Volkswagen Says It Can “Stop” Tesla With Its “Abilities Tesla Doesn’t Have”



Volkswagen I.D. Crozz

Diess: “We have abilities Tesla doesn’t have.”

Those are the words of Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess who believes that despite Tesla’s head start in the electric car segment, VW will be able to “stop” Tesla.

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz

Quoting Diess:

“We see Volkswagen as the company that can stop Tesla, because we have abilities Tesla doesn’t have today.”

And those abilities are? Diess says that Volkswagen has unmatched global scale and manufacturing expertise, a disputable comment for sure. But yes, VW does have advantages over Tesla is both of these areas. In terms of manufacturing capability, VW Group produces more vehicles in 2 days than Tesla did in all of 2016.

In an interview in Frankfurt, Diess stated that the automakers future goal is to become number one in the electric vehicle segment with an intense focus on making mass market EVs at affordable prices. This is no doubt driven by the Dieselgate scandal and VW’s failed diesel program.

Volkswagen I.D. – Coming in 2020, apparently with 600km (373 miles) of range*

Automotive News adds:

“In recent weeks, Diess said, VW has signed off on the final design of the electric I.D. lineup’s first model, a hatchback similar to the marque’s best-selling Golf. The car, dubbed the Neo, will be targeted at the European market, priced along the lines of the Golf’s diesel version, and have a range of as much as 600 kilometers (370 miles) on a full battery.”

“By 2023, the subbrand will add the Crozz compact crossover for worldwide sale including in China, VW’s largest market, as well as the Lounge, a more spacious SUV with a longer wheelbase than the Crozz to appeal to American consumers. A sporty four-door sedan, the Aero-e, will compete with Tesla’s Model S.”

Virtually all of the future EVs promised by VW are of the long-range variety (200-plus miles).

It’ll take some time for VW to get all its EV eggs lined up, but Diess is aware of this and says VW is ready to take on those challenges:

“We have to watch out, because we have a lot of work in front of us and the challenges that lie ahead are enormous.”

Challenge number one seems to be figuring out how to stop Tesla dead in its track. Enormous may may be too slight a word for describing that challenge.

Source: Automotive News

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You’re kinda limited by the number of batteries you can buy/produce.

Right now Tesla has a huge advantage there.

I would love to see VW produce some decent “EV’s”. I am afraid that the “Greatest Ability” VW Possesses is their “BS” ability to produce a whole lot of “VAPORWARE” and fake “EV’s that are going Nowhere very fast!

The second they VW has against them is they’re not branded as the “Innovator”. Look at BMW, the i3/i8 are Great Product, yet the uptake from it’s customer base is <= 5%.

You can innovate but will they buy?

Whereas Tesla is branded the innovator, and has no problem selling everything it makes.

i8 is really expensive. It wasn’t designed to sell in large numbers.

i3 is not a great product. They really did work hard on it. When it was released it was only the 2nd from-scratch mass-market EV (Model S being the other). But just because you work hard doesn’t mean you didn’t make big mistakes on the product. As the Model X and i3 show.

We need companies to innovate. But sometimes innovations won’t be viewed well by customers. It’s a form of experimentation. Sometimes it doesn’t go well.

Teslas are made to order so “selling all the are making” is a tautology

No, they are not ‘made to order’. They are made to catch up with orders.

Neither is true. Tesla has many cars in stock. Their website offers “new inventory” as the prominent option up top when you select a Model S or X. And if you select custom order anyway it shows you inventory vehicles on the right which “closely match” your selections.

Tesla sells cars out of stock now. They are no longer a custom-order only company.

That is interesting, that means they have reached peak demand so it’s unlikely that sales of S and X will grow much more.

Having driven BMW for 20 yearsI have no axe to grind. However, I had a long test drive of the i8 and absolutely could not buy it as an everyday car. Very short range on electric, slow charging, no luggage space at all, embarrassing to crawl out of.

The i3 would be a possibility but I just find it a bit ugly and the range isn’t long enough and while hard to justify I like performance. So when I wanted to move on from BMW M5… what to choose? There was, and still is, Tesla as my only option. I just drive from Reading to the Yorkshire Dales today – great drive, two short charging stops that we needed as a break from driving. It works, and it’s an absolute joy to drive. However, without the supercharger network it would have added an hour or two of sitting around.


