Volkswagen’s 150 Millionth Vehicle Produced Is A Golf GTE PHEV

3 months ago by Anthony Karr 18

This blue Golf GTE just made history.

Volkswagen is celebrating the production of its 150 millionth vehicle more than eighty years after the marque was founded. The jubilee car is a blue Golf GTE, a plug-in hybrid hot hatch (with 50 km/31 miles of all-electric/NEDC range) that is “a symbol of the future of mobility at Volkswagen,” which rolled off the assembly line at VW’s main Wolfsburg plant in Germany.

150 Millionth Volkswagen Produced Is Blue Golf GTE

Volkswagen started mass production on December 27, 1945, when the Type 1 Kafer was put on the production lines. In Wolfsburg, in the post-war era, the manufacturer “shaped the automotive industry” with the production of the Beetle, of which more than 21.5 million examples were assembled.

However, in 2007, the Golf surpassed that number when the 25 millionth copy rolled of the Wolfsburg assembly lines. Today, already in its seventh generation, the Golf is the company’s most popular model in history with more than 34 million vehicles delivered worldwide.

“150 million vehicles – that means we have made the dream of owning a car come true 150 million times for customers all over the world,” Dr. Herbert Diess, CEO of the Volkswagen brand, commented. “You and your day-to-day work are the basis for this success. My colleagues on the Board of Management join me in thanking all Volkswagen employees – at all our sites. This anniversary would not have been possible without your commitment.”

Currently, Volkswagen produces cars in a total of 60 plants in 14 countries around the globe. Today, VW has more than 60 models on the different markets. Apart from the record-breaking Golf and the legendary Beetle, the manufacturer has produced and delivered more than 20 million Passats, some 19.5 million Jettas, and almost 17 million Polos. More than 44 million of those vehicles have been assembled in Wolfsburg.

“This anniversary proves our colleagues have done a splendid job for generations,” Chairman of the Volkswagen Group and General Works Council, Bernd Osterloh, added. “Here at Volkswagen, we build top-quality cars. And we will continue to do so in future. Our workforce has every reason to be proud of that.”

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18 responses to "Volkswagen’s 150 Millionth Vehicle Produced Is A Golf GTE PHEV"

  1. Benz says:

    How many cars have been produced so far by Toyota?

    1. Benz says:

      In 2012 Toyota hit 200,000,000.

      Not too long after 2020 Toyota wil hit 250,000,000.

  2. notting says:

    BTW: The Golf is not the most sold VW product! -> (couldn’t find a newer news).



  3. John says:

    Who believes that..
    The chances to be a plug in Golf were less the 1%. This company is just ridiculous.

    1. speculawyer says:

      Indeed….they pick which car they want it to be and I’m glad they at least picked a plug-in.

      But why don’t they sell it in the USA?

    2. R.S says:

      Could be that this will go straight to the museum.

      And even if not, I think it’s cool they picked a plug in car to be their 150 millionth. Others would have picked a sports car.

  4. speculawyer says:

    Do they get to count all the diesels that they were forced to buy back? 😉

    1. pjwood1 says:

      Federal Judge Sean Cox had choice words, for the second conviction.

      A “Stunning fraud on the American consumer”. No matter pollution, the legal community seems pretty worked up over what VW did.

  5. speculawyer says:

    Why don’t they sell their Golf PHEV in the USA? We just get eGolf with its undersized battery which would have been OK if it came out 6 years ago.

    1. Jay Cole says:

      …they like to sell it as an Audi A3 e-tron for more money instead, (=

      1. Benz says:

        Bad decision.

        They had better offer both the VW Golf GTE and the Audi A3 E-Tron.

        Cumulatively they would sell more cars in total.

        1. Jay Cole says:

          I’m with you on that one.

      2. cab says:

        Exactly. Truth be told if the GTE had been sold here, I likely would have bought one as a replacement for my gen 1 Volt. I really liked the A3 E-tron (still do), but I couldn’t justify the 16 miles of range at that price point. If the GTE had come in $5K less than the Audi, I might have pulled the trigger.

    2. Nada says:

      Because the US is a small third rate market for VW and it costs good money to convert cars from EU safety standards to US…
      So much so that VW is not even bringing their newest crossover to the crossover happy US it is for China and the EU…

  6. Mk says:

    2009-2010 car in 2017

  7. Some Guy says:

    Just one comment:
    Volkswagen started mass production on December 27, 1945.
    What about the mass production acctually happening before that date? Does that count to the 150 million or not? They made plenty of cars for the Wehrmacht during WWII, that was what the Wolfsburg plant (and in fact the entire city of Wolfsburg) was originally built for in the 1930s. Before that, it was just a small village with a bunch of farmers there.

  8. JonathanNiels says:

    It’s NEDC range is 50 kilometres, not miles.

    1. Jay Cole says:

      Indeed it is…50 km/31 miles, whoops, thanks for pointing that out. /fixed

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