Volta Industries To Approach 500 Free-To-Use Charging Stations Across The US In 2014

MAR 1 2014 BY MARK KANE 14

Volta charging station

Volta charging station

Volta Industries announced that it recently launched its first 12 charging stations across Arizona in the metropolitan areas of Phoenix and Tucson.

“The stations are available in some of the most visited destinations in Phoenix, including Scottsdale Quarter, Ahwatukee Foothills Towne Center, Paradise Village Gateway and Arrowhead Crossing, as well as Tucson Spectrum in Tucson.”

And you know what? The Volta Network, which by the end of the year should reach 500 charging points, will actually be one of the largest networks in the U.S.

How could this be?  Well, the Volta Network is the US’ largest free-to-use network, all thanks to sponsors who showcase the advertisements on both the front and back of the charging kiosk.

All units installed in Arizona, California and Hawaii have a 30A rating, so at 240V up to 7.2 kW of power is possible.

Arden Penton, Volta’s Director of Media and Operations stated:

“We’re so excited about the response to our EV charging network in Arizona. Drivers have embraced the opportunity to charge up for free at these stations, which provide prime advertising space for area businesses. We’re in the process of selecting advertising partners that power up these popular stations; local businesses still have time to reach Arizona’s EV drivers if they act now.”

“Range anxiety is one of the biggest challenges to overcome for those considering an electric car. As our free charging network expands, anxiety decreases and people are more likely to turn to EVs. We want drivers to have charging available easily and conveniently, and so we’re building free-to-use stations where our drivers already visit.”

Volta charging station

Volta charging station

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Is it just me or is she trying to charge the car one spot over
Foring the siver car to drive over the charging cable

At least we know she’s a natural blonde.
(is it the same woman in both pics?)

The first photo is the Volta installation on the mauka (mountain) side of the large Ala Moana shopping center in Honolulu. I have seen this scenario before. My theory has been that a several store managers/owners cooperatively charge their Leafs there moving the charging cable between adjacent cars as necessary. These charging stations are almost always busy.

The second photo is the Volta charging station at the Koko Marina shopping center, also in Honolulu. This is my closest public charging station. It, too, is almost always busy.

It seems like Volta’s ad-supported charging station model must be working.

Oops, when I wrote “first photo”, I meant “second photo”, and “second” should be “third”.

I think the “free charge” marketing idea is a good one to copy from Tesla.

In order to reach 500 stations at the end of 2014, they have to install more than 1 station a day. That is optimistic.

Is anybody keeping track whether NRG is building all the EVSEs in California that they promised?

Interesting business model. I wonder if it is profitable or not. I wish they’d build some stations in DF/W.

At least the advertisers know who the target audience will be.

For now… As Plug-in cars become more mainstream it could be just about anyone. But I get the impression these stations are out in busy parking lots so people walking by see the ads whether they have an EV or not.

i like the girl she makes the leaf look better

So are these substantially 240 volt units? Or, more likely 208 volts? All the chargepoints in my area are 30 amps/ 208 volts, except for one which is optioned ‘wrong’ at 32 amps (wish they were all wrongly optioned, hehe) , and for a dual unit at 240 but the City of Tonawanda decided to start charging $$ for it. The rest are free.

I love the trend and look forward to the day when EV charging will be available at every rest stop & convenience center. You’ll know the EV movement is unstoppable when places like Royal Farm, Sunoco & Wawa start to install them.

Plugged into a Volta here in Phoenix twice, and it worked once–very slow.

Sounds like something is broken and their local maintenance is substandard. The Volta charging stations on Oahu seem to be the best maintained public charging stations here. I’ve never experienced a broken or slow Volta charging station. Some local EV owners claim that Volta charging stations are faster than some others. Maybe Volta needs to change its Phoenix maintenance company.