It’s like buggy makers from horse and buggy days saying they can make whole lot of ICE cars, because they all have four wheels and steering. Talk is cheap, show me the batteries!

That won’t last long. There isn’t anything Tesla has built that VW can’t build or get someone else to build if they know they need it.

In the short term, 6-12 months VW can’t catch Tesla on supply. In the longer term there’s nothing stopping them from securing a battery supply.

There’s no way VW will have a need for that many batteries in the next 6-12 months anyway. Their cars won’t be ready.

The only thing VW can do is STOP Tesla from Building “ICE” Cars, we all know this to be a fact..If VW wants to put out any Type of EV they should get Ducks in a Row & their Eggs in the EV Basket. They should never line Up their eggs because that will never work…l m a o …Bla Bla Bla V Bla U.. Talk is Cheap

I agree with the sentiment that VW has to actually do something in order to make a difference. So far it’s been all talk.

They aren’t poorly positioned to stop Tesla (from becoming a top volume automaker) but they don’t seem like they are making the moves that would do it.

Well, my nearby ‘Local’ VW Dealer has added a Dual Head ChargePoint L2 Station, and one 25kW CCS Small Wall Mounted DC Charger, outside their Service Bay, so they are kind of catching up to Tesla, for 2012!

VW is just like Kodak when they were saying we could do digital cameras as well. We all know what happened.

Hey now, I have a 5 MP Kodak digital camera, with only about a dozen dead pixels and just a tad purple fringing when zoomed in… 🙂

Tesla has already disrupted the laggard OEMs like nothing else and this is just further evidence of this.

It will take VW at a minimum, 3 or more years to line up battery supply to produce compelling long-range EVs in the tens of thousands like their ID Model coming in 2020.

It will probably take them (and all other laggard OEMS for that matter) 5-10 years to get to enough battery supply to build long-range EVs in the hundreds of thousands.

So, Tesla has about a decade lead on all the laggard western OEMs and Tesla is NOT going to sit still for that decade (Model Y, Semis, Pickup, Roadster 2, multiple Giga-Factories).

You heard it here first.

Hmm, and I thought I heard that the only long range affordable BEV you can buy today was the Bolt.

Hmm, that must be a Tesla product, or you are out to lunch with this laggard OEM BS. One or the other.

Amazingly enough, around here we don’t let EV bashers and haters dictate the terms of the discussion.

I am responding to this attempt at censorship by reposting the original piece:

“Hmm, and I thought I heard that the only long range affordable BEV you can buy today was the Bolt.

Hmm, that must be a Tesla product, or you are out to lunch with this laggard OEM BS. One or the other.”

I’m responding to this attempt at derailing by reposting the original reply:

“Amazingly enough, around here we don’t let EV bashers and haters dictate the terms of the discussion.”


No. You can reserve a Model 3 today if you’d like.

You can reserve a space in the queue but you can’t buy the car

Well, there are affordable long range EV’s, that can drive a rated 238 miles combined, that I can’t buy until late 2018 in Canada, if I wanted to put down a deposit of $2,500, today, and wait, that are not the best cars for driving to Florida from Toronto (that was doable 18 months ago in one other EV, and is even easier now with that same other EV), and there are Affordable Long Range EV’s coming, in quantities No Other ICE OEM has the current plans and even potential capabilities to match, that only cost me $1,000 to reserve, (and could very well be here before that other EV, plus, be able to make that same trip from Toronto, ON, to Florida – Key West, if I wanted to!). So, adorable, Long Range, EV’s, for a Few Hundred people, or available to Hundreds of Thousands of people, who said they wanted one, and stepped up already, is another thing! I am sure the few Bolt EV’s they shipped to Canada will be enjoyed by all, or at least – Most, of the folks who bought them, the ‘Limited Allotment’ is its biggest problem, and will be for some time.… Read more »

First electric car under 40k with over 200 mile range is not the real goal. The goal is to effectively compete for market share against internal combustion engine vehicles in a given price segment.

Tesla has already accomplished this with the model S and X in the 90k segment.. They are now moving down market and getting ready to accomplish this with the model three in the 40k segment.

