Volkswagen Trademarks I.D. 1 Through I.D. 9



Volkswagen’s recently trademarked I.D. names leave something to be desired.

Volkswagen has introduced multiple vehicles as part of its upcoming all-electric I.D. vehicle lineup, and the concepts have unique names. However, the automaker hasn’t yet verified official names for the production cars. Now, a new report reveals that VW has trademarked nine I.D. vehicles. According to VW Vortex (via Green Car Reports), the vehicles have been trademarked through the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office.

Prior to this new information, we were aware of a handful of VW I.D. concept names. One was simply referred to as the I.D. (I.D. Hatchback). In addition, Volkswagen has touted its future I.D. Buzz, I.D. Crozz, I.D. Lounge, and I.D. Vizzion.

Interestingly, the previous, arguably catchy names are not what the automaker has trademarked. Instead, it chose I.D. 1 through I.D. 9. The good news is that this reveals that there are initial plans for up to nine cars, which means there are four we haven’t yet heard about. This also suggests that the I.D. Hatchback may be coined “I.D. 1,” and that subsequent vehicles could be named in order of number based on release date. However, we don’t know that this is true for sure, even though it makes the most sense.

Keep in mind that these names have not been trademarked in the United States. So, we could see the same scheme as above or perhaps we can still hold out hope that the more appealing concept names will make their way to our shores.

Source: VW Vortex via Green Car Reports

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The I.D. 1 should be the car for the masses as the old Typ 1 (Beetle) and of course I.D. 2 for the microbus.

Ahhh.. So they’re doing Citroën’s approach? C-Zero to C-8?

Well it’s not uncommon. BMW have the 1-8 series for example. Mercedes is slightly different with it’s C-S class.

They actually go all the way from A to X now! With a few gaps, anyway…

I actually prefer “Neo” to “I.D. 1” …

If they stagger them size wise the Neo would be more like a ID 3 since there should be at least two smaller ones available once the transition their whole lineup to the MEB.

Me too! That’s the name I see used for it in most German forums. I always liked the fact that VW was one of the only companies out there that didn’t use alpha-numeric names. Guess that’s over now :-/

Right., and being part owned by oil producers means the money you give them helps fund more diesel research like their doing now.

VW can sukit!

You are aware that the Saudi sovereign oul fund owns a good chunk of Tesla??

I guess Tesla should crank up some research too??

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

But Tesla doesn’t build anything that sucks OPEC Jizz. So yeah come up with some more research in EV power.
WTF is your point?

17% of VW is owned by Qatar and Qatar is a very small producer of oil. Actually their oil reserves will completely be depleted by 2023. Qatar is a big producer of natural gas. However, Saudi Arabia, shareholder of Tesla, is one of the biggest oil producers in the world.

You think that Tesla’s do not have oil/grease in them?

Saudi’s bought Daimler’s 5%. AND, if I recall correctly, they sold that.

yes. They, and others, lied. That is SOOO last year. You should be focused on TODAY’s issues.
For example, China is building another 600 GW of coal plants. 300 in China and 300 elsewhere. These will be done by end of 2020. Dieselgate was bad. This is a tragedy since these are NOT replacing old ones, but adding to current output, and will be ran for the next 50 years.

So focus on the real tragedies, not the minor that has been addressed.

Volkswagen has touted its future I.D. 13, it’s the best one you haven’t yet heard about yet. 🤡

They are using the catchy name the I.D. “Just-Becuzz”, as in VW is feelIng lucky that someday it will actually make it past the Vapor Ware (VW) stage of real world EV production!

They also trademarked BS1 and Bs2.

Where’s my Golf?