Volkswagen Releases Sketches Of New Electric Vehicle

SEP 25 2016 BY MARK KANE 43

Volkswagen presents “an electric car for a new era – Think New”

Volkswagen presents “an electric car for a new era – Think New”

More images of the upcoming long-range, concept electric from Volkswagen have been released.

We noted insights of what to expect from the study that is said to spawn a production EV in the near future:

Volkswagen presents “an electric car for a new era – Think New”

Volkswagen presents “an electric car for a new era – Think New”

Volkswagen presents an electric car for a new era - Think New.

Volkswagen presents an electric car for a new era – Think New.

Volkswagen presents an electric car for a new era - Think New.

Volkswagen presents an electric car for a new era – Think New.

Volkswagen presents an electric car for a new era - Think New.

Volkswagen presents an electric car for a new era – Think New.

source: Autocar

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Memo to VW: You might have gotten away with “Let’s release an electric car, but we’ll make it look weird so that people won’t buy it and we can then claim there is no market for electric cars” ten years ago, but why on earth would you do that now, after Tesla has proven otherwise?

I’m past tired of all these polarizing designs.
Give us today’s vehicles based on a fully electric skateboard drive-train. Batteries in the floor. Thermally managed batteries. All Wheel Drive as an option. 250+ miles EPA rated range. Give the space savings back to the customer. Do not make the vehicles smaller. Stop doing irregular things with the doors. No half sized doors. No suicide doors. No sliding half sized doors. No falcon wing doors. No Gull wing doors. No scissors doors. Make the vehicle with NORMAL doors!

No. Normal is just an opinion.

Personally, I’d like to see a single sliding door on each side, like on the Peugeot 1007.

I Like hatches, what’s wrong with this design? Looks good to me.

The real problem might be that it’s just a sketch. Sketches, even more than concepts, emphasize weird proportions that the sketcher thinks will make it look exciting when a sober look at it will just make you think that it’s odd looking.

I’m not American – in Australian. We prefer hatches here as well. Frankly “hatch” wasn’t the first thing I thought when I looked at this design.

Nothing polarising about it.
It might look weird to an American, but the rest of the world has been driving hatchbacks for decades now and Japan internally has a bucket load of sliding rear door small cars available. They are simply more practical than traditional doors, hence why most minivans use them.

I think the memo is: it’s another VW “concept”… If it ever makes it into production (a big if), it’s likely to be heavily modified. VW is not known for their”out of the box” design thinking. Availability will be a far bigger problem than design.

So tired of paperreleases and pure PR lies from VW.
Will they ever learn.

+1 – another meh electric hatch-back.. when will someone bring us an electric SUV!

It’s vaporware, that’s all. VW is so far behind, 2019!?!? Tired of so much cred given to these concepts. VW has nothing to show! Period. None of the Germans except BMW.


VW/Audi has made lots of statements over the years with almost no delivery.


Delivery? Good point!

Hey VW you already lost in that case…


Yet another hatchback. Let Tesla eat their lunch!

Isn’t the Model S a hatchback?

The Model S is a liftgate. I think this has to do with the fact that the rear of the vehicle that is hinged is not merely the flat part. Before the Tesla, I would not have cared at all about this distinction. I think this makes the old Toyota Supra a liftgate, along with the Datsun 280 Z, etc.

Liftgate is a term long used on station wagons and utility vehicles like Suburbans for the back window hinged at the roof and closing down to meet the tailgate which is hinged below and closes up to meet the liftgate.

The Model S is a hatchback.

The possible future maybe we might do it sometime upcoming long-range CONCEPT electric vehicle. I am overwhelmed!


Looks good so far. Now let’s put a 60 kWh battery in it.

100 kWh, and *maybe* we will finally begin to believe they are competing.

Another Euro point of view

Basically it seems we have here a slightly larger Bolt that will be available two years later than the Bolt if all goes well.

Cross shop the Bolt in 2020 with the sketches of some promised Diesel-Gate “Crazy Wabbit” car. This imititation IDS Nissan Leaf ripoff refresh, looks as though it’s a day late and dollar short. The sincerest form of flattery is heaped onto the Tesla Model 3 and partially to next gen 2018 Leaf 2.0. Stop designing Space Ships, and give us useable/functional space in a 65mph low wind drag design that doesn’t resemble a Carp swimming or a Frog croaking!

Looks like a pregnant rabbit.

I still think it looks like a Model 3 and a Golf had a baby…

That said, I like the clean, uncluttered lines of the design. No grill and it has utility, being a hatchback. What’s not to like? Other than it may never be produced.

Don’t put too much stock in the sketches. Even the concepts don’t look like the sketches, which are supposed to be “cool”. I kinda like it. The very short front end and clean lines are appealing but I wonder about how crash worthy the short front end is.

Not holding my breadth for this to be released. All the concepts floated by VW are mind numbing.

The real story is that VW is giving is sketches. Not production ready, not pre-production, not concept but sketches.

At least VW have progressed beyond press releases, now they have got to being able to release sketches.
Maybe in 2017 there will be a concept
Then they will do another press release to be safe
And finally in 2020 there will be another watered down Golf with a 40kW battery.
VW just need to start producing things instead of pretending

The 40 kW(‘ish) Golf has already been announced – this winter the eGolf will be available with a 35.8 kW battery.

Can anyone figure out the functional or design purpose of the four blue rings on the roof? Or are they trying to reach the Lego-buying crowd?

Docking Rings. 😉

Lidar pucks?

Maybe ?

Good idea.

I think you all missed the news: Volkswagen has changed from being a car company to being an art school. They’re done with cars!

I think they should add something to that slogan. Think New, forget the past.

looks like they are developing designs for new Hot Wheels. Why do EVs need to look like space ships. Throw batteries into a CC and let’s get on with it.

Another VW concept. Yawn. I have been waiting for the Cross Blue hybrid SUV for multiple years.

Looks sleek futuristic and awsome to me but they are sketches and we will see in a week or two…
Hatchbacks are 100 % functional and more aerodynamic than sedans which I do like too…
SUV are unefficient hatchbacks at best but if that gets them in an EV that is ok too…

Pretty lame for the 2nd biggest car manufacturer on this planet.. 3 sketches and 3 renders that 2 artists can pump out in 2 days tops.
What did the other 200-300 VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat designers do during that slow 1/2 week?


I really like the VW-concept-s***storm!

Only cars on that list I’m interested in learning more about are the Ampera-e and the VW.

*wrong thread 🙂