No other manufacturer has achieved this and they may not even want to because they sell ICE vehicles.

^^^ That


The world is filled with people who say “Well, I could do that if I really wanted to spend the time and effort to do it.”

And not a single one of those do-nothings is ever remembered. Those who are remembered are the ones who got off their ass and actually did something.

Tesla is actually doing something to push forward the EV revolution. Volkswagen is just talking about it.

How many eGolf’s has VW sold?
They can’t even beat their own ICE sales, much less take on TESLA.

They don’t really want to beat their own ICE sales. Look at the e-Golf vs. the base Golf S. The base Golf S will cost a little less than the e-Golf after the e-Golf get the federal tax incentive but the Golf S has 170 hp with a 0-60 of 7.3 seconds to the e-Golf’s 135 hp and 0-60 time of 9.4 seconds.

But here’s the weird thing. The old e-Golf with a smaller pack had only 115 hp so they did increase power with the new model but why didn’t they simply at least match the power and output of the base Golf S?

With a 36 kWh pack this shouldn’t be a problem. The Volt has half that and matches the Golf S performance. It makes you wonder if VW really wants to sell the e-Golf doesn’t it?

The only e-Golfs you can buy are 2016’s that have been sitting on dealer lots for months

Nothing like buying a 2016 car when 2018’s are being introduced, and then claiming that you are going to be smoking the competition “someday”.

VW has yet to build a single EV that wasn’t an ICE vehicle with an electric motor and battery pack strapped on. I hope they actually come out with something better, but right now they seem to only have FUD available for sale.

Watch as I stop you with my concept art.

This is very good news for the world. EV market needs competition that is what will get the price down one way or another.
When price drops volumes goes up. Everybody knows that fact.
Almost everybody needs to save money but not everybody can afford a selfdriving car.

I think VW means it can stop Tesla by suffocating them with diesel exhaust gases!


They also have a lot more experience cheating on emissions.

On the right track VW but educate your sales staff. Went into a VW dealer in Scotland. Said to him that this place will be a bit different in a few years more electric cars than killer diesels cars etc . Her said to me ” nobody buys electric cars” I see why Tesla don’t let franchises sell their cars.

Correction. Nobody buys electric cars at VW dealers.

No current manufacturer has shown any success in selling EV’s.

VW, is getting it all wrong. “Stop” , I believe the correct word is “Join”. The whole purpose of Tesla is to disrupt what automakers have been doing for years. Antiquated manufacturing, dependence on fossil fuels, change the way we think about our carbon foot print, etc… VW is coming out of the cave, finally! And all for the wrong reasons, Tesla is not here to be “stopped”, you can’t stop what Tesla is trying to do, in fact VW is doing exactly doing what Tesla has planned from day 1, what they want is for every Automaker to shift to EVs.
VW not sure if you are listening, its great to see you join in and make our planet great again.

My sentiments, precisely. I don’t doubt that VW Group wants to stop Tesla as a business, but let’s face it, it’s not like they are suddenly going to start making solar panels. I mean, in VW-time, we would have seen an announcement by now about something coming out in 2025.

I hope what was meant by Herr Diess by stop is “stop their market share growth.” Um… good luck with that. Sincerely. As much as I adore my Tesla vehicles, and believe that the only true competitor on the drafting table is the Lucid Air, though I’m pleased that GM has made the Bolt/Ampera. I’d love to see the eGolf be the only Golf you can buy. Up-range that to 215 miles of range, support an existing, complete DC fast-charging network at 100-150kW, and you’ve got something to STOP gas car purchases.

Too bad we can’t vote up on this site. But my thoughts were the same regarding VW’s “stop Tesla” comments. This shouldn’t be about stopping another product.


You got it! No need for VW or GM or Toyota or anyone else to stop Tesla. No need (or chance) for Tesla to put all other manufacturers out of business.

Competition and excitement in this space is what we need. We do not want the current EV leaders to get complacent. GM, Tesla, BMW and Nissan need more high volume, legitimate competition.

VW wants to stop Tesla…from eating their lunch…with the Model 3, and maybe the Model Y!

