Volkswagen Urges Malaysia to Install More Public Chargers




We’ve heard this from BMW and now Volkswagen is making the same statement.



Both of the German automakers seem to show interest in launching plug-in vehicle throughout Malaysia, but with no charging infrastructure in place, it’s not going to happen.

Volkswagen Group Malaysia Managing Director Christoph Aringer, stated:

“Electric cars benefit the people amid the softening economic situation in the Asean region and electric cars are the best solution.”

“However, we  need to take into account everything including the facilities and infrastructure. We cannot only sell our products but we need to think of our buyers of e-vehicles and future users.”

As Aringer says, Volkswagen Gorup Malaysia has to be able to present a workable plan to VW AG.  If VW AG doesn’t see plug-in vehicles as viable in Malaysia, then it’s a no go.

BMW’s stance is basically the same.  BMW says it see soft demand for plug-in in Asia and notes that the existing infrastructure isn’t adequate to support EVs.

Both of the German automakers believe that Malaysia needs to introduce an EV purchase incentive prior to either committing to launching plug-ins there.

Source: The Malay Mail Online

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Did not know what Asean region was until today, thought it was a typo. Always nice to learn something new =)


“Und you vill all install EV Infrastruktur!!!”

Knock, knock, Mr Volkswagen! We in Québec urge you to sell your electric and hybrid cars over here! We have the infrastructure!

Without active thermal management in VW BEVs… I would be afraid to see how they performed during the winter. 🙁

Well, with a few thousand being sold in Norway we will surely know what happens in the cold during the next winter.

C’est vrai…

Somehow the infrastructure German manufacturers claim isn’t important / adequate (strike whichever doesn’t apply today) fortunately hasn’t stopped others: the i-MiEV and the Leaf are available in Malaysia.

I bet Tesla will be next.

Except if Tesla goes into Malaysia, they won’t whine to the government to get chargers installed.

Yes, and my point was, Nissan and Mitsubishi didn’t either.