Volkswagen Feels Tesla Model 3 Will Be Too Expensive – Aims For Mid $20,000, 300-Mile Electric Golf


2016 Volkswagen e-Golf

2016 Volkswagen e-Golf

2016 Volkswagen e-Golf

2016 Volkswagen e-Golf

At the upcoming Paris Motor Show, Volkswagen claims that it will reveal a prototype of a long-range electric car that will eventually be sold for approximately the price of a conventional, gas-powered Golf.

That would put the price in the mid-$20,000 range, which Volkswagen points out is significantly lower than the Tesla Model 3’s targetd price of $35,000.

According to VW, the planned electric car will have a 300-mile range (likely NEDC, so more like 200ish miles in the real world/EPA) and it will be able to charge in 15 minutes or so.

The car will reportedly be Golf-based, which likely means that it’ll ride on the same MEB platform as the next-generation Golf, but the similarities may end there.

Forbes states:

“The German automaker next month will unveil a new Golf-based concept electric vehicle at The Paris Auto Show that will, the automaker says, have a sticker price closer to a gasoline-powered Golf, achieve a 300 mile range and re-charge in 15 minutes. The company is saying that the on-sale target date for this e-Golf is 2025.”

Yes, that’s a long ways off, but with Tesla saying it’ll never make an electric car cheaper than the Model 3, it seems like VW could still become the first to offer a long-range electric that’s truly affordable.

Source: Forbes

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I wish VW would show us a real car, like Tesla did with the model 3 nearly 6 months ago. Instead we get a bunch of hot air with a diesel odor.

Can’t you wait 7 years????

Wow. Gotta get that cup of coffee.


Yea, let’s meet back here in 7 years in our brand new VW Golf based electric cars with 300 mile range.

Watch out for all the flying pigs, and travel disruptions due to hell freezing over.

At 68 years old, I would love to know that I could wait 7 years for a $20k 300 mile BEV that charges in 15 minutes.

If it were available NOW, I’d buy it and wouldn’t wait for my M3. But it isn’t and Tesla has always held the trump card for me because of the fast superchargers.

More like 9 years isn’t it?

Yep. Don’t do math before caffeine infusion.

2025 is 9 years away, not 7.

In 9 years they should be able to design an electric Boeing 747, not en EV Golf.

VW is right ! Why Buy 3 times more the Car that more functional & is pleasing to the eye* When you can by a VW Fictional 3 times Less the Car that looks like a Shoe Box,, For only $10,000 less…LMAO at VW.. Now., that’s German engineering for you!

And 7 years later, you forgot to mention.

9(!) years plus delay for this is 2016 and their target would be 2025.

This times a million! They are soooo talkative, needs more walkative.

By then everyone will have a 200 mile $20k EV. And since Tesla has a 25% battery price advantage they will be hard to beat.

WHen you talk low priced EVs keep an eye on BYD. Likely sooner than 7 – 9 years.

Sure MikeG like 5 years early for the Tesla3 is some achievement of product planning but alas plans change and don’t stick to the script.

Tldr: you don’t know what can happen tomorrow much less 5-7 years from now moron.

2025!!! LOL!!! VW is reaching a whole New vaporware level!

They can have it ready tomorrow and I would not touch it with a 10ft stick…N0 Thanks VW !

The truth is they could actually do it right now.

ICE car makers are criminally perpetuating the high pollutant petrol engine era.

Eric is amazing, for feeding the VW spamo chamber. Already shared, but more tantalizing VW piece for the day:

I’m thinking Arthur Anderson’s indictment, and subsequent “Big 6” firm collapse. DOJ, right now, has the criminal goods on VW and it was VW’s bid to offer up 15 billion (to buyback, not simply hand out) their lemons. VW believes this will be enough that DOJ will layoff the heat.

Butter and salt, please.

“Already shared, but more tantalizing VW piece for the day:

Some much for corporate liability shield. Think twice when you boss pushes you to do something illegal because “every company does it” :/

“ICE car makers are criminally perpetuating the high pollutant petrol engine era.”