Yeah. Like VW’s doing such a great job stopping BMW and Mercedes. There’s enough market for everyone.

This isn’t highlander folks.


“STOP” ACHTUNG ! The WW2 German era way of Thinking..

Maybe VW has some V2s in its back pockets ready for “total war” 😉

Some things never change and others even later.

BTW I’m german.

So Am I .. cheers

That’s a good sentiment. I wish I had thought of it. Kudos.

It is an interesting choice of language. Not “beat,” but “stop.”

That’s the Biggest Problem on this planet instead of Working Together everybody wants to stop or Kill the other guy for Money $$$. That is why mankind is getting nowhere. Always fighting & Bickering . Tesla Opens Up their Patents to world and they want to “STOP” Tesla And put them out of Business if They could..This Planet is Not a very nice Place, No wonder Musk wants To Colonize on Mars…lol…

The big guys always think that they are unbeatable.
Elon has a master plan for those guys, they are following Elon’s plan but they just don’t know it yet.

The two factors that will define the next 50 years of the auto industry are batteries and software. And the germans suck at both of them! They have no expertise, no access to resources and no existing plants for battery manufacturing. And with software it is even worse. They are still looking at it as something not as important as their engineering traditions. They have no idea how to educate good software engineers, how to treat them and how to create a “silicon valley” culture in their rigid companies. They still don’t get it that software is different from engineering.
It might sound harsh, but they are already screwed!

In time they will probably learn but they are not starting off with any advantage whereas with ICE drivetrains they clearly have some advantage.

Maybe they can build Multi Speed Gear Boxes for EV’s that won’t break?

Thanks. That was much more interesting, than Diess, or Inside EVs pulling yet another punch. The counterpoint to your software argument may be German fascination with things mechanical. They sure do some awesome cut-aways, and toy steam engines. It’s so cool to see how this part makes that part work, wayyy over there…

The Wall Street Journal, today, has this headline: ‘Tesla Readies for Model 3 by Adding Repair Vans’. Of course, there was nothing about fewer parts=fewer repairs. Journalism. They digress.

I’d be fine without “Diess Nuts” stories, but it’s July ’17 and you just know it’ll be a good day when VW Group doesn’t try to steal Tesla’s Model 3 microphone, at least twice.


Have you ever heard of SAP (German software company)???

Oh yea – their software is rigid and absolutely sucks….point taken!!

Yes, exactly this. I had an i3 for 2 years (great car overall, btw) but when it comes to software it was so outdated.

-Can’t displace temp and mi/kWh at the same time, even though the dash is fully LCD.

-Searching for anything in the nav was an exercise in futility. It was actually faster to search on my phone and send that to the car using BMW Connected app!

-Software updates require A FULL DAY (usually overnight) at the dealer

-Map software updates cost $350 each, are only twice a year, and have to download 30+ GB every time

I’ve got a pep peeve and maybe somebody can explain. The two newest vehicles I own have sensors that can tell you low tire pressure. When it senses low pressure an idiot light comes on (old school talk for lights instead of gauges if you are a young whipper snapper). So in these new fancy displays, why can’t they just tell you WHICH TIRE AND WHAT PRESSURE? Why can’t it just tell me what the tire pressure is in each tire? The sensor is already there and is already measuring tire pressure and sending that information back to the computer right? right? Boy nothing is more annoying than false positives on that stupid light.

Well, both generations of Volts, and also the Bolt EV have individual tire pressure readouts, which can be configured to display on the main driver display. So maybe you are buying the wrong cars. 🙂

We have a Volt and an i3 and I’m amazed that the BMW although it has tire pressure readout for each tire won’t give you a real-time update of tire pressure while parked like the Volt.

You have to fill the tires, push a pressure reset on the interface and then drive and it shows you an update status which takes about 2-5 minutes of driving to finally show tire pressure.

Completely useless if you are using a public air compressor that doesn’t have a gauge. You would have to carry a gauge in your hatch or just guess and hope you’re right. I bought a cheap air compressor at Target that has a built in gauge so I can just keep my tires filled at home and that solved the problem but I’m surprised that the i3 being as advanced doesn’t have some features that basic cars now have.

My Prem. Bolt EV displays all 4 tires and their corresponding pressures as well as a qualifier for each tire e.g. “Good”.

