Volkswagen T-Roc Sketch Surfaces – PHEV & BEV Versions Planned

AUG 5 2017 BY MARK KANE 20

Volkswagen is ready to unveil the Golf-based SUV T-Roc on the 23rd of August. And most importantly, the all-new model will also get plug-in versions.

Volkswagen T-ROC – Geneva 2014

It’s expected that both the plug-in hybrid T-Roc GTE, and all-electric e-T-Roc, will spawn with the Golf GTE and e-Golf powertrains.

In the video above, the German manufacturer presents the design developments of the T-Roc, and shows some design clues, however as Autocar points out, a lot of the unconventional design of the early sketches seem to have faded – check out the recent spyshots of the T-Roc being prepped for its big debut.

“We show you the first exclusive insights into the design of the new crossover. What is essential for the interior and exterior design of a new vehicle? A visit to the Volkswagen designers gives answers.”

Volkswagen believes that the T-Roc will make a key contribution to its finances, and to increase delivery volumes overall.

The original T-Roc concept debuted in 2014, so it has spent quite some time before heading into production.

Volkswagen T-ROC prototype

Volkswagen T-ROC prototype

Volkswagen T-ROC prototype

source: Autocar

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All the current GTE cars have been Europe only.

I doubt these will be any different.

Audi has quietly abandoned the Audi A3 e-tron here in Alberta and possibly in Canada. Thus, the last electrified Volkswagen group car is gone: all talk and no walk. Will be off to Tesla tomorrow to reserve a Model 3.

Yeah total BS from VW mostly. I ditched my TDI Jetta in the dieselgate settlement out of disgust and bought a Volt, because although I would have gotten a tax break if I’d done trade-in instead they literally had nothing to sell me. They’re fraudsters through and through.

They _have_ been doing limited sales of the e Golf here in Canada, but very small quantity with a waiting list. It is actually getting some good reviews. I almost regretted my choice for a bit.

All that said, if this T-roc (What a **** name) actually makes it to Canada and can tow and has a not-s***** range, I’d definitely consider it. I like VW style fit and finish. Not a fan of VW/Audi the company though.

What are you talking about Audi abandoning the A3 e-tron? 2018 A3 e-trons are coming. It’s right there on the website.

Sign my up for a VW T-ROC GTI. Or a Tiguan GTI

You’ll wait a long long time on all this vaporware..VW is just blowing smoke up everyone’s butts.

+1 L”amata. Volkswagen is just trying to deflect attention from the real issue today. One of their top executives is going to jail for 7 years for doing what Volkswagen does best. You will never see a BEV version of this vehicle.

Do you think they will ever figure out how to get cheap range by making it AERODYNAMIC???

N000000(:..They’ll never figure out an electric car ,let alone aerodynamics..

Figure out an electric car? It’s batteries and electric motors. The head if an ICE is more complicated than the whole car.

Aerodynamics are not always what they appear so you really need to know the numbers…

But generally speaking all SUVs suck at aerodynamics but the US does like their ogermobiles…

Not all of us.

If VW delivers the above PHEV, before the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV in NA, then the Renault/Nissan/Mitsubishi alliance is beyond Lame!

FFS, the Dirty Diesel Duo, launching an EV and PHEV SUV/CUV first, before the big EV RNM alliance in NA?

Don’t sweat it. The only thing that’s happening here is VW is delivering an CUV. In other news, VW is promising PHEVs and BEVs which they’ve been promising for 10 years and have only delivered a compliance car. Nothing to see here, move along.

Prehistoric cars : call it not T-ROC but T-REX

No ICE version needed !

Partly because of Qatar Holdings : 14,60%

The real problem with VW is not VW. It’s the EPA and CARB. They steped out of the boundaries of what the government calls a global economy . If it’s a global economy, the emission standard should be set the same in all countries so the carmakers can design for that particular project to meet that standard. Diesel is a very good alternative to gasoline, its 30 percent more efficient and has made tremendous strides to run much cleaner than a decade ago. Has anybody done a comparison study and comparing a Golf TDI to any of the millions of polluting SUV’s

Has The EPA ever swiped the tail pipe of a 2010-2015 TDI . The evidence speaks for itself of how clean they really are compassion to SUVs.

VW didn’t design a car that just didn’t meet American standards but was fine on the world stage, they designed cars that were purposefully built to evade compliance testing everywhere. The VW diesels weren’t meeting standards anywhere.

Not another Fluff piece about VW and future. Yawn, VW even in their lies and dishonest chest beating marketing crap is getting so repeatable. Is anyone buying this crap? I mean anyone ? Another VW piece in the fiction ware section of cars you can buy today. I wonder how that collusion law suit is going for them and their other German friends in the USA. Interesting times indeed.

The British Army Officer’s who restarted VW must be spinning in their graves’.