release on specs, timing, or even a name…that doesn’t mean we are not familiar with it, all we really needed to know was that it officially has the green light.  Which GM has done.

We Were Going To Mock Up A Fantastic Image Of A 2 Door Volt, But Then Got Lazy - So Here Is A Shot Of The MPV5 On GM's Roadshow Instead

The platform’s name (although unconfirmed by GM) is the D2XX. It will be the new global platform that GM will put a full third of its vehicle lineup up on by the end of the decade.

This platform will combine both the sedans and the crossovers in the compact segment.  Therefore, you will not just see the new Cruze and Buick Verano riding on it, you will also get the GMC Terrain, Chevy Equinox, along with international offerings like the Opel Astra.

Basically, you can build anything on the D2XX.

With the Volt currently using the Cruze’s outgoing Delta II architecture, it will also have to move to the new D2XX platform.  Which means we are likely to see a new Volt-based suv, like the MPV5 concept, confirmed in the near future from GM, as the platform can easily adjust to fit that need.

Also, while the current Cruze has no 2 door offering now, the new Dx22 platform is reported to solve that problem as well.   And while this could foreshadow a 2 door Volt offering (alongside the Cadillac ELR), it more likely intimates that a Volt-based convertible will also find its way to showrooms.

Regardless of any new configurations that may be coming, the Chevrolet Volt is now due for some big changes both inside and out in the very near future as it’s platform gets an overhaul.  The Lordstown, Ohio plant will begin producing the new Cruze in the summer of 2014, and will be sold as a 2015 model…but GM didn’t tell you that either.

GM press release on next-gen Cruze built in Ohio can be found here.


Voltec Styling At Rear of MPV5

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I sure wish. Many people would like to buy a Volt, but need a minivan or SUV option fitting more than 4 people and the requisite luggage space. The Tesla Model X is expected to start at $67,400 and run up to over $100,000 for a loaded version. A GM SUV/minivan Volt at under $50,000 would be a strong competitor. Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Infiniti & Lexus SUVs sell for mostly well above $50,000, and there is no strong minivan in the segment today.

A 2 door Volt and a Volt convertible makes sense as the 4 seat now is really not family oriented anyway. 2 door and with a convertible would look better and more fit the person who is looking into buying a volt now,

I’m not a fan of the protruding wheel wells on the MPV5.
I’d much prefer the exterior styling of the 2005 Concept GM Sequel.


Just the inference of a hyd****n vehicle gave me the shivers…but I know what you mean, (=


I missed this concept. I can hardly believe this is a GM design. This one would likely pass the styling test with the Misses.

Exciting news! The MPV5, with the right price point, would sell in large volumes.

Thanks Jay!

This fits with the CrossVolt trademark you talked about before. This is the perfect replacement for my wife’s Murano. Unfortunately the MPV5 pictures got a big two thumbs down from her when I showed them a few months ago.

Styling and color (followed by heated seats a big sound system) are about the only important “features” in her buying decisions. I hope they iterate on the design or it looks much better, in her eyes, on the road.

Wow, have you got a memory…you must really want one bad. That was from a conversation we had a few months ago wasn’t it? lol

I’m sure whatever GM does or does not put out in a Voltec SUV, it won’t look exactly like the MPV5. It will definitely be after the generational upgrade of the Volt.

Yeah, plug-in SUV is the top of my priority list right now. The Murano is about to hit 100k miles and I can feel my wife is starting to get the new car bug. I also fear CVT replacement.

I am worried nobody will have an offering that meets her requirements (styling) and my requirements (a plug) and we get stuck with another ICE. She also requires that we can make the Houston-to-Austin (also Dallas and San Antonio) trip without renting a car.

The Model X is the only thing, from an OEM, that might fit the bill, depending on the supercharger network and EPA range, but I am not sure we can stretch to afford the Model X. The CrossVolt would hit the perfect price point for us, $40k – $50k, when you account for the lower operating costs.

Although I am not a fan of the looks of the MPV5, I really could get behind a 5-seat version of the Volt done as an Equinox, (or with looks very similar to the Equinox as we know it). I thought I remembered reading that GM was developing a 4-mode plug-in hybrid drivetrain for the Equinox before…does anyone else recall that? I guess that would lead to the next question then; is GM choosing Voltec or 4-mode hybrids for their future models? Or both perhaps?

I would prefer the Chevy MPV5 to the Ford C-Max Energi, but without some visible progress from Chevy, Energi it is.

You can have both on the trade in!!! The cmax energi is next month, the mpv5 would be 2015

I do want to test-drive the C-Max Energi, but I suspect we won’t see them in SE PA until late 2013.

I can’t wait! I love my Volt but it just does work with my four kids… I really NEED five seats. I’ll be getting the MPV5 the moment they’re available.
Also, I get questioned by lots of people about my Volt and I’ve let close to 50 people drive it. The main reason I hear for not buying one is cost, which just takes a little explaining about the cost of gas. The other reason for not buying a Volt is not enough seating and/or room.

So get the MPV5 in production GM… The world NEEDS it. 🙂

Eric E
Volt #3219

Sorry I was late. Great article as usual Jay!!

Thanks for the support/good vibes George, (=

These are all great ideas, but unless they are able to do something with the price GM is again not going to hit the sales mark with them just like they have not been able to get they sales of volt that they were hoping for. There are a lot of people out there that would love to buy the car but just can’t afford it. Even with the tax credit, the way it is setup doesn’t help buy since you have to finance the car then wait for the money at tax time. At which point even if you put that money towards the car it doesn’t change your monthly payment. Once they figure out how to make them more affordable to the general public I think the will have the sales they are looking for.

There are two catches to an EV. 1) Emerging battery technology 2) You have to drive the miles 15,000.
1) EVs like the Volt handle the battery with an 8 year 100,000 mile warranty.
2) At 2-4 cents per mile, your monthly Volt payment will be the same as a Camry or Accord IF you are currently spending $50 per week on gas.
A $520 loan + $48/mo fuel Volt payment = $360 loan + $200/mo fuel Camry payment
You don’t have to wait. You can own one now!