Not only does my ELR have separate readouts for each tire, it also has a phone app to read it remotely!

It depends on the car. Some cars don’t know which tire is low. Some, like the LEAF know but won’t tell you. Others, like GM products, know and will tell you. You can find the pressure of all 4 tires at any time on a display.

I don’t know why Nissan hides their data from the customer. And I don’t know if BMW doesn’t know or hides it too.

The cheap tire “pressure” Sensors can only detect differences between Sensors. They don’t measure a pressure.

The volume EV cars will be much cheaper then ICE cars and they will not be self driving. Maybe unfortunately but still a EV that is at a very good price that everyone can afford is the final product and produced in China and India.

Just because we don’t work 70h a week doesn’t mean we are Bad Software engineers.

FACT: The larger the company, the harder it is for it to innovate rapidly.

This alone gives Tesla a HUGE advantage over almost everyone.

But that advantage will shrink as Tesla grows. Their ability to keep up their current pace of innovation will become increasingly more difficult…and more expensive.

I’m kind of surprised MB didn’t expand their stake in Tesla and keep them as an in-house EV drivetrain unit and sub-brand. probably bad memories of the old Daimler Chrysler days.

If VW had “abilities” that Tesla lacks they wouldn’t be three or four years behind on EVs. Let’s face it, they have the legacy of an ICE manufacturer, which is an impediment to being competitive in the EV segment.

“We see Volkswagen as the company that can stop Tesla, because we have abilities Tesla doesn’t have today.”

Hmmm, let’s see how well that fits other recent disruptive tech revolutions:

“We see Eastman Kodak as the company that can stop Canon’s consumer-priced digital cameras, because we have abilities Canon doesn’t have today.”

“We see BlackBerry as the company that can stop the iPhone, because we have abilities Apple doesn’t have today.”

How did that work out, again?

But okay, that’s unfair. Kodak and BlackBerry failed because they didn’t respond to competition. Contrariwise, Volkswagen finally appears to be moving in the direction of actually entering the competition in the EV revolution, after denying there was any revolution for so many years. But it’s laughable for VW to claim they can “stop” Tesla. Can they compete with Tesla? Sure, they can gear up to do that in a few years — just not this year or next.

But Volkswagon can’t stop Tesla from taking a big chunk of the market share. The horse is already out of the starting gate in this race, and Tesla is several lengths ahead of any other contenders.

Actually Kodak did respond to competition and sold pretty good digital cameras on the market but they did it too late and too little and they appeared as laggards. Who wants to buy a digital camera from a laggard company. That bad image of Kodak is what became the last nail in the coffin not really their absence of reaction.
The same could now happen to VW, BMW or Mercedes.

When Kodak did respond, digital cameras had a large margin in the market.
Today electric cars have 1% of market, so it is not late at all for other manufacturers react.

It takes way longer for any response in the automotive industry since the capital costs are so high. That said, the investments to make this transition complete will likely be entirely in place by 2025.

Priusmaniac said:

“Actually Kodak did respond to competition and sold pretty good digital cameras on the market but they did it too late and too little and they appeared as laggards.”

Yes. My statement would have been more complete and precise if I had said “Kodak didn’t respond soon enough, and BlackBerry didn’t respond strongly enough, to competition.” From what I’ve read, BlackBerry did respond to the iPhone… but they did a lackluster job of it, and so remained rather non-competitive.

Making a good and commercially successful digital camera is pretty tough. A company needs access to good glass, auto focus systems, image processing software and manufacturing in addition to the image sensor. In the late 1990s Kodak was a big leader in sensors but they did have the lenses nor auto focusing systems. Working with Nikon they had great initial pro quality digital cameras in about the years 1997-2001. Kodak had great CCD tech for their cameras, but then in about 2002 Canon came up with more light sensitive and cheaper to manufacture CMOS sensors. For the next 10 years Kodak continued to manufacture great but expensive large CCD sensors for pro cameras. I purchased several Kodak consumer cameras in about 2003 but they were slow in autofocus and only fair in low light. Basically Kodak was a leader in digital cameras for several years, then canon took over, then Nikon may have grabbed the lead and now Sony is pressing Canon and Nikon hard with Olympus, Panasonic and Fuji having their fans. Fuji is still alive and trying hard but I imaging their sales are way down compared to their great days in film. Bottom line is that the… Read more »

Kodak did originally sell very good, excellent color, digital camera’s. Then they let them become junk.

