Volkswagen Releases Video Teaser Of CES 2016 Reveal


Here is a video teaser of the Volkswagen electric concept car, which will be unveiled at 2016 CES next week.

Besides electric drive, the car will be equipped with a set of smart features:

“The Internet of Things is making our cars more and more intelligent. We’ll show you just how helpful this can be in your mobile life from 6 to 9 January 2016 at the world’s leading trade fair for innovative technologies in Las Vegas.”

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5 responses to "Volkswagen Releases Video Teaser Of CES 2016 Reveal"
  1. Foo says:

    Mmm, smell the diesel.

  2. Fabian says:

    Every year, the VW group shows tons of demo and concept tech and a few cars at CES, and nothing really every comes out, except for a dribble of EVs here and there. I have been going to CES for 23 years. CES should have pulled the keynote address from VW this year considering the diesel-gate scandal in 2015.

    1. EV AZ says:

      Totally Agree. Vaporwear. What happened to the Cross Blue SUV that was to be launched in 2016.

      1. Foo says:

        VW… VaperWear