Volkswagen Unveils Plug-in Diesel Hybrid CrossBlue Concept (w/video)


Volkswagen unveiled its CrossBlue three-row plug-in hybrid concept at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show.

It's a through-the-road plug-in hybrid.

Developed specifically for the US and Canada, VW describes the CrossBlue as a six- to seven-seat crossover positioned above the automaker’s current Tiguan, but below its Touareg.

Yes, there's seating for six or seven, according to VW.

Though only a concept, the CrossBlue’s unique powertrain setup is deserving of mention.  According to VW, the CrossBlue returns an estimated 35 mpg combined, 37 mpg highway and 33 mpg city.  Its MPGe rating is estimated to be 89 and it boasts a rather impressive electric-only range of up to 14 miles.

It ain't bad looking out back.

Of course, numbers as impressive as that wouldn’t be possible without the CrossBlue’s mandatory plug.  VW choose to mate the CrossBlue’s plug-in setup to the automaker’s TDI turbo diesel engine (rated at 190 hp in this application) and equipped the crossover with a 9.8-kWh lithium-ion battery pack.   A DSG dual-clutch transmission is standard equipment.

This through-the-road, all-wheel-drive crossover cranks out a combined 306 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque.  VW claims the CrossBlue can get from naught to 60 miles per hour in 7 seconds.

Remember, the CrossBlue is purely a concept at this point in time.  Therefore, there’s no approximate pricing or even a speculative launch date to report.  Regardless, the CrossBlue seems to an an impressive machine and, with VW specifically saying that it’s targeting US buyers with the CrossBlue, we’d assume this concept will evolve into a production vehicle at some point in the future.


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9 responses to "Volkswagen Unveils Plug-in Diesel Hybrid CrossBlue Concept (w/video)"
  1. Brian says:

    “we’d assume this concept will evolve into a production vehicle at some point in the future.”

    I’m sure it will, but the cynic in me puts my money on it losing the plug, and maybe even the hybrid. Would be great to see a 7-seat PHEV though.

    1. ClarksonCote says:

      That’s only 2 seats shy of your 9 seater goal.

  2. evnow says:

    Autoweek says “Autoweek has learned Volkswagen plans to begin sales of the six-seat SUV in 2015 at a base price of around $32,000.”

  3. David Murray says:

    Another PHEV with very short EV range. Is this going to be the way automakers ease their way into the EV market… start with a regular car and make it a hybrid, then give it a tiny EV range capability?

  4. kdawg says:

    For 14 miles of EV range, why bother with a plug.
    Something this big has room for a real battery.

  5. Schmeltz says:

    This is finally barking up the right tree in my opinion. I would have to imagine the only drawback will be an eye-wateringly high price—$50 grand? Any other guesses out there?

  6. vdiv says:

    This is noise, empty promises, a vapor plugin. 2015?! Over two years from now?! Over two years ago there was no Volt, there was no Leaf, there was no Ford Focus EV, C-Max/Fusion Energi, Plugin Prius, RAV4 EV, Model S… Imagine what will be availale two years from now (hint, it ends in X)!
    And the best VW will offer is a 14-mile (read 9-mile IRL) crossover?!


  7. James says:

    Again – car companies will ease into the world-with-plug. Hybrids
    make the most sense for the most people due to price contraints
    of lithium battery packs. It’s baby steps, people – baby steps.

    GM lept into the void with Volt and confused a lot of people. Even
    GM has seemed to abandon Voltec – as the best they can do
    is a halo couple in ELR for $60,000 that nobody will buy.

    Tesla still remains my “great white hope” in cars with plugs.
    Cars with smaller batteries will rule the day until
    volume sales and technological breakthroughs can
    provide a car in the price range people will buy. Until
    gas prices soar we’ll have to rely upon government
    mandates to force car companies to even have a
    battery pack in their cars at all.

    It’s a slow climb, but inevitible as non-sustainable
    fuels become more and more scarce.

    PHEV CUVs from VW and Mitsubishi would be
    welcome additions – 11-15 miles of electric
    range is useful, and just one rung up the
    ladder to the future.

  8. jason says:

    Too bad this won’t happen sooner. My two worn out vehicles will be replaced this year.