Mmmh, I see your point but I am not sure that EVs are a “disruptive tech revolution”.

A “disruptive revolution” for sure, but the tech behind is quite basic for engineers that spent their lives on very, very, very complex ICEs.

Sure, there are some tech breakthrough in the automotive industry (connectivity, autonomy), and Tesla is ahead of its competition, but OEMs can quite quickly catch up via partnerships with tech companies.

I agree with a lot of what you said. The real revolution is coming in a few years when Tesla completely revolutionizes manufacturing.

At this point, conventional automakers will find it very difficult to compete.

Hey Eric,

Can you confirm that CEO Herbert Diess actually said this? I can see maybe the mail person at VW saying this but the CEO?

If correct, Herbie’s going to look like a mail person or an ex-CEO very soon unless he’s thinking of stopping Tesla in 2040 when we’re landing on Mars!

Maybe focus on making some of those fake “EV’s into REAL production cars rather than cuckoo comments like stopping the NUMBER ONE COMPANY changing the automotive industry since it started over a 100 years ago!

Dear VW,
Shut up , strt building your f****** great cars with your f****** great supplies partners.
Wake me up, when something competetive electric rolls out of your factories.
Greetings from Austria.

Volkswagen saying they can stop Tesla because they have abilities Tesla doesn’t have is like Lance Armstrong saying he can win a bike race without using performance enhancing drugs. Volkswagen is irrelevant. When they finish settling all the lawsuits they are involved with around the world because of their cheating ways, they may not even be around.

Volkswagen=Armstrong? Don’t insult Lance. Seriously, Ulrich and the 3rd-5th place contenders were all using PEDs. Other car makers didn’t completely leave off fundamental parts from their exhaust. Their follies were incrementally above limits, not 35-40X.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

No thanks VW.

““We see Volkswagen as the company that can stop Tesla, because we have abilities Tesla doesn’t have today.””

Then do it.

Talk is cheap. Action speaks louder than words…

We can use more choices and better competition in the premium EV segment.

So… they are going to cheat on emissions tests to stop Tesla?


Nope! On EV Range!
600 Km’s will turn out to be 500 actual Km’s!

Thank you! Yes, VW will cheat to their hearts content. At least until they can’t get away with it any longer, in their Dirty Diesel business model. VW – Profit at the expense of others!

Well, VW/AUDI certainly does build concept EV’s cars like crazy. But now it is time to join the party instead of throwing stones at the windows from outside.

If they think they can do better than Tesla, maybe start by doing better than BMW, or Ford, or GM, or Nissan, or Toyota. Because they aren’t even in the top 5, much less in a position to challenge the front-runners.

I hope they get their backside in gear and actually SHOW what their particular set of skills are good for, not just talk.

I don’t have much faith in VW right now… actually I have none.

But try telling 2007 me that in about 7 years, I will be leaving Toyota and Mazda for more the more environmentally friendly options from GM!

Hitting rock bottom can sometimes make a company really commit to change. I would like to see VW surprise me as well. But I will not expect anything from them until we start to see results.

I think VW can easily take down Tesla in a drawing contest…VW is the king of the concept car “segment”.

drawing contest solely decided by the number of drawings put out!

Not the smartest way to express himself but let’s assume Diess was just trying to express VW’s EV ambitions rather than his wish to actually stop Tesla. Because that’s not going to happen.

Looks like the industry is pretty obsessed by Tesla these days BTW, well done Elon!

Tesla is taking the Cream off their Milk! That % of cars that MB, BMW, & AUDI is loosing, is where Tesla is growing from today. VW sees the Model 3 as coming to take away THEIR Cream! And are worried!

So they are scratching, and clawing at Air, because they can’t get in a good punch before this round is over in the Boxing Ring!

Heads up, VW: the Tesla Model 3 is just the Opening Band, the Main Event is yet to come, in the Model Y!