Really, VW – noooo, say it ain’t so!

Exactly! 2025?? Mid 20 thousand-ish??

Is that super vague figure in todays dollars or in 2025 dollars??

Lets see if I can hold my breath VW…..nope.

They might as well say they will create a 500 mile range unicorn that runs on love, pixie dust and rainbows.

Go bankrupt VW. Just pay back all the 10s of millions if people you scammed first, please.

“eventually be sold for approximately the price of a conventional, gas-powered Golf.”

That doesn’t say anything about the price this (not yet announced) car will be intro’d at…

Everybody’s expectations is that EVs in general will gradually go down in price… Presumably, this applies to the Model 3 too, even if Tesla never makes a cheaper BEV (meaning basically, small, city-only type (sub)compacts).

VW Group is unfortunately continuing its tradition of too many PR on not enough actual product announcements.

I think we need a new term , vaporware is to kind. Too much promise……
Vw is really getting ridiculous now with these announcements

How about methaneware or dookieware 😉

How about “HUNGAWA” That’s African for the Bull Elephant Ware .. lol

Yes, something along the lines of methaneware. How about NOXware?


“I think we need a new term , vaporware is to kind.”


(Go ahead, look it up. I’ll wait. 🙂 )

It’s invisible, odorless, tasteless. And has convinced car manufacturers around the world that it has a future.

This is the 10th virtual VW great go VW

I’ll wager that by 2025 there will be several manufacturer’s offering BEV with similar specs, in the same price range.

It sounded so good until…until number 2025 – ROFL. And first PHEV Škoda – 2019, just in three years! Wow. Viva Europe full of smelly diesel cars.

2025? Buy the 3 in 2018 and the avg person will have saved 15k by the time this vaporware car ever arrives.

2025…are you kidding me? Nobody projects 9 years out what they will be releasing…. Pure PR crapola.

I’d be seriously impressed if they could sell a $20,000 car that could go 100 miles, much less 300.

Besides the model 3 is already $27500 after the tax intensive.

For most, they will never see that level of tax incentive with Tesla on the Model 3, from what I read it is only available through the quarter following the point they reach 250,000 electric cars sold for the company. Tesla will hit that soon after the first Model 3’s are shipped.

200,000 but otherwise correct. It gets cut in half, then half again, in the following quarters.

Model 3 for $35k is the same vaporware now as 300 mile Golf for $20k. Both are distant and uncertain future that may never come.
Although VW group will be releasing electric cars sooner, just not for that price or not that range.

Poor zzzzzzzzzz, I see his TES* is flaring up again. 😀

Only a FUDster would call something “vaporware” when multiple pre-production cars have already been used to give test drives, and the company has already committed billions of dollars to put the car into production.

*Tesla Envy Syndrome


“multiple pre-production cars”
So far we have seen only 2 Model 3 prototypes or concept cars, and one hollow plastic model, the one in red color.

Pre-production exists only somewhere in imagination of true believers, hallucinating about bright future and Elon king of the new world :/

And there’s this one.

The term “vaporware” is reserved for an idea that has not been created in the real world, e.g., something you can see but can’t touch, like water vapor.

The Model 3 is far from vaporware. It has been videoed and photographed driving; several have driven people on test drives on the reveal; the car exists and is touchable.

VW’s EV program is also not vaporware. They have the eGolf and the eUp (in Europe/Asia). Projecting this far into the future, however, is considered vaporware — nothing to touch.

I wondered where all those “Roadster is vaporware”, “Model S is vaporware”, “Model X is vaporware” trolls went to.

Looks like we solved that mystery. Still here, still making up the same lies. Still making fools of themselves.

I think some are more accurately making *Fools of themcellves*, it you know what I mean.

