Volkswagen Presents “Mémoire de Pétrole” – The Fragrance – Video


So, you’ve gone electric and now, for some odd reason, you’re missing the scent of fuel. Fear not, there’s now a fragrance from Volkswagen called “Mémoire de Pétrole” that will remind you of that scent you’ve been missing:

“Volkswagen presents: Mémoire de Pétrole – the fragrance. Inspired by the scent of fuel, it will set your memories in motion. Now saying farewell to the gas station becomes even more special.”

Mémoire de Pétrole

Mémoire de Pétrole

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15 responses to "Volkswagen Presents “Mémoire de Pétrole” – The Fragrance – Video"
  1. Big Solar says:

    Brilliant! not.

  2. Brian says:

    I was just discussing the smell of gasoline with my friend over lunch! Too funny.

    For some reason, he actually enjoys the smell. I don’t. It makes me nauseous. But now he can smell it wherever he goes!

    1. M Hovis says:

      It’s kinda like a reformed smoker, you really can’t stand it once you let it go.

      1. Brian says:

        Heh. I couldn’t stand the smell even when I was most excited about pumping the stuff (i.e. when I first got my license, and gasoline meant “freedom”).

  3. Foo says:

    This is clearly a humorous ad from VW promoting their electric cars.

    Funny, this is type of thing we’ve been saying traditional automakers would be afraid to do (e.g., point out the “bad” things about their existing ICE products, like fumes, vibrations, etc.). Perhaps this is the beginning of the tide?

    Still, this is a somewhat subtle way of doing it — that doesn’t actually explicitly say “ICE cars are bad”, rather only that “gasoline smells a certain way” (without even necessarily saying the smell is offensive, just that you will “miss it” when you go electric).


    1. Josh says:


      I too am impressed that VW was willing to put this out there. Definitely a good sign.

      The OEMs should understand they don’t have to worry about underselling their ICEs, people will buy them anyway.

  4. kdawg says:

    S3x Panther also smells like gasoline, and it works “60% of the time, every time”.

  5. Lensman says:

    Okay, points for Volkswagen: I confess I was not expecting them to exhibit a sense of humor in an ad for EVs. Apparently there has been quite a turnaround in the company’s attitude toward EVs. It’s only been… what, a year or two? …since they were saying “No EVs made here, not ever!”

    1. erfahrbar says:

      Very true. First “No EV’s”, then “Every car in our fleet will have an electric motor within the next 5 years.” and now “We will bring at least 20 new electrified models to the chinese market in the near future a lot of them will be purely electric”.

      I am glad that this is heard all around the world, Anon. And that VW will stick to this road…

  6. kdawg says:

    So this exists..

    1. Josh says:

      That looks like a tool for an arsonist.

  7. kdawg says:

    Oh, and this too
    Announcing Lisa Kirk’s new custom-made perfume, REVOLUTION The fragrance contains the odors of smoke, gasoline, tear gas, burnt rubber, and decaying flesh …

  8. Anon says:

    I miss the smell of non-orange scented Model Glue. Please make a perfume based on it… 😉

  9. p-run says:

    imo this one is better:

  10. martinwinlow says:

    Surely a better name would be Essence d’Essence?!