Volkswagen Reportedly In Talks With SMA Solar – Company Has Ties To Tesla, Daimler

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SMA Products

SMA Products

Reuters, citing a story posted by Hessische Niedersaechsische Allgemeine, claims that Volkswagen is in discussions with solar equipment company SMA Solar.

The talks reportedly center around energy storage, though neither company was willing to discuss details.

Volkswagen stated:

“SMA Solar is strong in stationary storage systems.”

SMA commented:

“It’s way too soon, there is nothing yet that we can say. When things are ready, we will announce them with VW.”

SMA Solar has current deals with both Daimler and Tesla.

Reuters adds:

“To catch up with more established players in the electric-car field including Toyota and the Renault-Nissan alliance, VW is examining options and weighing partnerships with battery specialists and green technology firms such as SMA Solar, two sources at VW said.”

We’ll provide you with more information on this developing story as soon as the details of the deal become official.

Source: Reuters

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Probably some sort of program where they will re-use old car batteries for homes then?

Until such a time where it’s worth it I’m expecting them to stay on the road for quite a while. There is a healthy market in NL for the 12kWh packs from the Outlander where they are stripped from crashed vehicles.

Rarely if ever will they make it back to their factory for their repurposing project. Someone else will have beat them to the punch.

Sure, they’ll gladly accept “donated” battery packs, but unless the value drops to 0 or a fee is stated for recycling they’ll find a useful life elsewhere.

I have a huge cache of old laptop batteries, they’ll have a second life soon in another battery pack which isn’t a laptop battery.

Why wait until a vehicle is crashed to retrieve the battery?
– Fleets (like rental car companies) with multiple cars which might be renewed at a certain point (or leasing verhicles), doubtful that some individuals can get to these battery packs
– perhaps they want a partner for massive amounts of new cells (or even packs) to get production cost down

As far as I know there is a concept to use entire Leaf (?) packs for stationary storage applications.

Last but not least, this is Germany. Perhaps they are just talking how to get polluting diesel engines into your home for solar back-up and heating.

Hmmm, I think seth has an inflated idea of just how many crashed EVs have their battery packs repurposed by DIYers (do-it-yourself-ers), when he says “Rarely if ever will they make it back to their factory for their repurposing project.”

I’d like to see some statistics on that. I’m guessing the number of salvaged battery packs is less than 5% of all PEVs made. In fact, my estimate is it’s probably less than 2%.

Two or three auto makers are planning to build battery recycling factories. They certainly wouldn’t be doing that if most of the packs are salvaged by DIYers from junked PEVs.

Well, I wasn’t entirely clear, I did not mean that all are used by the DIY folk, although they do make excellent quality batteries.

I meant it more in the lines of handling out of warranty failures using 2nd hand or refurbished equipment. Just like gearboxes, engines and other things with low mileage end up in that same market.

Car recycling, sounds a bit weird, but it’s quite a healthy re-use market.

When faced with a successfull invasive species (Tesla) the local organisms (established auto corporations) are forced to evolve to survive or face the wrath of natural selection upon their existing business model.

Kopieren Sie Katze…

It would be better to innovate instead of just copy. Perhaps VW could have home solar energy storage batteries that can also double as a fast ev charger. Having a 50 KW quick charger at home would allow a recharge in a couple of hours instead of having to wait a whole night. Of course you would need a 100 KWh powerpack equivalent instead of a powerwall equivalent.

Hands of, please

Good news, two-way home DC charging system is comming. SMA is already working on this for some time and had samples on the trade shows.