So what you’re saying is when Tesla promises cars we should all take it at face value, and ignore that Tesla has never been less than a year later to deliver? Whereas when VW, with a long record of on-track delivery and early delivery, announces new cars, we should treat it as vaporware? VW for instance showed a roadmap to 2020 back in 2015 where the e-Golf got slightly bigger batteries ever year, ending with the 36 Ah cells. But they will be delivering 37 Ah cells in the months time. Tesla for instance said MX would arrive in 2012. Then 2013. Then 2014. Then they delivered a handful in 2015. And the first batch of a few hundred customer cars delivered in my country – Norway, the most developed EV market in the world and the only where EVs have actually gone mainstream – arrived last month. I’m not inclined to call Tesla vaporware. But certainly there is even less reason to call VWs the same. They may show many concepts that never materialize. But so what? A concept isn’t a promise to produce. It’s playing with different directions to get reactions to them. It informs the decision making… Read more »

I predict that VW will be have a 1,000 mile BEV for $10,000… by 2100.

Or 2121, latest.

Lol by 2100 VW electric car will have to be a submarine…GREENLAND ICE IS MELTING FAST

I predict by 2100 you’ll pay $10.000 for a hamburger.

A 80 kwh car from vw with a 300 kw charger for less money than a Model 3?

Musk doesn’t have anything to worry about – especially since this is “Boy Cry Wolf VW”

I presume the plan is that they’ll launch it at the same time as the HFCV version.

The 300 miles is NEDC. It would require only 60 kWh. Considering that Kreisel electric has already converted an e-Up Golf, using an actively cooled pack, to 55.7 kWh by using the existing battery compartment and without adding weight, there is little reason to consider this hard to achieve. If anything, I believe week get there faster.

But I do think that 60 kWh and a lower price is much smarter than bigger packs and higher prices. It’s plenty for all everyday driving and enough for vacations with only minor adjustments. Seldom will anyone need to charge more than once in a day, and then for 20-30 minutes, even on vacation. Most people like to relax on their vacation, and driving much more than five hours in one day isn’t compatible with that.

VW is saying buy gas/diesel now and wait for revolutionary VW EV in 2025. In 2025 VW will say no VW EV because there was no demand. VW and GM are minority owned by big oil companies. I would not be surprised if more auto manufacturers are owned by big oil. It’s marketing Fear Uncertainty Dubt. FUD about current EV’s which are helping to drive development and infrastructure. VW was building battery factories to get away from

Yeah right. VW has committed to more BEV models between now and 2025 than any other manufacturer. They are boosting the e-Golf Golf and the e-Up by 50% for next year.

I think they will have this car on the market sooner than they plan to – certainly the range, but also the price.

Will it be a 50 state car?

Not a huge VW fan, but they did manage to retain trunk space. For an EV modified ICE, the battery placement is rather crafty. Most PHEV manufacturers cant seem to do this with their much smaller batteries. Would have bought a C-Max Energi years ago, if it had a trunk.


By 2025, even Ford will figure out how to give you a 200 mile EV and a trunk.

If Ford is still around.

They will be. Wal-Marters who love guns and Jebus won’t have anything but an F-250 SuperDuty PowerStroke Diesel 4WD to travel the 2 miles to their nearest Wally World.

Ridiculous attemps to try and exist on the next gen EV market (the 200 EPA miles range generation), 5+ years late, with nothing but words so far.

Blah Blah Blah Blah VW. Pretty lame indeed !

The competition for the Model 3 is a BMW 3-series/Audi A4, not an econobox VW Golf. Regardless of the aptly-stated comments about VW vapourware, VW is comparing apples to oranges.


I agree. Model 3 is relatively expensive and competes with the entry level cars of the luxury brands. VW make cars in all segments, but primarily for the average guy/gal.

Personally, in interested in a Model 3 because it’s the most affordable long range EV that *might* be possible to buy soon. But I must say if a 60 kWh e-Golf was available at a 40% discount vs M3, I wouldn’t even consider the Tesla.

By 2018 there will already be several affordable alternatives with 200 miles, but I don’t think any of them will be as cheap as $22k.

Ridiculous to even say things like that; 2025. Like Elon said; anything longer than 5 years is in his book infinity.

LOL! It’s not Apr yet, I guess 9/9 is a special day, too.

