Volkswagen To Offer 4 Affordable Electric Vehicles In Next Few Years


Volkswagen I.D. Crozz Electric CUV

Volkswagen boldly claims that it will offer at least four affordable pure-electric vehicles in the next few years,  but we have our doubts.

Christian Senger, head of the Volkswagen’s electric car division, made some comments on this matter at the recent Shanghai Auto Show. According to Senger, VW will lead the way with electric vehicles priced similar to ICE. Quoting Senger:

“Offering our electric cars for prices similar to combustion engine vehicles really is a game changer.”

“We’re using the need to step from combustion engine to electric cars to reinvent VW brand.” 

Senger adds that VW has made “huge progress” in regards to reducing production costs for electric vehicles.

Volkswagen AG’s namesake brand is gearing up to roll out four affordable electric vehicles in the coming years, whether of not they go hand-in-hand with “affordable” to the common new car buyer – that remains to be seen, as no word on pricing of any of the new models has yet to be forecast.

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz

Among the four affordable, pure-electric Volkswagen are a midsize crossover, a hatchback, a sedan and likely a van.

The models will all be sold under the I.D. sub-brand and include production versions of the Volkswagen I.D. Buzz, I.D. Crozz CUV, I.D. Hatchback and the yet-to-be-revealed I.D. sedan. All of these offerings will be long-range EVs, 200-plus miles EPA we suspect, with some perhaps over 300.

For background on the individual I.D. offerings, follow these related links:

Volkswagen I.D. Hatchback – 250-plus miles of range, coming in 2020

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz – 270-mile range, production after hatchback

Volkswagen I.D. Crozz – 311-mile NEDC (225-ish EPA) rating, production after hatchback

Source: Automotive News

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If they spend as much on developing evs as they are telling us how much they are going to do, they may have a chance of producing something notable, someday.

It’s long past being fashionably late to the party, but there’s always that one German exchange student who just thinks the party doesn’t even begin until she arrives.

I heard that they have a full engineering team working on a way to get around the EV emissions testing. So… I guess they should have something on the market soon.

I’ve been involved with VW for over 30 years and my dad many years before that. The one constant you can always count on is they will have lots of info about product they can and will build. If they do ever build one of these products it will be when the need has long since passed.

I waited for the VW BlueSport Roadster for a couple years. Turned out to be vaporware.
Finally gave up and bought a used Porsche Boxster S instead. Time to trade the Boxster in soon though before my model 3 arrives.

Enough telling! It’s time to show.


Please bring out the VW Mirage. This concept vehicle is just over the horizon – and ahead of its time. Not quite here but it will be wonderful.

You need a spreadsheet to keep track of all this!

Why not start with the e-Golf? Lower the price so that a fully loaded model doesn’t top $30k and then we’ll know that they’re serious.

+ 1

And sell it in every state, or at least service and sell CPO ones in every state.

(Kia, you too.)

I can go order a Focus Electric down the street in Pennsylvania today, but nothing from VW or Kia.

And the eGolf isn’t even available outside of CARB states.

Exactly !

Worries me that they have found huge cost reductions for EV’s suddenly.

If and when they do arrive VW customers should worry about quality and how they will be durable after the warranty expires.

VW has always had issues even when it spends a zillion through clever R&D to cheapen parts and products so that Overpaid German ie Turkish immigrants can assemble them or in China at a huge Profit $.

Watch this space long term VW cannot be trusted with claims or products.

It’s been in a few years for a few years now. I believe it when a pre order date is revealed.

I share most of your frustrations however its worth noting VAG sold 50000 world wide plugins last year for 7-8% of world wide total.

This year? maybe 75k – 90k and of course as some of these future products come online it will get well onto six figures then 7.

VW is in a unique position(oportunity?) given its recent crisis. Crisis will often speed change in large organisations much more than status qou.

A VW “coming soon” EV, is about as welcome as a “Dieselgate” going away soon announcement ! When Arab oil monarchies start their divestment in VW, I will start to take all the VW EV press releases with a grain of salt! Until then, keep on purchasing gas/diesel and funding useless never ending Sunni/Shia proxy wars on your neighbors sovereign soil.

VW may start their next press releases selling Astroturf to unsuspecting lawn gnomes! Are these the EVs you were looking for?

Please do us all a favor and stop covering VW’s constant statements like this.

Their words will be newsworthy and believable only when they have an actual car that is at least in the preproduction stage. And even then, the believable part will be not so much.

They lied to regulators repeatedly, methodically, and intentionally, specifically so they could keep selling filth-producing vehicles. More words are not going to redeem them.

^^ this.

I’d love to see a total, complete, 100% moratorium on coverage of VW’s unsupported claims here at InsideEVs.

Let’s have only coverage of what VW is actually doing to advance the EV revolution… not coverage of their endless shiploads of vaporware.


Yeah, just report actual product being produced.

Nothing else mather from VW.

No car, no show.

Maybe the title is absolutely true… They’ll make 4 vehicles.

Don’t know how popular they are in Europe with ridiculously taxed gasoline, but here in the states I’ve seen 2 of the 4 vehicles I think.

I wonder who they sold the other 2 to?

They are huge in Europe if you want to know…

Can’t wait to teleport into my new ID Buzz.

Hey, another non-Tesla manufacturer spouting off about “in a few more years..” They were saying that “a few more years ago.”

Checking the scorecard, I only see 2 VAG plug-in products for sale in the US. I am pretty sure that was supposed to be 10+ based on 2012 press releases.

Hey – in a few years I plan on losing 25 pounds and getting into great shape!

I know I’ve said it more than a dozen times before, but until they’re on the dealership floor in Pennsylvania, they’re vaporware.

Who cares, I don’t buy new cars ever, new cars are for oblivious people who can’t do their own maintenance to throw their money down a depreciating hole ESPECIALLY NEW ELECTRIC VEHICLES!

Nor would I buy a used electric car Until I see they can at least sustain their value slightly. Right now electric cars have a colossally terrible Resale like nothing I have seen before.

I’ll still be driving my 19 year old 500,000 mile TDI Jetta 2 years from now when that new $32+ Grand 2017 ELECTRIC Vehicle depreciated near the value of my 21 year old Jetta in record time, & I’ll still be saving me more money, and no battery packs to replace.

I’m sure all the asthma patients you’ve caused will really appreciate it.

Well, if we charge you the health care your car cause, you would be bankrupt long time ago.

Tesla is an electric car an retain it’s value much more than your old furnace.

Dr. Miguelito Loveless

VW will deliver an electric microbus the day after the last hippy dies.

How many times do we have to say it?

Much, much bragging from Volkswagen about putting plug-in EVs into production. Much talk; very little action.

“Actions speak louder than words.”