It Seems Volkswagen May Be Working On Not One, But Two I.D. Electric Sedans



Volkswagen AEROe Under Wraps

It seems Volkswagen may have more electric vehicles up its sleeve than we had previously thought.

Volkswagen I.D. Crozz Electric CUV

Greg Lucia, Volkswagen’s head of experiential marketing, recently attended VW’s Global Summit on future cars. He returned from the event and spoke to journalist later at the  Global Rallycross Championship in Indianapolis.

Here’s what he stated:

“I was just at this event in Berlin and we’ve got an amazing amount of product coming down the pipeline, a lot of it electric, a lot of it SUV.”

“I saw two sedans under the I.D. platform. First time ever.”

The slide above shows the I.D. vehicles we know, starting with the I.D., then moving on to the Cross (crossover) and I.D. Buzz (microbus). The unknowns include the I.D. Lounge and I.D. Aero.

The two covered vehicles include the I.D. Lounge (which appears to be an SUV) and the I.D Aero (looks sedan-like under the wrap).

So, what’s this mysterious second sedan on the I.D. platform? We’re not sure right now, but it’s definitely electric and it’s in the work under VW’s plan to offer 30 electrified vehicles under its brands by 2025.

Source: VW Vortex

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Maybe there will be more details available in Frankfurt.

Based on VW’s slide deck, they won’t bring an EV to the USA until 2021.

Zelectric spotted one in the wild recently

I like how everything is flush on the front.

So just like normal, the real competition is just “right around the corner”

I’m really only interested in seeing the ID on the market, that will tell us everything we need to know about VW future ev plans. Why is it showing with only a EU flag? Is this supposed to be EU only? I hope not!

Are they ping to ship any 2017 e-Golfs to the USA?


They still have 211 MY-2016 eGolf’s for sale.
Probably after selling it, they will launch MY-2017.

But at the current price of $30K for a 84 mile range eGolf, very few will go forward when 107 mile range Leaf is available for the same range.

Sedans are giving away to Crossovers, why would VW build an electric sedan and sell.

They are joking, please don’t take it seriously.