For VW, the Tesla Model Y may be eventually referred to by Herbert Diess, as the “Why (Y) did we let Tesla take so much of our market share?”
It’s almost rear view mirror time for VW, and their vehicle market share.

Let’s see… VW gets caught cheating on emissions and loses billions of dollars. And they are going to “Stop Tesla?”

Tesla gives away all their patents in order to promote EV adoption.


Yes there ability to cheat!!!

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess said: “We see Volkswagen as the company that can stop Tesla, because we have abilities Tesla doesn’t have today.”

Likewise, Tesla has abilities that Volkswagen doesn’t have today…

They have a lot to overcome, and not just in terms of production. Dieselgate proved they have a serious and deep-rooted culture of dishonesty. I’d like to hear what they’re doing about that.

Continuing to make statements full of hubris like this is not going to help them.

VW also has the ability to cheat the world’s population and pollution laws… I bet Tesla couldn’t do that.

Too soon?

“Too soon?”

Not at all.

The main disability of Volkswagen is wanting to stop Tesla.

Why not make better cars yourself and buy into the supercharger network?

I have been driving a 2015 VW e-Golf long enough to know that volkswagen has a very far way to go before it can even think about directly competing with teslas offering, but the point is the market potential is much bigger than what tesla can satisfy, and not everybody wants the same formfactor car either.

Get with it, congratulate tesla on having been right since at least 2012, and join the electric revolution without being negative about it.

If I remember correctly VW said the ID will cost the same as a diesel Golf so probably upwards of 10k less than a model 3…
Price with range is the real competion and if VW and Tesla dont deliever 20k EVs soon China will…

VW/Porsche/Audi deserve a timeout for the repeated deception in dieselgate.

With the latest revelations on what they tried to pull, even after getting caught, I an in favor of a multiyear ban of all VW related companies from the U.S. market.

Please, please, please VW, stop Tesla, make 10M electric cars a year by 2025, make them better, with longer range, with better technology, for lower price. Use that ability, please, please, please.


And ‘Let the Dogs of War’ out! Add 350 kW Charging at 20 Mile Freeway intervals across the planet; put 10 kW L2 Charging for each condo and Apartment Unit in each City!


Why would anyone print the lies out of VW?

Maybe for the entertainment value…

It’s VW dilutional? Is embarrassing that they talk and talk without nothing to show, this has been going on for years, the only missing statement is to offer services for the cars they have in mind.

“It’s VW dilutional?”

I dunno, but maybe VW is delusional.

I think dissolution is the correct word.

Funny thing is that Tesla is achieving theire goal of accelerating the transition to sustainable transport. Without Tesla VW would never say such a things, at least not within the coning decade

Just the use of the word “stop” tells you a lot about the mentality of a global automotive OEM executive.

One would hope that something was lost in translation. Perhaps he meant “beat them in the EV segment”.

Unfortunately the global OEM’s are too big to fail and they have cheap oil (in the US) to give them continued runway for legacy ICE products.

Tesla and China (and maybe India) will change that of course. But all of the OEM’s will keep producing mostly ICE cars until they have to change…then they will quickly catch up / shift production to EV’s which are the same effort or easier to produce than an ICE. For example, GM produced the Bolt fairly quickly.

Tesla should have a several points of global vehicle market share and 10’s of points of global battery market share by that time so they will be fine.

I beleive India said EV only sales from 2030 on and other nations will join them and France the only question is when…
I think in the next couple of years as new BEVs roll out their will be more and more calls to ban ICE…
Tesla will be fine and continue to grow and I imagine beat is more likely what was meant…

Just do it..

VW, don’t stop them! Join them!

I have a 2015 VW e-Golf and all around it’s great with just under 100 mile range. The software is very solid as is the ride and it is practical & FUN. I will most likely buy another VW electric car in 2018 (2019 MY) when they get the range up to 250 miles (65 kWh battery).

I wouldn’t touch a Tesla. Friends that have the Model S have many issues with their cars including inability to get parts for repairs. Nice to take to the dance but not the one to walk the aisle with… just sayin’

You probably just bought the eGolf. The software is far from solid! The backup camera is notoriously buggy and this issue is well documented on eGolf forums and every now and then it happens to me too. The radio stations freeze sometimes on the touch scteen and can’t do anything about it unless turm off the car. The touch surface you have to press when you receive a phone call is stupidly small and unless the road is ice smooth you will not hit it. The say it’s distracting it’s an understatement. The car is great but the software is definitely the low point.

