Volkswagen Unveils Foldable Electric Scooter (concept) Seg-Thing

JUL 19 2015 BY TDILLARD 12

Folding Silly Scooter

Folding Silly Scooter

This past week the Car and Driver report on the Volkswagen so-far-still-a-concept-but-no-less-silly Foldable Electric Scooter came across the desk.  Really?  They did coin a good phrase though, for “stuff you carry in your car for no good reason but to satisfy some concept design project”: “last-mile surfer”.

No range, no specs other than maybe a 12-mile range and around 24lbs, no nada, but a comment from Car and Driver that it’s “designed to be a Segway competitor but far less costly”.  OK, a seg-thing silly scooter.  Except that it doesn’t self balance or do other seg-thing things. Except that these seg things are designed to be a Segway but are far less costly. And fit in your trunk.  Any trunk.  Even a frunk.

Silly Seg-thing in repose

Silly Seg-thing in repose

OK.  I know I kind of put the kibosh on GoPed scooter comments last week, but for this?  I welcome them.  Embrace them, really.  James?  Are you there?  For my part, I’ll weigh in with my  personal favorite “last mile surfer”design project, from HobbyKing (still on backorder, but no less real for the wait):

HobbyKing ScootPlus

HobbyKing ScootPlus

Maybe, by the same token, someone can explain why car manufacturers doing concepts of folding scooter things that fail is even a thing?  What am I missing?

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To answer your question…
They’ve got to give the engineering interns something to do 🙂


Not sure why “Segway” is even used to describe / compare this primitive folding device– other than it has no seat. 😛

Lame, VW. Lame.

“Maybe, by the same token, someone can explain why car manufacturers doing concepts of folding scooter things that fail is even a thing? What am I missing?”

My guess: the major OEM’s are seeing the ‘cars banned in city centers’ as a real problem going forward. They’re trying to stay relevant for customers who will frequent these city centers.

iow, they don’t want you to give up on car ownership (relying solely on bike/walk/mass transit/etc….) just because the car won’t get you all the way there.

Boom. Automakers want to be relevant to the Shenzens and Shanghais, the Mexico Citys and Mumbais, London and Lagos and, hey, I’ll throw in Manhattan too.

Carshare vehicles will be parked in random places, not necessarily in convenient walking distance. A personal EV that then stows will expand your “virtual fleet,” aside from being useful on its own. Short trips, connecting to bus and rail routes, and Honda’s personal EV can also be sold to Japan’s booming elderly population.

I’ll give you some credit, Ted. At least you’re admitting your known unknowns.

Vehicles without seats are irrelevant
I live in a dense urban center, and while there a re a lot of motorcycle-class scooters & bicycles, electric and otherwise, and some folding electric bicycles, there are virtually no seatless scooters with tiny wheels. motor, and none ridden by people over age 15, motorized or not.

If a car company wanted to make a real difference, they’d go for prodiction of a $1000 folding electric bicycle. No concepts needed whatsoever.

The real reason VW, Ford et al. are doing these silly 2-wheeler concepts is for PR value. It’s cheaper to develop a 2-wheeler prototype than it is a car prototype.

I would much rather have an electric Motoped from Race Proven Motors:

3500watts 30mph 50 miles range

What I find really inexplicable is why anyone would make an electric scooter which has no seat on it. Non-motorized bicycles have a seat… but overpriced Segways and this three-wheeled Silly Scooter from VW don’t have any place to sit down? Seriously?

Pretty silly, all right. Heck, there are even one-wheeled electric scooters that have a seat:

It’s kinda cool. Tilts in the rear, and that acts to help out the steering mechanism and provides some leg-suspension.

Can’t beat the hobbyking thingy for value though.. unless you get some even jankier thing off of alibaba.

I you like craftmanship and techno stuff it’s all good.
But a pair of good roller skating weight lot less, fit any trunk or backseat and travel as fast and doesn’t have a seat either and never need to be charge.
You probaply can buy 10 pair of skate for the price of this concept.
Probably more fun anyway and healthier.
Keep you away from obesity and more.

how much?