Volt Motorcycle Goes 124 Miles Per Charge, Comes In 3 Styles

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Italian Volt Electric Motorcycle

Italian Company Offers Awesome Looking Electric Motorcycle

The Italian Volt is forecast as a bespoke electric roadster built to customer specs.

Spearheaded by industry veterans Nicola Colombo, Valerio Fumagalli, and Adriano Stellino, the Volt “is completely modifiable to design a unique motorbike. Italian Volt is conceived to be the personal creation of its own rider, working as a sort of design canvas for a tailor-made riding high class experience.”

Italian Volt Electric Motorcycle

With a range of 124 miles (200 kilometers), and maximum speed of 110 miles per hour (177 kilometers per hour), the Volt offers a minimum 80-percent charge in 40 minutes. Weight is listed at 540 pounds (245 kilograms). The owner can select personal torque and engine braking settings, and a mobile app allows the rider to monitor the charging status remotely. The Volt (we can foresee a possible trademark issue with General Motors) features Ohlins suspension and Brembo brakes.

Italian Volt Electric Motorcycle

The Volt’s chassis and bodywork are made of 3D-printed components, allowing the buyer to choose one of three versions: Scrambler, Roadster or Cafe Racer. No retail price has been announced.

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20 responses to "Volt Motorcycle Goes 124 Miles Per Charge, Comes In 3 Styles"

  1. 2013VOLT says:

    This must be some kind of naming infringement on the Chevrolet Volt.

    1. “The Italian Volt” goes Twice as Far as the Chevrolet Volt per Charge! That Must be some big In Fringe Movement!

      If “The Italian Volt” Sounds like the “Chevy Volt”, people need more trips to their ear doctor, this is not a ‘Coming to America’ – McDowels’ Versus ‘McDonalds’ moment, but using a common electrical Term, in a whole new context, and Chevrolet might have one of those words, but not the whole name – “The Italian Volt”. Also – this is not a Car – but a Motorcycle! Makes some difference, as well!

      1. Big Solar says:

        Italian Spiderman should have one of these! Google him if you’re not familiar.

    2. ClarksonCote says:

      It is surprising that this is okay, but three lines of the Model 3 can’t be used due to similarities with 3 ADIDAS lines in their logo. Despite those lines being fundamentally different and also in a different market segment.

      1. Samwise says:

        Yet Tesla can have a model 3, which lets face it is kind of similar to a 3 Series, basically the same product in the same market and thatis okay.
        That Addidas ruling is just daft, they have basically been given compelete ownership of three parallel lines regardless of size, length, orientation or meaning. We are just lucky they didn’t use a square or circle for their logo!

      2. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

        The only reason the Model ≡ logo “competed” with the Adidas trademark, even in theory, was that Tesla sells clothing with their logo on it; clothing such as T-shirts, hats, and jackets. It was only in that trademark category that Adidas filed a challenge to the M≡ logo.

        Contrariwise, automobiles and motorcycles are both most definitely motor vehicles, and this would be a direct competition. If GM files a challenge, which I expect they will, then the Italian company is gonna have to find a new name for this motorcycle.

        1. Ian parkes says:

          What rubbish. No-one who wants to buy a car would walk out of a showroom with a motorcycle, or vice versa. Clearly there is absolutely no competition or confusion between those two categories.

          1. Steven says:

            But there are lawyers to be fed, and so litigate they will.

    3. leafowner says:

      Seriously — how can GM let this go?

  2. protomech says:

    “minimum 80-percent charge in 40 minutes”

    Website says “Combo DC Charging to allow full charge in about 40’” .. picture of the inlet doesn’t look like it has the two DC contacts. Maybe it’s just an early prototype.

    Still, that’s good. Energica can DC quick charge (faster, 20-25 minutes for 80%) as well. Zero needs to get on board!

  3. Bonaire says:

    Should be “Volta”

  4. Ron M says:

    It looks nice if it’s priced right I think it could sell well in the US.

    1. SJC says:

      !00 mile range, 15 minute charge under $10,000 then you might sell some.

  5. Ron M says:

    Wow how cool is it that the chassis and body are made from 3D printed components.

  6. realistic says:

    First e-motorcycle to get the “look” right. Very nice.

    congratulazioni, boys

  7. Batmobile says:

    Nice electric deathtrap

  8. Sailom says:

    It volt motorcycle hasn’t made a cent yet. Wise companies waits until the trademark infringement is worth a whole lot before going after any money.

  9. Ian Parkes says:

    Great-looking practical machine using new generation technology and all you can do is fret on GM’s behalf about their attempted appropriation of a technical term in wide use around the world?

    GM should consider themselves lucky – some of this cool might rub off on their sad and tired brand.

  10. Max says:

    Pay attention, Italian Volt is the company name, not the product. So no problems with the Chevy Volt (that is the product, the company is GM). The bike it’s called the LACAMA, short name for “la camaleonte” that means chameleon, for the possibility of changes.