Volkswagen To Debut 4th Electric I.D. Model: A Sedan In Frankfurt For September

APR 6 2017 BY MARK KANE 16

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz

Volkswagen will soon unveil two more I.D. concept family members.

After first revealing the  I.D. hatch, scheduled for production in 2020 (and debuting last year in Paris – details), we saw the I.D. BUZZ (from Detroit in January – details), and now we await the I.D. SUV at the Shanghai Motor Show in few weeks.

Volkswagen I.D. – Coming in 2020, apparently with 600km (373 miles) of range*

Now from the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, Volkswagen is expected to show another I.D.

This will be the fourth model of the long-range electric vehicle family based on MEB platform.

According to Autocar, Volkswagen is developing a saloon/sedan. A pretty special one for VW, with a closed front end.

“VW design chief Klaus Bischoff has promised a “surprise” for the saloon, which apparently prompted “wows” from his colleagues when they saw it for the first time.”

“The electric concepts represent ‘families’ of models, each of which will have different identities and bodystyles but a common theme, according to Bischoff, including what he calls “a no-grille” philosophy.

“Volkswagen was born with no grille,” he said. “With ID, we’re looking into the future but have our original identity with a closed front end.”

Bischoff added that each ID model will feature a lower air intake for battery cooling when charging, and each will be identified by its headlights and an illuminated VW badge. MPV models will have a “friendly, positive” demeanour, as previewed by the ID Buzz concept, while the upcoming SUV will be “non-aggressive but self-confident”.”

Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ

Inside The Volkswagen I.D. Buzz (wallpaper 2,560x)

Volkswagen I.D. Debut from last year

Inside The Volkswagen I.D.

source: Autocar

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16 Comments on "Volkswagen To Debut 4th Electric I.D. Model: A Sedan In Frankfurt For September"

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If they are going for a whole family of EVs, there is no reason for a fake grille anymore.

It is a lot harder for companies that only introduce one EV at a time, Jaguar, or Audi, and otherwise heavily rely on “grille branding”.

Concept Du Jour…

Lots of New EV VW Debut-Taunts coming to The Gala Ball, and then to a Stealership near you soon. This should be quite a “Diesel Gate” amends for this cheating Manufactures Lies and deception. Hope the once burned twice shy buyers, don’t fall for this hood wink in EV clothing!

So many concepts, so little actual production cars. *yawn*

I’m impressed with the MEB platform. It seems to be incredibly versatile if it can support all four of these vehicle types. I guess that’s what VW does best – create versatile underpinnings (such as the MQB which is currently in production).

I know VW is also queen of concepts, but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt here that the diesel scandal rocked them enough to actually follow through with these cars. Here’s to hoping that 2020 will be another quantum leap forward for EVs, much like 2017 is turning out to be!

Please VW and InsideEvs, no more concepts.

I second that with a +1

If they intend to produce it, they should call it pre-production car.
If they don’t intend to produce it, its not worth mentioning.

+1 and VW should save money and just use Legos instead.


Meet the whole family Vaporware…

Look at all the foolish comments. Yes they’re not actual production cars but don’t kid yourselves, they’ll produce many EVs. They’re just late to the game. You’re obviously setting yourself up for a shock if you think they won’t ever produce them. Can’t wait to see their MEB sedan.


Car companies build concepts and they always have…
But heres a shock… concepts generaly mimick future plans…
If a car company has no EV concepts they probably have no EV plans… Hello Toyota…
More EV concepts equal more EV plans…

You’re not reading the headline, “4th Electric I.D.” VW has been known to fool their customers, in a big way. “Foolish”?

Shame on you.

Well, just don’t hold your breath!
The concepts are not operational machines. They are just empty boxes without function.
IF u don’t work in the industry, u don’t know that.


Just make something already!