Volkswagen Trademarks I.D. Freeler And I.D. Cruiser

JAN 19 2018 BY MARK KANE 21

Volkswagen seems to be hunting for the coolest names for its new electric offerings that will come together to create the broader I.D. lineup.


First, Volkswagen introduced the I.D. (hatchback scheduled for 2019), then the I.D. BUZZ and then the I.D. CROZZ (two iterations).

Earlier this year, the intention to introduction two more models leaked from one of the company’s internal presentations – the slide in question (see below) showed the I.D. Lounge and the I.D. AEROe.

The five models’ introductions are spread out between 2019 and 2022.

Now, VW Vortex has revealed that Volkswagen sent the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) a trademark applications for the name I.D. Streetmate in September, and more recently I.D. Cruiser and I.D. Freeler.

That would be eight if all of those are independent names of cars… or maybe just more concepts.

Volkswagen AEROe Under Wraps (Source: Groen7)


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Streetmate sounds less like a car and more like some kind of assistant.

Or a fellow homeless person. 🙂

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I.D. Cheater

I.D. Yacht

Would fit their marine engine division.

Freeler? What the heck is that supposed to mean???

I know, X1, F-150, V60, makes much more sense!

Yes, I agree considerably more!! Model numbers make a heck of a lot more sense to than some random stupid name.

I prefer the names, VWs ID names aren’t too good, except for Buzz, but a nice sounding name is better, than letters and numbers.

Giulia IMO sounds better than 3-Series, Model 3, A4 and C-Class.

How about:
ID Vapor
ID Ovation

I.D.K. what I”ll do next

Should have been:

VW Uses IP to Protect Its ID

But anyway, what is an “I.D.” And why those initials. But it’s probably better than a “Freeler” which just sound weird.

And between the Chevy Cruze and Malibu Cruiser concept, the Plymouth PT Cruiser, and others, one would think that VW could come up with a better name than ID Cruiser.

It looks like ID is the base model like Prius and ID.Crozz, ID.Buzz are the sub models like Prius C, Prius V. This is weird, every model with a distinct style (crossover, wagon), dimensions (length, width, height) have a unique name on their own.

Sub-brands with lack their uniq identity just fails, here are some examples.
Prius-V, Prius-C, Golf-Sportwagen, Golf-Alltrack, Accord-Crosstour, Camry-Solara …

Just remove this ID being repeated and find a right name for the hatchback.
Hope VW reconsiders their naming strategy.

China has sold 102,000 + plugin passenger vehicles and another 60,000 + plugin commercial vehicles last month.

And the 2017-12 passenger plugin sales stands at 159,000 with Japan and Korea yet to come. This is definitely more than all the hybrids combined. Big victory for plugins.

So VW cannot afford to dillydally anymore and I hope they launch in 2019 as they say. It’s the right size with right design to start with.

I.D. TeslaKiller

Since we have been waiting too long!

Need to copyright:
I.P. Cruiser

Way too much fun on those.

And for the ecological concerned internet criminals of tomorrow: The new “I.D. Theft”, coming 2020!

Has VW ever explained what “I.D.” stands for?

From an SAE article: The “I.D.” nameplate is derived from the abbreviation for personal identification—part of VW’s aim to make driving (and being transported by) the I.D. a personalized experience. Drivers of these cars will upload, via smartphone, secured personal information and preferences to the cloud then receive a “Volkswagen ID” that includes personal information and preferences aimed at making the user experience more comfortable.

Yeah, they’ve been working a lot with connectivity – and the new cars will feature Amazon Alexa integration among other things. It will connect to a smart home, and will be integrated with personal preferences.
Let’s say you drive to work, and suddenly remember you forgot to turn off the coffe machine at home in the morning. Then you can ask Alexa to turn it off, and it will talk to the smart house and do what it’s asked to do.
They have showed that it can talk to HDD recorders/TV boxes/smart TVs and to make it record a show that you’re just a bit too late to see from the start..
The car will sence which driver it is, and all the music and other ajustments like navigation and so on.. will have the proper settings for you.