Volkswagen Releases Series Of e-Golf Videos


2015 VW e-Golf

2015 VW e-Golf

Would you like an overload of info on the new Volkswagen e-Golf? These multiple videos will provide you with more info on the e-Golf than you likely care to know.

If you are looking for some specs on the e-Golf, click here.

The first video discusses different driving and regenerative braking modes.

Check out this e-Golf commercial. e-Golf is 2015 Motor Trend Car of the Year.

Like the other BEVs, you can control your e-Golf with a sophisticated smart phone app.

The e-Golf is the same Golf that you know and love today, just fitted with an electric drive system.

Charging is covered with the e-Golf. The e-Golf allows for DC Fast-Charging (80% Charge in 30 minutes.)

Would you consider buying the e-Golf? Why or why not?

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No, not enough range. And I prefer the Bettle over the Golf, anyways.

You mean the Beetle?

Love the e-golf! Next to the mk4 R32 it’s the best VW I have owned. Been driving the egolf for almost 3 months now and it’s amazing! So far the only down sides are the slow app, and the crapy nav system. But everything else works great and it’s by no means slow, unless you are in eco plus mode. In normal mode it will actually beat a GTi off the line up to about 40, which is perfect for a commuter car in the city. It even handles great with a 50/50 weight distriibution and loads of instant torque. Super quiet, smooth and top notch quality makes it feel like a mini Tesla… No joke.

Could you imagine an electric equivalent to the rs32! AWD, two motors for twice the power, you’d need more battery mind, but who needs boot space. Shame about the app and nav. The app for my leaf is hopelessly unstable too. Time for Google, apple or Microsoft to wake up and smell the opertuniety.

I’d say this could be the most reliable Golf one can buy as it eliminates the usual source of trouble Dino fuelled VW power trains.
So the EV version will be a Winner.

For that price I would take an i3, and cheaper I would prefer Leaf, world leader. I think there is no market for e Golf.

Hmm. No market for the e-version of one of the most popular and beloved car ever? Plus VW manages to offer it with a plethora of powertrains, all without compromises.

I’ve had my e-Golf about six weeks and driven a little over a thousand miles so far, and I absolutely love it. My third Golf (had a Mk4 1.8GTi and Mk5 2.0TFSi in the past) and it’s the best yet. My only real complaint is the lack of 7kw charging in the European specification (the US version has it), and the mobile app could use a few improvements.

By the way – the video above about charging is US-specific! EU e-Golf has CCS Type 2 charging, so IEC62196 connector not J1772, combined with the DC pins. The four hour charge time quoted in the video isn’t available in Europe, we only get a 3.3kw on-board charger here. Why, VW, why?

VW went the cheap route and does not offer a liquid thermal protection. While they state that their battery does not require thermal protection……they hide this small disclaimer as it relates to DC Fast Charging:

“Frequent and consecutive high-voltage charging (including DC charging) can permanently decrease the capacity of the high-voltage battery. See owner’s manual for details.’

As nice as this EV seems to be, and it does seem nice, and if EV consumers have learned anything from Leaf owners, the SMART consumer will ONLY lease.