Volkswagen XL1 PHEV To Gain Rear Doors, Seat Four, Become VW XL2


Rendering Via Autocar

Rendering Via Autocar

Rendering Via Autocar

Rendering Via Autocar

According to Autocar, Volkswagen is already considering adding two doors and lengthening the XL1 plug-in hybrid to transform it into the four-door XL2.  Creative name?  We think not.

“Volkswagen has a four-seat version of its XL1 hybrid on the drawing board.”

“The current, two-door, two-seat model is in limited production, but Autocar understands that VW bosses are now considering building a second version that will accommodate four adults.”

“According to sources, much of the XL1 technology will be carried over into a new car – particularly the front and rear subframes and suspension and braking systems – although the central body structure would have to be totally rethought.”

Autocar suggests that VW would have to dump the XL1’s carbon fiber tub completely and start from scratch on one that will accommodate four people.  However, and rather oddly we must add, VW is expected to keep the XL1’s slightly askew seating (both front and back now) to keep the XL2 as narrow as possible.

The rear doors are expected to operate similar to the BMW i3 (meaning rear-hinged).

There’s no way the XL1’s powertrain will carry over intact, as it’s barely sufficient at propelling the lighter XL1 with only two occupant on board.  VW will certainly have to up the power output from the XL1’s 800cc twin-cylinder diesel engine (rated at 47 hp) and the electric motor (27 hp) or fit the XL2 with an entirely new powertrain to make it even passable in terms of acceleration.

In terms of weight, Autocar claims:

“Today’s car weighs just 795kg. A further pair of bucket seats will add 80kg and the extended centre cell and extra doors another 50kg or so. The XL1’s electrical system (105kg) is likely to remain unchanged for the four-seater and the weight of the drivetrain (227kg) could rise because of a marginally bigger battery.”

“The whole car is likely to come in at about 940kg, making it only slightly lighter than a VW Up city car.”

Most importantly, the XL1’s amazing aerodynamics are expected to remain stellar in the XL2.  In fact, Autocar suggests that “increasing the length should marginally improve aerodynamic performance and further optimisation of the drivetrain should allow the car’s rating to remain at 310 mpg.”

Source: Autocar

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VWV/Audi has supposedly been saying some curious things lately… Why Supposedly?

Over at GreenCarReports, the writer says ,

“…Audi’s parent Volkswagen Group claims to be developing motors that are five times more efficient than the one used in the current VW e-Golf…..”

Thats quite a claim…

If that were literally true, then the Golf’s 100 mile range would be transformed into 500 mile range JUST BY CHANGING OUT THE MOTOR!!!

Perhaps they are claiming that the losses are 1/5 the losses of the current eGolf…

At least that is physically possible, whereas the first statement is not.

I think it is a MUCH smaller motor than what is in the Golf. A lot of the power for this car comes from the electric motor. A Golf would be slower than a golf cart with just this tiny diesel engine.

That is why it can be so efficient. Think of a Prius minus the electric motor.

I waa assuming they were using the engineering definition of efficiency.

Keep it a 2 seater, add additional storage carrying space for it to make it a capable commuter and grocery getter, get rid of the carbon fiber frame/monocoque that is outrageously swiss expensive, form it instead out of mild steel, keep the cd coefficient down with rear view and side view cameras instead of mirrors, and make the motor 66.66% size hp and torque figures of your 2.0L CKRA motor with solenoid injectors. A dsg in 7 or 8 speed from Aisin, like your Touareg, because japanese know how to make a transmission that lasts. 100 HP 160 ft lbs, turbo diesel should do it. Make it take 6 hp to drive it at 65 mph, and you should come out at close to or over 110 mpg in real world mpgs, on polished new flat concrete Interstate here in the USA. Price it at $15000 US, stripped. It will sell like hotcakes.

I couldn’t agree more. I live in Boston. A two seater with extra storage space makes a lot of sense.

I’m waiting to see Fleets of electric ForTwo’s lined up face forward like Hubway bicycles, available for hourly rent. 5 at a station would take up minimal space and fill the needs of central urban neighborhoods. Particularly parking!

You can call it the Model Point 66. It need a CD of about 66% of a NMS passat, about 66% the horsepower at 65 mph or 100km /hr cruising speed, and about 66% of the fuel consumption of a Passat TDI at the same speeds, or better.

Forget the electric motor, and make it a 2 door metrosexual single person, non married without a family commuter coupe grocery getter on the way home from work, once the major portion of the commute is completed and after the motor and drive train have been warmed up. If VW can’t do it, then who can?

Will we be able to buy this car??? We can’t buy the XL1 here in the states. They won’t even consider a sale.