Volkswagen Prices e-Golf at £25,845 ($42,480 USD) in UK – Order Books Now Open


Slowly but surely the Volkswagen e-Golf is becoming available in additional countries.

Volkswagen e-Golf Hits the Stage in LA

Volkswagen e-Golf Hits the Stage in LA

Since first launching in Germany, the e-Golf has spread to select European countries.

The UK is the latest to join the list of countries where the e-Golf can now be ordered.

As Electric Cars Report states:

“The all-electric Volkswagen-Golf is now available for order in the UK with starting price at £25,845 on the road (including £5,000 Government grant or £30,845 RRP).”

Converted to US dollars, that’s $42,480 after the government’s £5,000 Plug In Car grant.

One of the 24 certified VW EV dealers in the UK can take your order now.  First deliveries in the UK will occur in late June.

Back to price, the e-Golf is right in line with the top-level Nissan LEAF in the UK, which costs £25,490 after the government’s Plug In Car grant, so we think VW has decided it actually intends to sell the e-Golf in volume.

The e-Golf will go on sale in the US in Q4 2014.

Electric Cars Report

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Prediction: VW’s pluggable car offerings will be very nice vehicles that feature-wise are on a par with or very slightly better than a Leaf, and you’ll pay a considerable premium for one.

Every time I’ve ever seriously considered buying a VW, in nearly 40 years of car ownership, the dealers (now stretching across several states) have always acted like they were doing me a favor by offering to sell me a car.

Still, I’m glad they’re doing plug-in cars, as it expands the offerings on the market and will put EVs and PHEVs on the road in addition to those from continued sales of just Leafs, Volts, etc. Right now, that’s one of the best ways to help educate newcomers: Conspicuous signs that the car companies and “everyone else” have accepted them.

Entry-level e-Golf versus top-end LEAF for about the same price. Hmmm…

An easy choice for most people. VW > Nissan.

Indeed for me it was easy: VW –> Nissan.

Had a Golf, bought a Leaf, not looking back.

well do we know how the equipment in the base Golf compares to the Leaf? We already know it comes standard with a quick charging port and a 7.2kW on-board charger as standard, which is worth $1250 on the Leaf.

Base LEAF in the UK is £20,990. The e-Golf starts at £30,845. The high end LEAF is £25,490, including fast charging, leather seats, LED headlamps, etc.

Correction: Add 5000 quid to Nissan’s prices. They included the £5000 government subsidy.

Seems pricey. That’s about $51,260 in USD before tax credits\rebates. An ICE golf in the US starts at $18,615.

This is not an apples to apples comparison. All cars in the UK sell for way more than in the US if you do a straight currency conversion. You need to compare UK price of the eGolf to the UK price of a comparible car (ie the Leaf, a comparison provided in the article). As another example, the Golf GTI starts at £26,125 in the UK, or $43,506 USD, while it starts around $25K in the US.

Well, I hope the e-golf is priced near the leaf price in the US when launched. Bummer for the UK folks who seem to have to pay way more.

There is 20% VAT included in UK prices, and European VAT is similar.

So $42,480*0.8 = $34k for equivalent US price after subsidy.

It looks like the 2015 Focus Electric has a target, as they compete directly as ICE vehicles globally.

So expect the price of the FFE once ‘relaunched’ in the UK to be below that of the e-Golf, especially if the FFE maintains the slower 6.6 onboard charger and smaller 7.6kWh battery pack.

Current FFE is 28,580 after government grant.

I look forward to seeing the US pricing and equipment. I think it looks a bit better than the bug-eyed Leaf.

I REALLY wish they made a convertible version, I’d buy that in second.

& A utility more …
Tired of the invasion of utility vehicles or companies (white) flooding advertisements, roads, our lives!

24 dealers will offer the VW e-series, LOL.

Nissan has ~200 dealers in UK offering the Leaf.

VW has nothing to do with premium and most of germans cars too.
only false opinions you have….from this s*** corrupted german ADAC.

a german car is not better than an other.
its time that the americans changes their idiotic clichés thinkings.
the false and scandalous renderings and data from their s***** ADAC this mafia this corrupted organisation