Volkswagen Prices XL1 at $145,000


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Buried at the bottom of a Volkswagen press release is the automaker’s first official mention of pricing for the radical XL1:



“…priced at approximately $145,000.”

That’s per VW.

$145,000 is in line with our 3-month-old report of a $146,000 price tag on the XL1.

Now, you may be saying that we were $1,000 off, but one must remember that VW has no intention of selling the XL1 in the US, so that “approximately $145,000” price mentioned by Volkswagen is a figure converted from Euros.  The conversion factor has certainly changed since we reported on the $146,000 price this past summer.

Why use the word “approximately?”  Again, it’s a conversion factor thingy.  Want a specific price?  Okay, let’s go from US dollars to Euros – $145,000 = 105,401 Euros

So, if someone asks you what’s the price of the XL1, answer them with “approximately $145,000.”

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Hmmm, not a Tesla comparison yet? Twice the price of an ELR too.

145K and that not factoring the time . money spent at the VW dealer for warranty work.
Could be expensive to own LOL!

Good luck with that, VW…

Hardly news but still moronic by VW. All automakers are idiots but this pricing here is a new level of stupid. Gotta wonder what exactly went wrong in their heads. It was a lot.
You could speculate their feared it would be too successful and just raised the price until demand was manageable but that’s probably much too rational for these idiots.

Car and Driver guess was that it would be around $50,000.