Volkswagen V-Charge – Automated Parking & Charging – Video


Self Parking Volkswagen

Self Parking Volkswagen

Volkswagen’s vision of the future includes automated parking and charging:

“This is what parking will look like in the future. Fully automatically, the car finds a parking space and in case of electric vehicles, will also drive itself to a charging station. V-charge is the name of this technology and it’s operational today.”

More details on Volkswagen Group’s self-parking technology, as well as video of robots charging the cars, can be found here.

Details on the V Charge project (a collaborative effort in Europe) can be found here.

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Makes much better sence than the snake thing!

I saw an article yesterday on a pad touting 91% efficiency and were working toward 93%. That is pretty amazing.

Like most early adopters, I like plugging in. I have altered my harness to make the plugin and unplug in 3 seconds which is pretty fast. HOWEVER, I see this as the clear future. I think it happens when auto park features become available. Then everybody’s paradigm changes.

I hope the Model III is equipped with autopark. I would gladly use the Tesla charger in Tesla locations, but would want a wireless adapter as well.

I really hope we start to see these changes by 2020.

I agree Mark, when the turnaround towards evs happen, i hope wireless will be part of it. Of course, every installations already put up with plugs will eventually need to be redone for wireless systems but, it will be way more convenient and vandal free. Here in Quebec, we already had a few incidents where plugs were either broken or cut off for copper content. Some cars had their plug kicked and broken off causing a lot of damage to the car’s receptacle.
Kids, as a group, will do things like that if they see a target.

Kids will invent a new game of trying to keep automatic parking cars from moving at all.

Althought, wireless charging might be very convenient, I’m not sure about this one as you can see the onground device lowering itself after charging.
MPO is that it’s probably less complex and more efficient to install mechanical plate that would connect the car charger live.
Even better, would be a direct DC connect with such a mechanical link and the charger inside the charging premise.
10% loss, might not be much but in a car lot of hundred car to charge, it means that you can charge 10 car free if you choose direct connection instead of wireless.
In the end it all adds up.

So, if it doesn’t find a spot, it will travel around the parking lot forever? If it evolves sentience, will it just decide to take a trip or live on its own?

I can imagine lots of future scenarios.
If you are near the parking area, you are told if a slot exits. If none are available, with autonomous parking, you are loaded into a queue. Your car parks itself in a non charging spot until one is available. You should be able to also reserve a spot in advance. If you don’t show up in time, you go to the end of the queue. This is actually the easy part. Determining standards will be the hold up.

We’ve solved this problem in meatspace- restaurant reservations, which are also ailimentary. Of course, restaurant seating is mediated by a human, but so too can autopark demurr to a customer service operator if necessary. We know this, because Tesla already can.

VW = Very Wise! Great Video Watching = VW