Volkswagen To Get New Logo To Usher In Electric-Car Era

APR 17 2018 BY MARK KANE 15

Volkswagen hints at a new logo to refresh brand perception in the era of electric mobility.

Volkswagen’s Current Logo

The current logo was introduced in 2012, but the automaker now feels it needs something new after the diesel-cheating scandal. Something more fun, with a bit more flair and less German, as well as better suited for VW’s grand electrification goals, is what’s envisioned.

The logo on several of VW’s new concepts is back lit, but we doubt this will make it way onto a production car.

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Jochen Sengpiehl, VW’s Chief Marketing Officer  said:

“The brand is not in good shape compared to previous years” and part of this is because the company was trying to be “too German.” Sengpiehl notes this, alongside the dieselgate scandal, has made Volkswagen models less appealing.”

“Bloomberg reports Sengpiehl went on to say “We need to get more colorful” as “we want people to have fun with us.”

The new logo is expected in 2019, just in time for the first I.D. model.

Source: Bloomberg

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Part of the plan.

New CEO Herbert Diess will do well.


dyslexic sometime result in strange things
Diess != Diesel resulting in “Diesel will do well.” LOL

Also maybe older video and lexical nodes not just failing but generalizing (the neocortical failure mode) badly, lol. (I know of which I speak.)

Didn’t they just has recordist sales in the USA at least?

They did, and Muller got universal praise for it, but I don’t think he had the DNA for what’s coming. His Porsche background, actually joining the pit crew at LeMans, etc., jives with comments that make me think he was still too much an insider (remember, “we didn’t lie”).

He was moving forward, but not fast enough. 2015 (d-gate) was a long time ago, now. VW stumbled procuring batteries. They underestimated political and customer reaction, just about every place. Supposedly, the monkey testing affected Muller, too. The guy was too candid, and I’d guess spoke a little too much truth to power (like Piech and Porsche families).

Diess being labeled a “brand guy” made me worry this would be like Caddilac’s de Nysschen, but I think he’s more of a “shaker” and may actually speed things up.

You have to hand it to VW, they really stay in the electric car news with little pieces of nothing to string people along.

I am not so concerned (like many of the forum members here) that they will eventually not deliver on their promises, but until the 2019 I.D. (2018 Audi e-tron) they don’t really have any real news to offer. Keep the news cycle flowing… 🙂

The brand has not been able do to well due to the association with diesel-gate. Association my foot they were the authors directors and actors in that scam.
Don’t buy one the ten of thousands of diesel cars VW has sitting on lots. It’s not good for cars to sit on lots for years, and besides their claims that they are fixed, are spurious indeed.
So they came with a new logo, how wonderful.

Wow. Even their refreshed logo design is always a year or two out.

It’s just a concept at this stage !

Can we now get an endless stream of CAD representations and teasers of their new logo?

Actually, I’m starting to belief that VW is in fact startint its pivoting towards a plug-in future.

I just wish it was happening faster.

I already removed the VW-Logo from my current 18 year old car and replaced it with my own. And I will debadge my new e-Golf, coming this year, as well. Yes, all other automakers including Tesla lost the race. The one eyed is king among the blind. Tesla lost by a hair, but a Model 3 without tow hitch (1st promised, then Musk took it back) is useless for me.

Yeah the only difference I see between the 6 year old LOGO and the 80 year old one is they made the thing a Bit more ‘3-D’. Glad they spend their time thinking about this all-important feature. Meanwhile that Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (25 mph max – 50 mile range) VW BUZZ is the best they’ve done in a long time, but no where as sophisticated as a 5 year old E-Golf. After considerable thought, an army of designers thought it might be fun to put a light bulb behind a translucent “VW”, seeing as they see plenty of Diamler branded cars already do the same thing. Ferd Porsche must be rolling around in his grave. It didn’t take an army to design his innovative cars – he came up with almost all the good ideas. In the EV world, I’m sorry – I don’t see much innovation in VW-Group – other than possibly the 6-phase 350 kw DC chargers. But to me getting the CARS into dealerships are by far the more important priority, and charging is a detail for later. I don’t see many cars actually charging at this rate, even if the car can do it.. The owner… Read more »

Sigh. Logos never matter, no matter what flacks and idiot marketers say.
If the product is bad, no amount of marketing will make it sell for any length of time. If it’s good, a bad logo won’t harm it.
The VW logo (personally I can’t tell the difference between the original and 12-y.o. one, unless viewed side-by-side in graphic-design software) is actually a good one because it’s clean and timeless, and being round fits well in most contexts.