Wow, 230 miles EPA e-Golf for $25k is really aggressive if true. That brings it very close to parity with gas cars and it’s certainly a tough competitor to the model 3. Let’s hope for the best.

edit: I should have read the whole article first 🙂 If they don’t launch it until 2025 then it’s not that impressive, really, By 2025 batteries should be so cheap that more or less every car is around 300 miles EPA.

Anyway, it looks like the Paris Auto Show will have a lot of goodies to offer, I bet will have a lot of visitors next month 🙂

Like all other VW electric cars, This one will not happen either…Thank God for that!

It would be aggressive if the time frame was for 2020. To speak of a specific range and price for 2025 is silly – nobody knows what breakthroughs may happen before then. Or how car ownership may have changed due to autonomous vehicles.


2025???? That’s gotta be an error or a massive disappointment. Last I heard was 2019 or 2020.

At the stated price and charging speed and range, there’s no way that the needed technology is available and cost-effective by model year 2019.

They could start by installing their special sauce chargers at their dealerships, not the best arrangement for cross-country but a place to start, As of 2007, there were 596 operating Volkswagen dealerships in the country.

VW said nothing new.

VW subscribes to Donald Trump’s self-promotion methodology: Make press releases frequently, even if you have nothing new to say.

400,000 car buyers say that $35,000 ISN’T too expensive.

Tesla will have their Generation 4 car ready before Volkswagen can get a 300-mile BEV ready for $25,000.

How many are saying that it is to expensive then?

How many say it’s not too expensive for 2018? 2019? 2020?

By the time M3 can be had in base version, prices may have changed significantly. Perhaps the Bolt will be $33k by 2018 and $28k by 2019? Who knows?

9 years from now? Hahahah.
To a sow an e-Golf at the dealer: 43.000,- and then some. €.
Don’t they see that they make themselves look like – ahem – idiots with such claims/announcements?

I think you’re all missing the point.

2022-2025 is the exact timeframe that observers are predicting for ICE/EV convergence at 200m/$20K pricing.

The fact that big auto is beginning to acknowledge this reality is groundbreaking.

The nails are going into the ICE coffin as we speak. The hammers will only grow over time.

Yes, “3rd gen” as it where for ~2025 – although the lines of what constitutes “3rd gen” will be very blurry by then…unlike the current bump which is just getting underway for the 2017s.

Perhaps not surprisingly, “3rd gen” (or super long range EVs/price equivalent to petrol cars without incentive) are expected to arrive around 2025 (given normalized 6-7 year automotive product cycles: 2010-2017 for gen 1, 2017-2024 for gen 2s, etc), which is the last year of the current CARB ZEV program, which sees ZEV credits needed equal to 16% of all sales needed in 2025.

One assumes an even more stringent/aggressive program toward zero emission technology adoption comes into play for 2026 in the US (fingers crossed), and of course similar (if not tougher) programs around the world.

Basically the OEMs at this point have to be prepared for the possibility that by 2025 they may not be able to do business in some places in the word without huge volumes of competitive plug-in vehicles being available (like Norway for the most part, big cities in China, etc). The inevitability of that reality in 2025 means that similar adoption will likely spread more quickly to more places.

Well, VW is short for VaporWare after all…

And how much will a comparable Tesla cost in 2025? Probably about the same or less. Except Tesla offers compelling products between now and then.

Wasn’t VW the same folks that said their cars were EPA compliant? Guess, I’ll believe it when I see it?

Hey VW where is your 200 mile BEV for $35k?????

At this rate will VW even be in business by 2025?? Much less producing EV’s that pretty much meet the specs and price that everyone will be building by 2025??

GM, Tesla, and Nissan (and potentially others) will have nearly a decade of experience producing ~$30K/200 mile cars by that point. Don’t you think by 2025 they’ll be at that range and price point?

By around 2025 everybody will be at that price point. Nobody has some exclusive miracle technology not available to others, how can it be else?

Except maybe for VW, they may run downhill with snowballing legal expense and fraud charges with no end in sight :/

Tesla saying that they won’t ever make a cheaper car than the Model 3 is completely different than saying they won’t ever make the Model 3 less expensive.