I will replace my eGolf with a M3 next year…just saying.

Keep your VW loyalty, they are going to need some customers that are faithful to the their EV brand as the play catch up in range and technology offerings of Tesla, Chevy, Nissan, BMW, and Hyundai.

VW caters to drivers. At least they have that going for them.

EV with a Diesel generator backup! Now that’s the ticket!!!

Put me down for at least one reservation for the VW EV, with a Diesel generator, wait list! This VW “D-EVrex” will absolutely crush the BMW i3rex, and surely put a world of hurt on any future Tesla Model 3 production plans. This will VW will have everybody dumping their Tesla Model 3 reservations, and getting on the VW D-EVrex bandwagon. The VW CEO told me they are going to “Diesel-stroy” Tesla!


I think when they mention stopping Tesla with their abilities, they are referring to their lawyers.

If not their Lawyers, then most definitely their advertising Department, and their infinitesimally grandiose EV press release Division.

In an interview in Frankfurt, Diess stated that the automakers future goal is to become number one in the electric vehicle segment with an intense focus on making mass market EVs at affordable prices.

If they’re serious, they can start by selling the e-Golf in all 50 states.

Wouldn’t that be Dieselicious! Probably not going to happen for their EV compliance car! Hope I am mistaken, and proved wrong!!!

Ha,Ha, Ha, hilarious! The only thing these traditional car companies have wanted to stop is the transition to EV’s. Making EV’s to stop Tesla is exactly what Elon Musk wants, so mission accomplished of this happens.

VW doesn’t even see or mention the Super Charger Network. It would take them 10 years to equal that.

VW doesn’t have a single new electric for sale in Arizona. They don’t have battery cooling so the used ones they have here will all die.

VW doesn’t have a GigaFactory.

VW doesn’t make Power Walls or Solar Panels.

Volkswagen can only shut up and work. They are already 10 years late.

Ok VW, Tesla has been doing EV development since 2003, your ICE experience doesn’t help making EV.

I said last year Mr. Musk would go down in history as this century’s greatest salesman.

He’s now proven it by beating VW’s claim at least in a few regards: He is not threatened with Jail Time as many of the bigwigs at VW are, plus he makes around 40 times as much money as they do.

Whether there is a company somewhere that can counter Mr. Musk’s claims – I don’t know, but VW is about the last company in a position to do that.

VW group has ‘cryed wolf’ so many times here they are getting to believed about as much as CNN and MSNBC in this country.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. (Mr Mahatma Gandhi) Apparently we are at the third stage now

“We see Volkswagen as the company that can stop Tesla…”

What a completely moronic statement to make! Why would VW want to ‘stop’ Tesla any more than it would any other auto-maker? Unless it feels so utterly threatened by the Tesla’s EVs, of course.

This sort of attitude is absolutely typical of Big-Oil lackeys and I, for one, would be quite happy for VW to go under.

You would think after Dieselgate that these people would be keeping their heads down, not spouting yet more anti-EV, BS rhetoric!

VW is a Joke, should work together with Tesla oh wait … Aren’t VW those criminals with Diesel pollution holding back EV’s producing mainly bogus EV show stoppers, while in the real world offering poor durability of parts and high parts prices.
Maybe VW should learn of Tesla to actually build some real quality into their cars rather than perceived German engineering excellence which is myth these days.

Dear Wolsvagen, how about to make EV cars with longer range and faster recharge time than Tesla. Also classic dash board and small buils in LED screen for us conservative people would help. Make your cars to look as good as Teslas and build your own network of superchargers yourself or with other companies that is how you can beat Tesla. Greetings from Slovakia

Anybody knows if VAG’s chargers in US will be free to charger or not?

Anybody knows if VAG’s chargers in US will be free to charge or not? Do we have to pay? If so, it’s no redemption for them as the public ev chargers cost too much to charge.

Why VW want to stop Tesla?

Why “stop” them, when instead you could “join” them?