Volkswagen To Unveil New up! (Including e-up!) In Geneva


New Volkswagen up! (ICE)

New Volkswagen up! (ICE)

Volkswagen announced the premiere of the new up! at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

There is no news specific to the electric version of the e-up!, other than it will also be available, like in previous edition.

Power output seems the same at (60 kW/82 PS), so we assume no changes in drivetrain/batteries.  Perhaps just the styling aesthetic upgrades we see today in early release pictures?

“With a choice between powerful petrol engines (now also available with 66 kW/90 PS*), efficient natural gas or innovative electric power units – the new up! leaves nothing to be desired in terms of drive units. A number of models will be appearing – three equipment lines, a cross-version and the spacious, 2-seater load up! – as well as new exterior colours, seat fabrics, dashpads and decorative decal designs which give each up! its own individual character. Another novelty is the smartphone integration, allowing access to navigation, music and vehicle data when used with the Volkswagen app. In addition, Volkswagen throws into the mix “up! beats”, blended by US audio specialists BeatsAudio™, with a 300 watt sound system.”

New Volkswagen up! (ICE)

New Volkswagen up! (ICE)

About e-up!:

e-up!. The new e-up! is characterised by the new “Shark Skin” design dashpad and ambient lighting (blue), a light and rain sensor as well as the new smartphone integration feature.”

There will be also special “E-charging Manager” feature for smartphones:

Smartphone integration. “Maps + More dock” can be used to integrate current smartphones, running either Apple or Android, into the Composition Phone’s control system, simply by connecting the smartphone above the centre console and pairing it with the radio system via Bluetooth. The Volkswagen app “Maps + More dock” can now be used to run “Navigation” (offline navigation without roaming costs, 2D or 3D map mode), “MFA” (multi-function display with vehicle data), “Phone” (with hands-free kit), “Think Blue. Trainer.” (energy-saving tips), “E-charging Manager” (in the e-up), “Car Function” (various vehicle functions), “Media Control” (access to music details, display title, artist and cover, search function with handwriting recognition) and “Radio Control” (selection of FM, AM or DAB+; display, search and save radio stations). The smartphone integration system also includes a USB port that can be used to transfer data or for charging.”

On the other hand Volkswagen will bring new concept SUV, but we are not sure whether it will be plug-in or not.

“The concept car, expressive of a lifestyle, can be seen as the beginning of a broad SUV offensive, stating a new automotive attitude to life whilst remaining perfectly suited for everyday use. With this, Volkswagen gives a realistic perspective on a completely new model series and at the same time on the future production model. Its operating concept features hardly any switches, creating a conceptual bridge to the BUDD-e, which amazed an international audience at the CES in Las Vegas.”

New Volkswagen up! (ICE)

New Volkswagen up! (ICE)

New Volkswagen up! (ICE)

New Volkswagen up! (ICE)

New Volkswagen up! (ICE)

New Volkswagen up! (ICE)

New Volkswagen up! (ICE)

New Volkswagen up! (ICE)

New Volkswagen up! (ICE)

New Volkswagen up! (ICE)

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9 responses to "Volkswagen To Unveil New up! (Including e-up!) In Geneva"
  1. Cavaron says:

    More range would be nice…

    1. evcarnut says:

      Giddy Up!

  2. PVH says:

    And also maybe a Volkswagen “anti-prius” coming, see link.

  3. Foo says:

    Check for diesel exhaust.

  4. kosee says:

    Could somebody tell me what looks so different about this from the regular up and e-up? Looks like the same car with updated tech.

    1. wavelet says:

      Looks like a standard minimal mid-life styling update for the Up (sorry, not willing to use punctuation symbols in proper names). Not sure why we need so many photos of the ICE version in the article.

      I’m pretty sure nothing in the ICE drivetrains is changing (well, maybe the Diesel 😉 ).

      It’s nice to have explicit confirmation that e-Up will continue to be sold, but I don’t think anyone thought differently — VW needs all the EV cred it can get post-Dieselgate.

      What would be interesting is if/when VW expects to update the AER of the car… It certain to be on the cards for the e-Golf, but I wonder about the e-Up. I think the NEDC range for the current e-Up (~19kWh battery) is 160km, which would translate to roughly 70mi in EPA AER terms.

      1. kosee says:

        Yeah right now its range is on par with the imiev but with a significant range boost from the same batteries as the e-golf this car will become very interesting for a lot of people.

        1. mr. m says:

          Or lower price. The eUP is nearly double the price of the iON or c-zero.