Volkswagen Turns To Chinese Factory For Production Of Up To 120,000 EV Motors Annually


Volkswagen I.D. – Coming in 2020, apparently with 600km (373 miles) of range*

Volkswagen Gen.E

Volkswagen looks to China for a massive boost in annual production of motors for electric vehicles.

This likely cements VW’s electric car ambitions in place.

Volkswagen has long promised commitment to electric cars, but little has come from the automaker’s various EV-related promises.

However, we’re now starting to see the money being spent, which is the point of no return in our eyes.

IHS Supplier Insight states:

“Volkswagen (VW) will produce motors for electric vehicles (EV) at its transmission plant in Chinese city Tianjin…”

“The German automaker has earmarked an investment of CNY115 million (around USD16.9 million) to begin production of electric motors at the plant from late 2018…”

These actions have been confirmed by the administrative office of Tianjin, so apparently it’s a done deal.

The investment will make way for the annual production of up to 120,000 electric motors, not nearly enough to satisfy expected global demand in late 2018 and on, but it’s a setp in the right direction.

Source: IHS Supplier Insight

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A Chinese built VW… Wow.

The cheap comes out expensive ‼️

The JD Power rankings for build quality/reliability of Chinese built cars have been ahead of German cars for most of this decade. That has been especially true of VW which has been making cars there for a really long time.

That’s good to know but it is hardly exciting from a general image perspective. My German wife would not want one that much I know.

That’s probably a good thing. There are actually very few people on this earth who have German wives who has ethnic hangups and will only buy German made goods. The VW cars sold in the US are made in Mexico. We Americans are quite comfortable buying a high quality product, even if it is made by a Chinese owned company called Tesla based in California and run by a South African born lunatic.

China-based Tenecent only owns 5% of TSLA. Biggest investor in TSLA appears to be Fidelity.

The fact is that whether they own 0, or 100 is rather immaterial to most people in the US.
That creepy combination of self-absorbed hyper-nationalism that exists in Germany is not something anybody else cares about.

These are for the Chinese market. VW and Audi were the first western car companies to enter the Chinese market back in the 1980s.

Like WOW man…

Those are all destianted for the Chinese market because China has a goverment that truly supports EVs…

But you can buy a Chinese built car right now today from Buick and Cadalic and the Fords will follow…

VW needs 8% of its Chinese production to be electrified in 2018. That are 240,000 electrified vehicles, and another 50,000 for Audi.
This is just starting for their local production.

The real message here is the the VW Group is building its own motors, unlike any other car company the buys “off the shelf” including Tesla. The VW “flat” motor produces more torque (per watt) and weighs less. Key attributes in extending the driving range.

Tesla makes their own motors in-house in Fremont:

BMW and Nissan also prduce their own electric motors!

Renault os also producing emotors in France for the Zoe