I’m completely confident that in 2025 I will be able to buy a Tesla with ~200 miles of range for less than ~$10,000. It won’t be new, but it will be possible.

Now we are talking!

VW plans to do what? I bet that VW will have a concealed gas or hydrogen tank fitted somewhere in the car to boost mileage initially when the car is tested. That is German Engineering for you, deception at work!

It will secretly be a diesel engine though….

VW and their blablabla of the super e-car reminds me of Audi. For a decade now the have a lot of TV adverts at F1 races, feed rumours, but never have the balls to commit themselves.
Oh, they are VW as well.

You’re right. They only publicly committed to introducing more than 30 new BEV models before 2025. Every other manufacturer has clearly made much more significant commitments than VW.


I have a 2015 E-golf that I started leasing in January this year. Prior to that, I had the Fit EV and a RAV4 EV. My commute is 70+ miles a day round trip. The E-golf is a seriously great car. The fit and finish is better than any car I’ve ever had (and my previous ICE vehicles includes Toyota MR2, BMW Z4, Nissan 350Z). The E-golf has way more legroom and headroom than my neighbor’s Model S, and a way better stereo. I got to drive his Model S for a week on my commute, and I came away preferring everything about the E-golf with the exception of range and autopilot. I just love how nimble it handles and drives. I’ve been considering buying out my lease and just keeping it, I can’t see needing anything else as a commuter car.

+1 though I prefer the handling and ride of the Model S with adaptive air suspension.

Compared to the i3 and leaf it’s a far superior product indeed. It’s a shame VW isn’t serious about marketing and selling EVs. Most people don’t know about the e-Golf.

I second this, eGolf is great for its price today. Hatchback storage is great, seats fold down and also open up to access storage behind it without folding down etc, armrest with cupholders can be folded down in middle seat of back bench, so its either 5 people or 4 people with cupholders and armrest in the back. Accelerates and handles great within its speed range. The only thing I hate is the noise generator at low speeds, and the slow responsiveness of the iPhone app, but still awesome that I can turn on AC/heater from my breakfast table while it is in the garage or while paying at a restaurant, or locate its gps position if I forgot where I parked.

We got ours in 2015 at a quarter of the cost of the Model X we got this year 🙂

Please put the year into the headline – it’s extremely misleading the way it is. Of course 200 mile range EVs will be a third of the cost in a decade, just like older less than 50 mile range EVs are now.

Taking the 215 EPA range of the Bolt/Tesla III, and applying the density growth of 6.5% per year, VW will be eclipsed by about 150 EPA miles of range for either manufacturer. 2025 is about when half a dozen countries are contemplating banning the ICE. I want to know who pays this guy to make stuff up. There is a difference between marketing and propaganda. VW doesn’t get that difference. Based on a dozen or more comments on this thread alone, it is a widely known shortcoming. In the last year, I’ve learned, from InsideEVs comments, that VW has no credibility for future releases, only what is on the lots today.

1. I didn’t see any news on the gigafactory they need to sell at this price.

2. A lot of headlines seem to be manufactured to either steal attention from tesla and/or try to put a negative spin on tesla.

3. Where is the 2017 60kwh LEAF.

Wait, where is my calendar, is it April 1st? There has got to be a punch line somewhere…

I’m all for VW building a $20K EV with 200 miles of range, even it it takes them until 2025.

Because even that slow pace puts the death nail into VW/Audi’s repeated argument that CARB should dump the ZEV credit program, because it is impossible for car makers to build EV’s that are inexpensive enough to meet the 2025 sales mandate of 22% of total sales in California.

35,000$ for the Tesla Model 3, I think it’s a good bargain. Perhaps in France it will be 45,000€ VAT included and without incentives.
With that price tag, it’s clear that automakers like VW, Peugeot, Renault, … can’t have a car like the e-Golf, the Zoe or the Leaf at the same price. Even with 60kWh of batteries.
To compete with The Model 3 with the same price, Only Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Cadillac can. VW, Peugeot, Renault, … can’t.
An e-Golf with 60kWh have to be at least 10,000$ lesser than the Model 3. Personnaly if the e-Golf will be only 5.000$ lesser than the Model 3, I will by a Tesla Model 3 in 2020-2022 when I have to change my car.
In ~2020-2022 Dacia and Skoda will have to deal with chineses car. If the chineses arrive with a 60kWh car at only 23.000€, that’s mean VW and Renault will have dangerous position between Tesla the hammer and the chineses the anvil.


