Volkswagen to Go All In on Electric Vehicles to Establish Where Global Demand Lies


VW e-Golf

VW e-Golf

For some, it’s difficult to believe that German automaker Volkswagen is now actually committed to plug-in vehicles.

VW E-UP! in Tokyo

VW E-UP! in Tokyo

One need only look upon this list of confirmed/underway launches to see that the Volkswagen Group is getting serious:

  • Porsche 918 Spyder: Currently in production – Orders still being accept – Deliveries imminent – 918 units to be sold globally
  • Porsche Panamera Plug-In Hybrid: Currently in production and on sale in Europe and US
  • Volkswagen e-Up!:  Currently in production – Sales underway throughout Europe – Not US bound
  • Volkswagen XL1: Currently in production – Not US bound – Vehicle is sold out
  • Volkswagen e-Golf:  Confirmed for production – European sales to start Spring of 2014  – US sales to start 4th quarter of 2014
  • Volkswagen Golf Plug-In Hybrid:  Confirmed for production – European and US sales expected to start sometime in 2014
  • Audi A3 Sportback e-Tron:  Confirmed for production – US sales to start in early 2015 – European sales in late 2014

2 notes listed below:

*There are several other concept or non-confirmed plug-ins in the VW Group lineup, some of which we believe will enter the production cycle within the next 2 years, but for now the list above is complete, at least in terms of automaker confirmed launches and plug-ins currently in production.



*Aside from making the actual li-ion cells, VW manufacturers all of its electric components in-house.  From electric motors, to battery control modules, to assembly of the battery packs, this is all done by VW.

So, we ask of you, can you name one other automotive group with 7 confirmed for production or currently in production plug-in vehicles?

Moving on…

Volkswagen says this all in effort is needed so the the Group as a whole can determine where the true demand for electric vehicles lies.  At the top of the price pile is the Porsche 918 Spyder.  At the bottom is the VW e-Up!  In between, nearly every price category is touched upon by the remaining 5 vehicles.  In this way, VW believes it’ll be able to focus in on where the demand is.  Then, the automaker says it’ll target that or those segment(s) with future plug-in offerings.

Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid Plug IN

Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid Plug IN

VW’s head of development, Heinz-Jakob Neusser, was quoted by Autocar as saying this at the recent Tokyo Motor Show:

“The Porsche 918 Spyder shows the top end, Audi’s projects the premium end – at VW we are starting from the bottom. The truth is nobody fully understands customer demand just yet.”

Finding where the demand lies is key to VW.

The Audi A3 e-tron Is Confirmed For US Availability As A 2015 Model

The Audi A3 e-tron Is Confirmed For US Availability As A 2015 Model

VW further says that part of its future goal is to have 9 plug-in vehicles out there encompassing all major vehicle segments.  This will happen gradually as certain model come due for replacement.  These 9 vehicles don’t include vehicles like the XL1 and 918 Spyder, which obviously don’t fit into “major” vehicle segment.

The problem for VW will be in convincing the world that it’s now ready to dive into vehicle electrification for real.  This is a major problem, as VW has for years now stated that plug-ins are not ready for prime time.  VW has a lot of work to do if it’s going to change the way we think of it as an automaker.  That work is now underway.

Source: Autocar

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Love it!!!! It’s encouraging when such a huge carmaker starts moving towards electric drivetrains. If VW starts moving a fraction of the volume of ICE in EV form, i will take that and Party.


1. $845,000
2. Tiny $90,000
3. “Not US bound”
4. $145,000
5,6,7 Yet to distinguish themselves as more than just “also ran”/compliance.

I think, at best, the board room might be doing an about face on diesel, in America. VW Group wants to continue racing. I mean, c’mon, like Porsche isn’t going to have a good KERS entry in Le Mans? That explains your two P-cars (lots of ICE power/too small BEV storage).


By the end of next year we’ll have Renault/Nissan and WV group getting serious about plug-in vehicles. I hope this means it will only be a matter of time before GM, Ford, Toyota and Honda will get on board. I think Toyota and Honda will be the biggest hold-outs.


WV is surprisingly anti-EV, despite their huge deposits of coal 😉

Bill Howland

Germany can’t make up its mind as to whether its ditching Nuclear Power or not. They say they are, but the worldwide Nuclear industry is powerful. Indochina is planned to get 8 reactors for Vietnam alone. Oh Joy! If the nukes in Germany are shuttered, they will need alternative sources, and wind and sun can only do so much for the time being.

While coal usage has flatlined in the states, mines are exporting it mainly to ‘Green” Europe! Natural Gas is so much more expensive than in the states, thereby making Coal much more attractive.

Japan is taking much more of everything since all of their Nukes except 2 are all shut down (50 of them).