VW just wasted another 1 hour of lifetime… 67 comments…


VW stop spamming us with your vapourware!

(1 hour + 2 minutes… )

Thanks VW!

Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Subaru, FCA… All companies that do way less than VW in terms of EVs and that get shit on way less than VW on this site. Pretty sure I can count on 1 hand the number of manufacturers who sell more plug-in vehicles today than VW, to say nothing of product roadmaps.

VW equals diesel gate and that is why I crap on VW.

What VW feels and does are two different things !!

They need a new CEO !

I am German. I am a mechanical engineer. I work in the automotive industry. I am glad electric vehicle are finally getting close to a real breakthrough. To bad German carmakers are not willing to be part of the whole thing. In fact, stuff like that 2025 VW EV shit is really quite embarassing. BMW would currently be the only German manufacturer that disserves a little bit respect, but considering the size and potential of the company, what they do is just pathetic. And all others are even worse. I feel ashamed.

Don’t forget VW diesel gate.

to Ed: did my post end up in a spam file? If you find it please put it here, thanks.

***mod edit (staff)***
Sorry Bill, there is no file in the spam and/or moderated file, the Internet must have eaten it. Apologies on that.
***mod edit***

A real jesus moment (financial meltdown) brought us the GM Volt and now the Bolt. VW’s jesus moment (outright fraud) will bring more efficient electrification of transportation. I love jesus moments!

Interesting perspective, but it’s a myth that GM put the Volt into production as a result of the near-bankruptcy. The truth is that the Volt was well along the path to production before that happened.

Correct. The Volt was a response to Tesla and the Prius. And it was well before the bankruptcy. The first concept was shown in 2007. Also GM had all the experience and a lot of the engineers from the EV1 program to fall back on.

So if I understood this correctly, VW will introduce a 300 mile range EV that will actually only go 200 miles, won’t start production until 2025, and EVENTUALLY it’ll be twenty SOMETHING thousand dollars. How exciting. I’ll be taking delivery in maybe less than 12 months of my 215+ mile Model 3 for $25,500 (after incentives).

Also, theres this: “I’m super-excited about being able to produce a car that most people can afford,” Musk said of the new Model 3. “And there will be future cars that are even more affordable down the road.”

I don’t hear VW saying the BMW 3 series is too expensive.
Hey VW… when you get a minnit… go eff yourself.


It was just 2010 when a 80 mile EV costs $40k. Now 5 years later in 2015 the 100 mile EV costs $30k.

2017 200 mile EV start at $35k, which will drop 100 mile EVs down to $25k.

By 2020 the 200 mile EV should cost $30K, and 300 mile EVs at $40k

9 years in the future, by 2025 the 200 mile EV should cost $20k or less, and 300 Mile EVs at $30k.

EV with longer range than 300 miles might be a waste, but more important would be quick charge time for interstate travel. Home charging each night, more than 300 miles of range would be a waste of weight and space for battery capacity never really used.

The future of EVs is so bright…

“The company is saying that the on-sale target date for this e-Golf is 2025.”

I rather suspect that some Chinese auto maker will offer that in the North American market sooner. Of course, it will be as cheaply made as the first Japanese cars sold here, but they’ll sell a lot of them.

Plus, Elon says he’ll be stepping down at Tesla Motors in a few years, after the Model ≡ is going strong. Hopefully the new CEO will return to the original vision of Tesla’s founders, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, and continue the trend of developing less expensive cars, until Tesla achieves the true everyman electric car — the EV equivalent of the Ford Model T.

If Tesla doesn’t, some other auto maker eventually will.

2025! Well, alrighty then!?

Knowing VW it will come with a defeat switch that will only allow it to run on electricity generated by coal power plants.